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The MD Nastran R3 Release Guide. Description of the new features including Contact, MD Adams integration, Aeroelasticity, and Local Adaptive Meshing


MD Nastran R3Release GuideMain IndexCorporateMSC.Software Corporation2 MacArthur PlaceSanta Ana, CA 92707 USATelephone: (800) 345-2078Fax: (714) 784-4056EuropeMSC.Software GmbHAm Moosfeld 1381829 Munich, GermanyTelephone: (49) (89) 43 19 87 0Fax: (49) (89) 43 61 71 6Asia PacificMSC.Software Japan Ltd.Shinjuku First West 8F23-7 Nishi Shinjuku1-Chome, Shinjyku-KuTokyo 160-0023, JAPANTelephone: (03)-6911-1200Fax: (03)-6911-1201Worldwide Webwww.mscsoftware.comDisclaimerMSC.Software Corporation reserves the right to make changes in specifications and other information contained in this document without prior notice.The concepts, methods, and examples presented in this text are for illustrative and educational purposes only, and are not intended to be exhaustive or to apply to any particular engineering problem or design. 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April 24, 2008MDNA:R3:Z:Z:Z:DC-RELMain IndexCont ent sMD Nastran R3 Release Guide Preface to the MD Nastran R3 Release Guide xivA Word About Prerelease Features xvList of Books xviTechnical Support xviiInternet Resources xix1Overview of MD Nastran R3Overview 2Local Adaptive Meshing 2Advanced Integrated Nonlinear (SOL 400)2Contact 3Explicit Nonlinear (SOL 700) 4MD Adams Integration 4Optimization 4Aeroelasticity 5SCA User Defined Services 5Symbolic Subsitution 5List of Errors Resolved 6List of Example Problems for the MD Nastran R3 Release 6List of MD Nastran Documents Released with MD Nastran R3 72Adaptive MeshingLocal Adaptive Mesh Refinement 10Introduction 10The Adaptive Mesh Refinement Loop 14Refinement by Regular Subdivision 15Location of New Grid Points 20Hanging Nodes and Multipoint Constraints on Hanging Nodes 23Selection of Elements to Refine 27Refinement Criteria 28Propagation of Refinement 37jp`=k~~=OMMT=o~=dTable of ContentsMain IndexMD Nastran R3 Release Guide==ivTransference of Analysis Data Between Unrefined and Refined Meshes 42Detection of Geometric Features and Material and Superelement Interfaces 49User Interface 55Output 68Guidelines and Limitations 713Advanced Integrated Nonlinear and ContactSOL 400 Performance Enhancements 76SOL 400 Advanced Heat Transfer 77Outline of New SOL 400 Heat Transfer Capabilities 77BCONTACT=ALLBODY 95Introduction 95Benefits 95Input 95Output 95Limitation 95Example 95Linear Perturbation and Brake Squeal Analyses in SOL 400 98Introduction 98Input 98Output 99Guidelines and Limitations 100Examples - Examples of Case Control Approaches 100Examples of Linear Perturbation and Brake Squeal Analyses 102SOL 400 Materials and Elements 109Introduction 109Benefits 110Advanced Integrated Nonlinear Analysis 111Input 111Output 113Guidelines and Limitations 113Enhancements to Connector Elements 118Introduction 118CBUSH Enhancements in SOL 400 118Inputs 119Outputs 119Example 119Nonlinear CWELD and CFAST Elements in SOL 400 120Main Indexv ContentsInputs 121Outputs 121Supported Output Requests 122Limitations 122Example 122Adaptive Time Stepping Scheme Enhancements for Quasi-Static Analysis 128NLADAPT Bulk Data Entry 128Results Output 131Contact and Adaptive Time Stepping Enhancements for Transient Dynamic Analysis 133Enhancements for Dynamic Contact 133Enhancements for Dynamic Time-Stepping 136Progressive Failure Analysis with a Micromechanical Module 138Introduction 138Definition of a Composite 138Output 1403D Contact: Moment-Carrying Glue and Beam-to-Beam, Edge-to-Surface and Edge-to-Edge 141Introduction 141Benefits 142Moment Carrying Glue 142Input 142Limitations 142Examples 143Improved Flexibility in Contact (for Shell only in MD Nastran R3) 145Input146Examples 147In-Plane Shell Edge-to-Edge Glue 147Input 147Limitations 147Examples 147Beam-to-Beam Contact 151Input 151Examples 152General Shell Edge(-to-Edge and -to-Surface) Contact 155Input 155Limitations 155Examples 155Optimize Contact Constraints 157Input 158Main IndexMD Nastran R3 Release Guide==viLimitations 158Examples 158GLUE Control 158Input 158Limitations 159Breaking Glue 159Input 159Limitations 160Miscellaneous Items 160Explicit Nonlinear - SOL 700 162Introduction 162New Capabilities in Explicit Nonlinear - SOL 700 