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  • Sell your home the smart way and save thousands!

    Only *$5950 commission. No fees. No open homes!

    We are a unique full service real estate agency without all the expensive costs and constraints of an ofce ,so we can offer you a low commission with no agents fees and a lot less hassle.

    Weve taken the nasties out of the selling process and formulated a system that offers value,savings,accountability and effectiveness.

  • So how can we offer such a low commissionThe costs of running and maintaining a full scale real estate ofce these days is prohibitive.Rent,wages,electricity,insurance-the list goes on.

    Without these costs we can pass the savings on to you.

    YYou benet with a low commission with no ofce fees .You simply pay for marketing-and not the kind of ineffective and expensive newspaper advertising that typical agents demand. WWe focus on creating advertising for your home that actually gets re-sults via major online search engines, real estate portals,social media, database contact as well as traditional signs letterbox drops and good old fashioned hard work!

    We will manage the complete sales process from beginning to end. We will create professional appealing copy to capture buyers attention and interest Feature your home on major real estate websites and portals Provide a For Sale photo signboard with brochures Provide quality photography and a video Letter box the local area

    We will also negotiate to get you the absolute best price and provide all the necessary paperwork from all the necessary paperwork from contract to settlement.

  • No Open HomesWe believe open homes are a complete waste of time and money.Agents love them because it gives them an opportunity to promote themselves in an area and potentially get new listings, but open homes do nothing to assist the sale of your home.

    If anything they are a hindrance.

    BuBuyers like to take their time to experience a potential new home, and the last thing they want is to be asked to leave when the agent has to go to their next open home.

    Buyers also need to inspect at times that work for them.They may enquire about a property during the week and then have to wait for the weekend to in-spect-in the meantime they may buy something else.

    Many buyers also work on weekends and cant make it to the 30 minute open home on a Saturday.

    Also,if the open home does draw a large number of lookers, then the agent may not be able to spend quality time with the real buyers.

    Our system makes more sense

    Before we Before we even contact you to arrange an inspection we have qualied the buyer for affordability and that they dont need to sell to buy.They have also seen the full video of the property so they know exactly what to expect.

    Now thats a qualied buyer-not an open home tyre kicker!

    Heres a couple of examples of how much you can save. If your home sells for $400,000-our commission is $5,950 The standard commission from an ofce based agent is $10,450 YOU SAVE $4,500 If your home sells for $500,000-our commission is $7,500 The standard commission from an ofce based agent is $12,950 YOU SAVE $5,450!

  • Buyers very rarely visit an agents ofce to look for homes anymore,so why pay huge commissions for no real benet.

    Our system is super effective and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Phone us now for a free home appraisal on 1300 381394*based on a sale price of $400,000