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<ul><li>1.SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING AND DESIGN THE ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL BACHELOR OF QUANTITY SURVEYING SITE REPORT NAME: GOH JENG JHIEH STUDENT ID NO: 0315080 LECTURER: Ms Ang Fuey Lin </li></ul> <p>2. OBJECTIVE: Understand the construction process. Understand the construction techniques used on site and compare what was taught in books. To observe the importance of every role in construction site and how they work together to finish project in time. Learn the usage of construction equipment on site. Identify the types of building materials and technology on site. Create awareness of importance of safety on site and learn what action is taken to prevent or overcome these safety issues. Recognize the items measurable for sub-structure and reinforced concrete frame works. 3. Purpose of the building This building consists of commercial and residential areas. The project cost of this building is about RM 100millions and 2 years of contract period. The involved companies are listed below: EMPLOYER AIKEE TIMBERS SDN. BHD ARCHITECT L.T. LEONG SEKUTU CIVIL &amp; STRUCTURAL ENGINEER PERUNDING MAJUJAYA MECHANICAL &amp; ELECTRICAL ENGINEER KEW &amp; ASSOCIATES QUANTITY SURVEYOR PCM KOS PERUNDING SDN. BHD MAIN CONTRACTOR ENCORP CONSTRUCT SDN. BHD 4. Function of different levels: 5. Photos: Welded wire mesh (BRC) is net- like steel bars and used in reinforced concrete. Slump test, it is left aside for a long period and observes the quality of the mixed concrete. Temporarily work: Toilet for workers. 6. Crane is used in constructing higher floor level. Forklift truck to carry heavy loads on site. Wood sheet for formwork purposes. 7. Pipes for raisers or piping system. Wire cover to fix the position of wires. Temporarily work: Provide small rooms for workers. Steel rods are meant to hold piping system or air-conditioner ducts. 8. Bore pile is used to provide stable foundation to support high rise building. Scaffold to provide worker to fix or construct things at ceiling. Formwork to reinforced concrete wall which is not removed yet. 9. Formwork to soffit and sides of slab, and formwork to soffit and sides of attached beam. 2 beams are connected to one column. Reinforced bar to build kerb. 10. Starter bars for extension to connect 2 buildings together and construction for higher level. Workers are bending bars manually. Formwork to soffit of staircase and reinforced bars are put inside. 11. Scaffold to provide movement for workers. Materials used on site: 12. Conclusion: After the site visit, I can roughly tell the basics of construction. In this building, they choose to use bore pile because it is a high rise building, where the other types of foundation cannot provide the same function. To save more cost and time, they had to build some temporarily work such as toilet and rooms for workers convenience. If not, the worker has to come from far away and more cost spent on transportation. Another new thing I learnt from this site visit is that the starter bars on sides of building are meant for extension purpose. To ensure the quality of concrete, they had carried out the slump test. On site, I was able to observe how the formwork is constructed for concrete pour and to sides of walls &amp; soffits. This is a great experience to be in a site to learn how things were constructed. </p>