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  • 1. A custom logo has been created for the movie, which is the style of a highschool stamp All of the cast is present on theUsing the colours redposterand white areappealing to ateenage audience.Conventionalclothes used thatare appealing to aA long shot of theteenage audience main characters show what they are wearing, in this case Conventional there clothes arecolours which are average that youpresent in the logowould expect anand cover lines average school boy/girl to wear.Credits at the bottom of the poster

2. Like other posters I used a conventional font thatrepresents a high school, I made the font 3D to make itstand out more. All of the cast ispresent on theI have stuck to a poster which isconventional colourconventional with scheme that worksboth the superbad well together.and American PieConventionalclothes used thatare appealing to a A group shot showsteenage audienceoff the charactersand what they are wearing, in this caseThe colour scheme we are wearing has been carried nerdy clothes whichacross the logo and relates to our genre most of the fontpresent on theposter Credits at the bottom of the poster along wit the companylogs and website address. 3. The Magazine Logo stands out from the rest of the textand blends in well with the colour scheme.The photo is a single image of The cover lines areMegan fox which listed to one side of emphasis she isthe magazine whichthe main focus of makes room for thethe magazine.main image Conventional clothes used thatare appealing to a The clothes thatteenage audience. Megan Fox iswearing relates to the movie she starsThe colour scheme in which attract theworks wellcorrect targettogether mixingaudience. red and blue withthe picture andfontQuotes at the bottom of the page advertise the contentinside