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  1. 1. Luke Finlay
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  3. 3. Director Todd Phillips Year of Production 2009 Brief Synopsis Four friends all go on a stag do to Las Vegas, twodays before the wedding. Their drinks end up getting spiked andwake up in a trashed hotel room not remembering anything fromthe night before. They then realise one of the group (the groom tobe) goes missing a day before the wedding. When they go out tolook for him they try and re trace their steps by looking throughpossessions they have on them. They soon realised they caused alot more damage than they realised. With a day before thewedding they still cant find the groom and are really panicking.Eventually they find him on the roof of the hotel and get him backto the wedding just in time.
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  5. 5. Directors - Paul Weitz and Chris Weitz Year of Production 1999 Brief Synopsis A group of average college students who arent verylucky on the girl front all plan to lose their virginity by the time theygraduate and realise the night of the prom is probably the best way ofdoing that. This causes the group to all find dates with some awkwardand hilarious experiences on the way that could damage their reputationand therefore finding it difficult to find a girl to take to the prom.However these experiences and being friendly with a popular guy in theschool help them all find a girl to take to the prom. In the end they allsucceed in their mission and all lose their virginity on the night of theprom.
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  7. 7. Director Adam Mckay Year of Production 2004 Brief Synopsis Set in the 1970s, Ron Burgundy is a famous regionalanchorman along with his colleagues. Suddenly the news company hire afemale anchor which during the 1970s was unheard of and all the newsanchors were outraged. Then the anchor woman (veronica) comes in onthe first day and all the team fancy her and try to seduce her and fail.Eventually, after many attempts, she agrees to go on a date with Ron andends up sleeping with him. They agree to keep their relationship a secretuntil Ron tells everyone in work and on air. One day when Ron doesntturn up for work, Veronica fills in for him and becomes a success andstarts to get more air time which Ron gets jealous over. Due to thejealousy the relationship ends but now they are co-anchors. There is a lotof tension between the two which causes Ron to say something heshouldnt live on air and he gets fired for it. Now Ron has become joblessand an alcoholic whilst Veronica is a famous news anchor but all the menat work hate her. A huge news story comes up which gets a lot of newsteams interested and the men get revenge on Veronica for getting Ronfired. The manager cant find Veronica and re calls Ron. Ron then savesVeronica and covers the story and he and Veronica start a relationshipagain and end up becoming world news anchors.
  8. 8. Reception theory is a theory introduced byStuart Hall in 1973. He stated that people arepart of certain social groups due to things theysee in the media. For example if there was a football match on tvthe next day there will be a group of peopletalking about the events of the match. In thesame way if there was a major event in a soap adifferent social group will talk about thatevent.