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  • MSC Confidential

    MD Nastran R3MD Nastran R3

    Moving Towards Virtual Testing

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    MSC Confidential

    MD NastranRelease History

    MSC NastranMSC Nastran MarcMarc DytranDytran AdamsAdams




    Ext. AcousticsSOL200

    Ext. Acoustics


    SOL 400PerturbationSOL 400

    Perturbation Local AdaptiveMeshingLocal Adaptive


    User Serv.Rotordynamics

    User Serv.

    ContactBeam / ShellContact

    Beam / Shell SOL 400Heat TransferSOL 400

    Heat Transfer SOL700Parallel FSISOL700

    Parallel FSI ProgressiveFailure Anal.ProgressiveFailure Anal.

    All Linear SOLGlued Contact

    All Linear SOLGlued Contact SOL400VCCT / Delam

    SOL400VCCT / Delam Time DomainN&V

    Time DomainN&V ExteriorAcoustics


    SOL101NL ContactSOL101

    NL Contact SOL 400NL ContactSOL 400

    NL Contact SOL700Dytran FSISOL700

    Dytran FSI FRF / FBAFRF / FBA

    MD NastranMD Nastran SOL400Adv. NLSOL400Adv. NL SOL700LS-Dyna


    FRF / FBAExtensions

    FRF / FBAExtensions

    Adams Flex Bodyin MD DB

    Adams Flex Bodyin MD DB

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    MSC Confidential

    MD Nastran R3Highlights

    SMP Scalability Improvements for Linear Static AnalysisEnhanced memory utilization

    Symbolic Substitution for Multi-Run AnalysesRun multiple analyses from the same input file.

    OptimizationIntroduction of Topography and Topometry Optimization

    Extends MSC Nastrans Optimization to new areas

    Composite Ply Layer SupportAccess to PCOMPG properties

    Solid Model Normal Mode PerformanceFocused on Engine Block Use Case

    Dynamics and AcousticsACMS Enhancements

    Acoustic superelement support.

    Continued Solver Performance ImprovementsMatrix-based iterative solver for unsymmetric problems

    MD R3General / Performance

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    MSC Confidential

    MD Nastran R3Optimization Enhancements

    Topology Enhancements

    Topography Modify flat to dimpled Special form of shape


    Topometry Modify each thickness Special form of sizing


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    MSC Confidential

    Global Ply ID layer control Support View by Global Ply ID

    Layer 1Layer 2

    Layer 3G


    l Ply



    l Ply



    l Ply


    2008 previewMD Nastran R3Optimization Enhancements

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    MSC Confidential

    MD Nastran R3Release Highlights

    External Spline ServerSupport for external stroage of sparse spline matrix

    Composite Integration MethodsSpecify which layers can use faster method with PCOMPF card

    Support for multiple RFORCE EntriesSpecify multiple angular velocity BCs in the same subcase


    New High-Order Penta ElementBased on Hex20 nonlinear element formulation

    New Solid Shell ElementUsed for analyses involving double sided contact on shell elements, e.g. Sheet Forming

    Implicit Nonlinear (SOL600)Generalized-Alpha Integration Method

    Increased performance for dynamic analyses involving contact

    New Aerodynamic Interpolation MethodAlternative method interpolates each term in the generalized aerodynamic matrix individually

    MD R3

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    MSC Confidential

    MD Nastran R3Release Highlights

    Explicit NonlinearIntegration of Eulerian Physics for Fluid Structure Interactions in Explicit NL

    Simulate airbag deployment, bird strike, and other FSI events

    Parallel FSI Based on DMPDramatically reduce the simulation time of the CPU intensive FSI applications

    Chained Explicit/ImplicitChained analysis for Explicit Loads into NL Implicit response analysis

    Integration of Progressive Failure Analysis for Composites in SOL400 and SOL700Investigate fiber and matrix failure in complex composite lay-ups

    Enhanced Adaptive Time Stepping for Quasi-Static and Transient AnalysisMore efficient and faster load and time incrementation

    Advanced Implicit NonlinearAnalysis Chaining and Perturbation Steps

    Chain thermal and structural analyses and perform linear perturbations on pre-stressed models

    Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) MethodA meshless Lagrangian technique to model fluid flow problems such as crashworthiness on water

    MD R3

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    MSC Confidential

    New improved methods for progressive failure analysis When failure index is larger than one, degrade material stiffness Selective degradation if matrix fails, do not change fiber

    properties Stiffness drops gradually or immediately upon failure Available for elastic materials.

    Only material nonlinearity is the stiffness degradation

    Also available for existing criteria: Criteria with a single failure index (Hill, Tsai-Wu, Hoffman)

    All modulii are reduced with the same factor Maximum stress or strain

    Each modulus is reduced separately for each respective failure mode For example, if failure in the 2-direction is found, only E2 is changed.

