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Produced at the American Academy in Rome in January and February 2011, Memory Palace is a book object that documents three desire lines structural guides that resonate and conjure meaning. They demonstrate three ways to explore Rome:The rioni neighborhood lines of 1744 (boundaries)The 13 bridges crossing the Tevere river, a geographical line (a cut)The scavi or excavations below Rome, i.e., the story of Saint Peters bones (place-based narratives)Each desire line presents a tension the crazy friction when time, geography and story rub up against each other.But the book is also a container for memories (my past, Romes) a non-space to store objects, associations and meaning. An imaginary structure to contain the artifacts: desire lines, relics and maps. Its like a reliquary, housing both the remains of lost memory (clues to past experiences) as well as new material.As a photographic investigation, Memory Palace asks if the image can evoke real meaning, or if this is an impossible task. Like a relic a holy fragment that stands for the whole (and retains all of its power) can a single pixel open up new dimensions for exploring the image? What kind of faith is required to investigate the photograph?


Paul Soulellis

Memory palace

Memory palace A Roman reliquary

When using the memory palace, one needs only to remember the symbols, after which the encoded information becomes unlocked like the chirograph which connects to its counterpart.Memory Palace A Trace Study. Erin Mizrahi.

Desire line 1

Ponti Margherita Cavour Umberto I SantAngelo Emanuele II Principe Mazzini Sisto Cestio Garibaldi Fabricio Palatino Sublicio

Desire line 2

Rioni I Monte II Trevi III Colonna IV Campomarzio V Ponte VI Regola VII Parione VIII S. Eustachio IX Pigna X Campitelli XI S. Angelo XII Ripa XIII Trastevere XIV Borgo

Desire line 3

Scavi Rotonda Drain A Roman phobia A burial place A small but richly decorated tomb A memorial shrine A crucifixion Anamnesis



Chain monstrance Relics 1100 Relics 120

Drain monstrance Relics 1100 Relics 120

Name monstrance Relics 1100 Relics 120


Chain Drain Name


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Paul Soulellis American Academy in Rome February 2011