#mfsummit2016 build: innovation and the next generation of cobol applications

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  • Innovation and the Next Generation of COBOL Applications

    Alwyn Royall | Solutions Consulting

    Scot Nielsen | Product Manager

  • Application modernization encompasses many needs

    DATAWeb Services

  • Web services and COBOL

    Mature software architecture, supported by diverse software tooling

    Easily integrate with other programming languages/systems

    Add mobile services to your application

    Build your API Economy

    Web Services offers a rapid approach to extending COBOL application logic to new use cases

  • Web Services are stateless

  • Web Services using Managed Code


  • Web Services using Micro Focus SOA

    Define web service using Interface Mapping Toolkit Web Services hosted

    within Micro Focus Enterprise Server


    COBOL program provides web

    service functionality






    JCL PL/I

  • The Demo AppA car allowance mileage log

  • The Trip Log Application

    Purpose: Collate my business mileage

    claims Calculate my tax rate based on

    total mileage claimed Helps me become tax efficient

    How it works: Trips entered using

    postcode Rate tables held internally Distances held on look up

    ISAM file Classic green-screen app in

    need of a facelift

  • Wrapping up

    Web Services an industry standard approach to extending application value

    - well suited to COBOL apps Inherently a stateless architecture - but REST helps Multiple web service frameworks to choose from - JVM, .NET

    or Micro Focus SOA and the IMTK We created a COBOL Web Service, Javascript, .NET client,

    Android and WPF demos

    What existing application logic can you offer to your clients?

  • #MFSummit