    MD Nastran R3Progressive Failure

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    MSC Confidential

    How does failure affect the different material modulii ?

    Assume 1-direction is fiber direction 2-direction is matrix direction in the plane of the ply 3-direction is through the ply thickness

    Fiber failure Reduce E1 and E3

    Matrix failure Reduce E2, G12, G23 and G31

    MD Nastran R3Progressive Failure

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    MSC Confidential

    Immediate stiffness degradation When failure occurs, set the respective material modulii to a fraction of the

    original value (default is 1%) Gradual stiffness reduction

    Only decrease the modulii so that the largest failure index is equal to one Scale down the modulii with a factor e1-F, where F is the failure index The stiffness is not reduced to less than 1% (can be user modified)

    Option for element deactivation If all plies of an element show full failure, the element will be deactivated if

    this option is used

    Available through MATF option Was available for Sol600 in MDr2.1 and now available in Sol400.

    MD Nastran R3Progressive Failure

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    MSC Confidential

    Rigid elliptical cylinder hitting composite shell

    moving rigid body

    pinned edges

    Composite with 5 layers

    [0 45 90 -45 0]

    MD Nastran R3Progressive Failure

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    MSC Confidential

    Damage at outer layer (layer 1)

    Change element extrapolation in band plot to TRANSLATE so damage does not show up as > 1

    Yellow fully damaged (damage value=0.99)

    MD Nastran R3Progressive Failure

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    MSC Confidential

    MD Nastran R3Explicit SOL700 FSI

    Fluid Structure Interaction based on Dytran Eulerian Technology Aircraft water landing Bird strike analysis Fluid-filled bottle crush Fuel tank sloshing

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    MSC Confidential

    MD R3 Advanced Composites

    Composite Airplane and Automotive partsHoneycombs for Shells and Solids(WIP point release)

    Composite failure in ShellsFailure Criteria - Delamination

    Progressive Failure Analysis, Automotive/Airplane body design

    MD-Genoa Integration

    Applications/ MotivationFunctionality

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    MSC Confidential

    MD R3 Advanced Composites

    GENOA Micromechnical evaluation library layer GENOA MD Nastran GEONA Micromechanics MD Nastran MD Nastran SOL 700 Multiparallel Processing (MPP) MD Pre-post solution

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    MSC Confidential

    MD Nastran SOL 700 GENOA Integration

    Jobname.dytr.dat file

    Nastran IFP

    Dytran-LS/Dyna solver

    Nastran SOL700 bdf file

    GENOA library

    Dyna/Genoa API

    GENOA Materials Up to 6 different materials

    Fiber Matrix Ply Isotropic Orthotropic Foam Isotropic Foam Honeycomb

    Up to 24 different Failure Criteria

    Maximum Stress/Strain Failure theory Honeycomb

    GENOA Dataflow

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    MSC Confidential

    SOL 700 Fluid Structure Interaction

    All Industries FOD/FBO, Aircraft Crashworthiness on water, Hydroplaning,

    HRAM, Blast simulation, Fuel Tank Sloshing, Weapon Design,

    CFD on Aircraft components, Airbags

    Advanced FSI Technology(Euler)

    Applications/ MotivationFunctionality

    Crash with airbags on water CFD

    Courtesy: Image by CEI/Ensight

    Bird Strike

    Crash on water


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    MSC Confidential

    MD R3 Fluid Structure Interaction

    FOD/FBO, Aircraft Crashworthiness on water, Blast simulation, Impact


    Advanced FSI Technology(SPH) Smooth Particle Hydro-


    Applications/ MotivationFunctionality

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    MSC Confidential

    DMP FSI Value Proposition

    Distributed Memory Paralle(DMP) Fluid Structure Interaction(FSI)

    LS-DYNA Structural solver Dytran DMP FSI Solver MD Nastran SOL 700


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    MSC Confidential

    GENOA SOL 700 Implementation


    Complete support shell elements (CQUAD4, CTRIA3, PCOMP) New and extended bulk data options (MATM, MATORT, MAT8) Critical and non-critical failure

    Work in progress :

    Work with AlphaStar developers to get correct damage evolution Support solid (thickshell) elements (CHEXA, CTQUAD, CTTRIA,

    PCOMPLS) Material Non-Linearity Honeycomb material Support all MD Nastran platforms

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    MSC Confidential

    Benchmarks and Test Platforms

    Benchmark Problems Number Euler Element

    Sloshing : sloshing6k.dat 62,208 Bunker blast model 1 : bunker1.dat