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The Representation of Female Body

The Barbie Doll

A Little Girls best friend...synonymous of perfect body

Western ideal of beauty Perfect Plastic Plastic: Can hold any shape and can reproduce the tiniest of details. Makes perfectwhat nature makes approximate.(M.G Lord)

Can Barbies body be naturally achieved? Tiny waist: promotion of anorexia? Over the years, Barbie did not grow older but did somehow gain weight tobecome more life-like.

Importance of the issue of Barbies weight. Controversy of BarbieSlumber Party sold with bathroom scale set at 110 lbs (49kg).

What representation of womanhood does she give?

With such mensurations, Barbie wouldnt be able to conceivea child. Moreover, the doll has never been anatomically correct despite being fashionable correct.

Barbie had many jobs, but never had a mother role as such,and never got married. However her best friend Midge got married to Alan with whom she had 2 children : Ryan and a unnamed child featured in the Happy Family collection. In this story, Barbie is portrayed as the baby doctor

Barbie, instead promotes the image of the modern woman,the career woman.

Recent ranges of Barbie doll such as Pink portraying heralmost as a bimbo girl.

Universal ideal of beauty?

Contested view of beauty Western representation of perfect body with no taboo, opposed to easternview of woman and repression of the body.

Barbie Totally Stylin Tattoos: good or bad image to give? Is Barbie aninfluential model? As Bordo suggests, body has almost become a simple commodity.

Fulla Doll (or Islamic Barbie): clothing covers her from head to toe.Different ideal: promoting good virtues for little girls.

Susan Bordo and the cultural plastic of the female body

Plasticity of postmodern paradigm. Desire for perfect body as the sign of normalisation in the modern society.Body no longer customised

Body standardised along icons such as Barbie or Madonna The society does not seem to put any limit to the transformations of theself. According to Bordo, media encourages the audience to choose their body

While technology used to be designed to replace malfunctioning part ofbody, it is now used to redesign the self

Body is then materialised. Influence of Barbie on girls: Kids Beauty Pageants.