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I am a seasoned marketing executive with 15+ year experience in the Telecom & Internet industry. Here is a visual outlook of my background and expertise.


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2. I Was Born Here 42 years ago... 3. I Studied Here I hold a Post Graduate Degree in Business Administration,with a specialization in Telecom and Media 4. I Started ToWork Here At Orange Research Labs, as a Cost Analyst, drawing business models on wireless networks 5. Then I Moved Here I joined France Telecom North America in 1996to do Market Research and Business Development for the Consumer and Business Divisions 6. ... And There In 1999, I was hired by EuroNet Internet, a Dutch ISP,to build and launch their broadband offering 7. And Finally Came Back To France With 3 kids, each born in a different country 8. In 2002, I Joined AOL Was asked to catch up with competition in the DSL market 9. Where I Got My Way Was promoted Director of Product Marketing in 2004, in charge of Triple Play offerings, Web and Mobile apps 10. In 2006 AOL Sold Their Triple-Play Assets And User BaseTo focus on Web Programing, Advertising and Repping 11. I Stayed And Took Over Marketing & CommHeading Audience Acquisition, Trade Marketing, PR and BI 12. First For France, Then For EuropeI Restructured and Managed the UK, German, Indian and French Marketing Teams 13. I Left AOL in 2008 And Joined a StartupKeep Track of your Contacts and Conversations Silentale offers cloud-based applications to store andmanage information across social networks 14. Where I Got My Hands Dirty Call it Guerrilla Marketing (Social Media, Tactics, PR) in a Lean Startup (Zero Dollar Budget) 15. And I Am Now Sharing What Ive Learnedial101 socDoing consultancy on Digital Marketing and Implemeting a Social Media Strategy 16. Beside An Extensive Marketing Knowledge...I Master all aspects of Marketing,in both B2B and B2C markets 17. I Love To Build Things From Scratch And Roll Up My Sleeves Developed products, build teams, made the leap from corporate worker to entrepreneur. 18. I Have A Strong Business Acumen and Financial Insight Managed big (over 10M)... and tiny (under 10,000) budgets 19. I Am Good at DrivingMotivation And Engagement Headed staffs over 30, across countries and cultures, in challenging environments and toward restructurations 20. I Also Enjoy Public Speaking Did several interviews for radios and TVs. Headed PR teams. Spoke at Conferences. 21. And When I Am Not Doing This 22. I Take Care Of These Guys 23. ... And Ride 24. To Learn More About Me @lbret