162Advanced Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) 162Parallel FSI 165Advanced Composites 166Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Method167Sheet Metal Forming (SMF) with Spring-back 167Integrated Fan Blade Out (FBO) and Rotor Dynamics (RD) simulation 169Analysis Chaining 172New Materials and Elements 174Support for FAA Hybrid II and III Dummy Models 174New SOL 700 Bulk Data Entries and Parameters 175Arc-Length Methods (Pre-release) 183Introduction 183Benefits 183Method and Theory 183Inputs 184Outputs 184Limitations 184Analysis Chaining 189Introduction 189Input 189Analysis Type 189Examples 190Legal Chaining Type 193Limitations 1944Implicit NonlinearImplicit Nonlinear - SOL 600 196Support of Large Grid and Element IDs 196Main Indexvii ContentsMultiple RFORCE Entries in the Same Subcase 196BCONTACT Case Control Command Clarification 197Generalized Alpha Dynamic Integration Method 202MATVP Material Property Entry 202MATSMA Shape Memory Alloy Material Property Entry 203Nonlinear Elastic Orthotropic Materials 203Composite Integration Methods to Reduce Computer Time 203New SOL 600 Bulk Data Entries and Parameters 2055NVH and AcousticsNVH Enhancements 208ACMS with Acoustic External Superelement Creation 208Multiple RANDOM Looping 208Sparse OUTPUT4 Format for External Superelement Creation 208Binary op2 and op4 Compatibility Robustness 208Merged Superelement Results 209Enhancements to the Frequency Response Function (FRF) and FRF Based Assembly (FBA) Feature 210Introduction 210Names for FRF Components 210Interchangeable COMPID/COMPNAME Fields in All Bulk Data Entries Meant for FBA Use 210User Load Specification in the FBA Process 210Responses to Unit Loads and User Specified Loads 210Connection of Scalar Points and Explicit Connection of Coincident Grid Points 212Flexible Connection of Degrees-of-Freedom 212Release of Connection Degrees-of-Freedom 212Grounding of Connection Degrees-of-Freedom 212Handling of Displacement (or Local) Coordinate Systems at Connection Grid Points of FRF Components in the FBA Process 213FRFs for PLOTEL Grid Points 213Summary of the Enhancements 213Enhancements to ADAMSMNF Case Control Command 2146Numerical Methods and High Performance ComputingLinear and Nonlinear Contact Analysis 216Introduction 216Benefits 216Main IndexMD Nastran R3 Release Guide==viiiInputs 216Guidelines and Limitations 216Demonstration Example 217High Performance Iterative Solver Now Available for Nonlinear Transient Analysis 219Introduction 219Benefits 219Inputs 219Outputs 219Guidelines and Limitations 219Matrix Based Iterative Solver Now Available for Nonlinear Static Analysis 221Introduction 221Benefits 221Method and Theory 221Inputs 222Outputs 222Guidelines and Limitations 222Demonstration Examples 222Factor Matrix Caching for Lanczos and Nonlinear Transient Analysis with NLAUTO 225Introduction 225Benefits 225Method and Theory 225Inputs 225Outputs 225Guidelines and Limitations 226Demonstration Examples 226New TAUCS Indefinite Solver Improves Lanczos Performance 228Introduction 228Benefits 228Method and Theory 228Inputs 228Outputs 228Guidelines and Limitations 228Demonstration Examples 229Shared Memory Parallel (SMP) Scalability Improvements for Static Analysis 230Introduction 230Benefits 230Main Indexix ContentsMethod and Theory 230Inputs 230Outputs 230Guidance and Limitations 230Demonstration Examples 231New MAXRATIO Information Output 232Introduction 232Benefits 232Method and Theory 232Inputs 232Outputs 232Guidelines and Limitations 233Demonstration Example 233Example Input Data 233Example Output 235New SPARSESOLVER MDTSTATS Information Output 236Introduction 236Benefits 236Method and Theory 236Inputs 236Outputs 236Guidelines and Limitations 237Demonstration Example 237Example Input Data 237Example Output 2397Upward CompatibilityTEMPERATURE Case Control Command 242Improvements in Fluid Eigenvalue Analysis 244FLUID GRID Points and Partitioning 245Distributed Memory Parallel (DMP) Diagnostic Messages 247System Information Message (SIM) 6916 2488OptimizationEnhancements in DRESP3 250Introduction 250Benefits 250Main IndexMD Nastran R3 Release Guide==xUser Inputs 250Output 255Guidelines and Limitations 255Examples 257Topometry Optimization 260Introduction260Benefits 260Input261Output 263Guidelines and Limitations 263Example 1 - Three-bar Truss (tomex1.dat) 263Input 265