meet barbie hunley - rpi consultants barbie hunley likes to do her research, which is why she spent

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    RPI Project Manager, Human Capital Management Consultant

    Barbie Hunley

    Barbie says she loves coming to work at RPI because there's never a dull moment or a day without smiles!

    Barbie Hunley likes to do her research, which is why she spent a lot of time looking at RPI Consultants before applying to join our Human Capital Management (HCM) team. "Honestly, I wanted to work at RPI because I loved their videos online," Barbie explains. "It was clear that the people were amazing and that was only confirmed during my first interview." Barbie wears a lot of hats for RPI, whether she's facilitating training, creating documentation, working on upgrades, or troubleshooting GHR to S3 interfaces. "I love the challenge and the ability to learn something new every day," she says, "I'm never worried about being bored!"

    Creating "Kumbaya" Moments Barbie knows that not all projects and conversations are going to be easy, but she says RPI encourages the kind of honesty and creativity that enables her to build trust with clients and work through those tough moments. "Usually when we get to a client site, we find a group of cross functional teams desperate for solutions," Barbie explains, "and I really appreciate the opportunity to help teams talk through difficult issues and hopefully find that 'Kumbaya' moment." That's really what makes Barbie so great at her job - she is willing to really dig into issues and workflows to find ways to make our clients' lives easier.

    Background & Experiences Barbie's educational journey started at St. Mary's College in South Bend and then moved to George Washington University in DC, ultimately finishing with a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management. She didn't find her way into a sport team's front office, but she has gained a lot of valuable product experience with Infor Lawson and solution specific knowledge from implementations in HR, AP, and Payroll.

    In a word, Barbie loves to travel. Thanks to her role, and a truly shocking number of wedding invitations, Barbie was able to realize her personal goal of visiting all 50 states before the age of 30! When she's not helping solve client issues, you can find her traveling all over the country to visit friends and family, or just making new friends along the way.

    Character Strengths Honesty, Social Intelligence,

    Bravery, Kindness, &


    Industries & Solutions HR / Benefits / Payroll


    Supply Chain


    Finance & Accounting

    Skills & Qualifications Infor Aurura / Supply Chain

    Infor Lawson




    Infor Deployment Method Level 4

    Downtime Pursuits