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William De Ferrers Media Magazine Evaluation Crowd Control


  • 1. Crowd control magazine

2. Who Is theAUDIENCE For your medIa Product?Crowd control is a magazine that should appeal to the younger generation, and those that like to break the rules, live in the moment and live loud with a care free, rebellious, punk attitude. I have tried to create a magazine which appeals to both middle and working class as then my demographic is wider. This limits my target audience to a young group between the ages of approximately 13-23 of mostly male, enthusiastic and animated characters. However these people do exist in numbers in the huge number of punk rock fans across the globe and that is the music genre I have used to appeal to this audience along with various techniques I have used to attract and Address this audience. 3. How did you attract/address the audience? Considering this audience is a large and energetic audience I had to appeal to them by using loud features such as vibrant colours , sketchy layouts, exclamation marks as well as keeping the mode of address care free and informal. The magazine is priced at 1.99 which leaves a reasonable profit margin and is affordable for my target audience. I address the audience in the magazine by being very informal in language and also using outrageous photos with abnormal facial expressions and also candid photos from live performances which is less conventional than using shots from a photo shoot but I feel it suits my demographic more as it is more energetic and wild. Furthermore I think the title of my magazine crowd control suits the demographic, as they are out of control. 4. GE NR EThe genre of my magazine is rock and this is very important that I include only this genre as it is a unique genre that only my target audience will enjoy and they are not likely to enjoy any other genres of music. However it is a wide genre of music with lots of sub genres such as punk, metal, indie and alternative rock. The sub genre that I will focus most on my magazine is punk however I will try to cover many genres to keep my demographic as wide as possible. This genre is by far the most important aspect of attracting my target audience and keeping them interested. I know this as before creating the magazine I created a survey for people in my demographic and when asked what things interest them in a magazine approximately 70% said they were only interested in music. So it proves that my target audience is all about the music so I need to give them exactly that. 5. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? 6. COMPETITOR MAGAZINES 7. CONVENTIONS COVER PAGESCandid photo (live concert) 8. CONVENTIONS MASTHEADSLive candid photoSquare font, tidy. 9. Lines break font, sketchy outline 10. CLA SS 11. HOW DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT REPRESENT PARTICULAR SOCIAL GROUPS? 12. REPRESENTATI ON IN TEXTI have also represented this group through the use of wording, I have chosen to use a pull quote shown below that uses language that the common man doesnt use when being interviewed, but to emphasise his attitude and individuality I have chosen to pull out this quote and show it to all the readers. I have also referred to rock stars as crazy in places which can be seen as a compliment, but only by this social group as that is how they perceive words that 13. Cover lines 14. CONTENTS PAGE ANALYSIS I analysed the contents pages of my competitor magazines and they showed a much more organised format to their cover pages, particularly NME and Crowd Control followed this convention as a contents page is there to inform the reader of what the magazine includes. However I tried to keep a chilled out tone by creating quirky captions for my images to keep the less civilized readers interested. Captions such as Nice pose, Bro. have a humorous outlook on the celebrities in the photos which is quite unique but is similar in ways to Kerrang magazine which is a convention that I have developed and have used throughout my magazine. Other conventions such as page numbers and pull quotes I have kept similar to my competitors to follow conventions as we have similar demographics. A lot of the rock magazines have editors words and views on the magazine, I used this to outline the style of the magazine to the reader, and I included bands in my magazine that fit perfectly into my genre. 15. I have made use of a title and running head which are key conventions used my all magazines. As well as a pull quote to give interesting information out from the main text. The pictures that I have used are very loud in comparison to Metal Hammer who are more hard-core, aggressive characters. 16. SURVEY RESULT S 17. MARKET RESEARCH 18. PLAN Above is the original digital plan for my magazine. I made this to outline what I wanted to achieve and to have rough guidelines to follow. I made it digitally using photo shop to make it easier to follow and I wouldnt lose it. In relation to the plan, my finished product is very similar, except I have changed the photo as the first one was blurred and I have added some plugs flush left of the cover. The cover line is also a lot larger than I planned but I had too much negative space and overall it looks better, I also added a few more puffs and plugs to fill negative space. I also used my competitor magazines as guidelines to take conventions from. 19. What have you learnt about technologies when creating your media product? 20. PRODUCTION 21. PRODUCTIONAbove is the contents plan and final contents page for Crowd Control, overall the plan to production phase went very well and I didnt have to change much. All I changed was adding an editors word instead of 4 images flush right. And this then created negative space so I added one image in the corner of the page. Other than this almost everything is the 22. PRODUCTION 23. PRODUCTION 24. PRODUCTIONAbove is the plan and finished main feature for Crowd Control. With this I followed the plan very closely. I had already decided what picture I wanted on the first page, all I had to do was put a yellow border around it to make it contrast with the text. I then had to add drop caps as this is a common convention used but that is all I changed from 25. PRODUCTION 26. PRODUCTION Slight shine on text Slight stroke on textred border 27. Above is my preliminary task which was to create a school magazine and the cover to my final rock magazine. I will point out the things wrong with my preliminary task and how I have improved upon them. 28. Font all the same size. And boring masthead.Jagged outline on head due to poor editing Feature article photograph not interesting. Background colour dull and does not go well with text Font quite difficult to readLots of negative space here 29. Masthead is more creative and eye catching. Puff gives a tone to magazine. Negative space filled with cover lines and plugs. Candid photo is more interesting and relevant. Cover lines are all eligible but with interesting fonts.Guitar adds to loud tone and also shows genre. 30. WHAT KIND OF INSTITUTION MIGHT DISTRIBUTE YOUR MEDIA 31. METAL HAMMER PUBLISHER Metal Hammer is currently owned and distributed my Alex springer who is a German publisher who distributes hundreds of media products world wide, meaning that they already have many music magazines including rock magazines. Which means they may not be interested in publishing my magazine. 32. KERRANG PUBLISHER Kerrang are currently being published by the Bauer Media Group, also from Germany. BMG also publish Q magazine, another popular magazine which is more cross genre than a rock magazine as it covers pop music aswell. But considering BMG already have two huge music magazines, they would probably not be interested in my magazine. 33. NME PUBLISHER NME are currently being published by IPC Media which is a British publisher that also publishes rock magazine Uncut. However, Uncut is more of a classic rock genre magazine and NME is more cross genre with main stream bands. Therefore IPC Media would probably consider a magazine like Crowd Control as it is more punk rock which on its own is an entirely different genre. So IPC Media would be one of the candidates to publish my magazine. Also as a British publisher they may be looking for a British magazine to publish. 34. CENTURY ONE PUBLISHING Another candidate is century one publishing. These are a smaller publishing company that dont publish as many magazines, they dont have any big Music magazines and they may be looking for one so they could be a candidate. They are also a UK based company so might be interested in an up and coming British music magazine. 35. PROMETHEUS GLOBAL MEDIAPGM is another example of an institution that may want to publish a magazine like mine, they currently publish a hug music magazine in billboard, and no rock magazines, so they be looking to publish a rock magazine to widen their audiences. This is an American company so as a global media company they may be looking for a British magazine.