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  • REPLAY WALL ILLUSTRATION PROJECTFinal Assessment 03: 01 June 2009

    REPLAY WALL ILLUSTRATION PROJECTLaurence Barber2nd Year Fda Graphic Communication


    Defining the problem// The Illustration will be seen by retail buyers from all over the UK and Ireland and will be situated at their only showroom in Kings Cross, London. The wall needs to be eye catching, but subtle, as they dont want to lose emphasis on the products. Replay see themselves as edgy, sexy and innovative and the showroom has been refitted with reclaimed raw materials, giving it an industrious feel, which they are now pushing throughout their stores. There is a limited colour palette of red, black, white and grey and can only be painted on.

    The Brief// To design an illustration for the key wall at the Replay showroom. The illustration will be painted on and we can only use the colours red, black, white and two shades of grey.

    Research and Analysis BRieF AnALYsis Firstly, I defined the problem, asked myself whos talking, who are they talking to, whats the message and whats the medium. I then questioned everything about the brief, using the six thinking men tool, organised my research areas and the project as a whole.


    My research became immense, so i have created a separate A4 book, which will develop alongside this project as the other stages happen. Where as my sketch book will hold thoughts, ideas and drawings.

    The key areas of research were:

    Replay the brand

    Styles of illustration

    The showroom & wall

    Replay stores/clothes

    Motor sports/bikes


    Other illustrated walls




    50s America


    Pin up girls

    Japanese illustration

    Italian female icons (1950s)

    1950s America

    movie stars diners rock n roll badges typography sewing machines

    Research and Analysis ReSeARch cATeRgORIeS


    edgy, innovative, excellence, bohemian style, high quality materials, ecological processes, sexy, details, Interpreter of todays culture, reinventing jeans, free spirit, being zeitgeist!

    Replay are known for...

    Research and Analysis RePlAy key ASPecTS Our visit to the actual showroom where the illustration will be, was the most important thing I did. I gained an understanding of the space, the reclaimed materials that they used, other wall spaces we could use and we met chris, who told me about Replay the brand. These key aspects and what I have researched myself, will be at the core of my ideas. I also visited the flagship store in covent garden where I was not allowed to take photos.


    Research and Analysis IllUSTRATIONS IN ReTAIl SPAceS Illustration has become a new trend in recent years. Trendy clothes brands and blue chip companies have immersed themselves, their clients and customers in the brand experience. These environments create a relaxing, but exciting arena that enhance that experience.

    looking at how illustrations affect their surroundings, what message they are sending about the brand and what type of companies are doing this.


    contextual awareness

    // graphic spaces enhance customer experience, they are accessible , appear friendly and relaxed and can even make a corporate company appear informal

    // graphic spaces and the brands that use them could be a form of counterculture, as they do try to break away from the mainstream with their indiviuality

    // graphics in stores makes the place look exciting and inviting, which I believe helps create brand loyalty as the customer can connect with the brand through its use of imagery and message

    // Once shops were plain, but they had to adapt and now focus on the complete experience. Its a form of subliminal advertising, telling its customers, this is who we are and this is why you like us

    Top left: Resturant in Berlin Bottom left: Diesel shop interior Bottom right: Fashion boutique where the graphics reinforce the fashion look and feel



    contextual awareness

    // contemporary illustrations ranging from minimalistic to collage

    // challenging form and function in workspaces and offices

    // Mediums range from spray cans, photographs, paint and vinyl

    // create relaxing visual environments in offices

    // Vibrant and dynamic retail spaces

    // graphic spaces enhances and strengthens customer experience and reinforces the brands message. The message is about connecting with people, assurring the brands values and core beliefs

    // Illustrations carry a message and the brand uses this as another way to speak to its customers and strengthen themselves in a crowded market

    // brands* are now using every available inch possible to communicate their tone of voice, whether its in an office space or retail space

    * Though this is trend is mainly by clothes brands (urban), who have products designed by famous artists/illustrators, who then design the instore graphics/installations and promotional items design studio who specialise in retail/office illustration.


    illustration techniques

    RIVeT ROUTe Making the illustration out of rivets, similar to the artist Ian Wright, we could use the image of the former owner or use my own illustration.

    USINg RePlAy MATeRIAlS These were two ideas that I was most keen on, but did not go through with in the end.

    eXPANDeD rivet route: Rather than using all the rivets to make an image. I like the idea of combining jean thread with the rivets to make up and illustration that will look interesting and non existent up close, but from afar, you could make out what the image is. Which would fit in with the surrounding theme of industrial materials and subtle branding


    illustrators and their styles looking at different techniques, mediums and ways of appropiating styles and images that I would like to use for my wall. Depending on which concept I go with, I would hire the appropiate illustrator and art direct the project.

    Ian Wright//

    // Uses a vast range of mediums and materials, I could apply this technique to my idea of using Replay rivets to create a montage on the wall

    // POSITIVe//I believe this technique would work very well in the Replay space, as it would continue on the theme of using reclaimed industrial materials

    Chrissie Abbott//

    // Mixture of nice line work, photographs, drawings flow like material through products and the style would create a nice flow around the space from wall to wall

    // POSITIVe//The fine hair line work will be similar to my thread idea, which will hold the majority of the image together


    // bohemian style, giving that feeling of free spirit, decadent and eye catching, but subtle

    // POSITIVe//Intersting juxtapostion of line drawings, negative space and architecture. This style of drawing would definitely fit in with Replay and the space


    // Images taken from film stills, glued on top of one another, then ripped off piece by piece for a stop motion film intro

    // POSITIVe//We could use this technique where custom made wallpaper is put on the wall and the buyers could pull of bits each time they visit, the illustration would change and degrade over time. No two visits would ever be the same and it would also make it interactive and personal


    collaboration & art direction ART DIRecTION As illustration is not my strongest area, I would be looking to art direct the project and collaborate with an artist, whose style and work would suit the project and Replays tone of voice.

    Danny Sangra//


    // Is a well known illustrator, the work on this page shows various works in installations and spaces for many clients

    // Far right is a floor for Nokia, a similar idea would suit the Replay space, especially if we could use reclaimed materials

    // Most of his work only uses 2/3 colors which would suit this particularly job well

    // has strong line work, excellent contrasts and uses the space to good effect


    These images captured Replay at their simplest and were the foundation of my ideas.Mood board

    Freespirit : bohemian : denim : industrial : non-conforming : edgy : freedom


    Images for my illustration

    This is just a small portion of my image research. My idea is focussed on icons that share the same tone of voice as Replay and who people could aspire to be like. These images will flow through the main showroom and could be used on promotional materials throughout stores.

    Ideally, I would love to have illustrated this myself, but I would prefer to hire a professional for the final piece.


    Visual development

    After a lot of thinking, inf act too much thinking, I decided to go back to an original idea of the illustration bursting out of the wall and a pair of jeans. This tied in with a lot of my drawings centred around denim thread and rivets.

    The illustration is about Replays heritage, they originated in italy, which is not widely publicised.

    It is also about the