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2. My dailyroutine
3. I sometimesup to nineo clock in the morning, bat normally I wake up at half past seven.
4. I every day shower ,Ibrush, I dress, and my comb.
5. I regularly breakfast at half past nine and afterfor me dress
6. As i am not working in the morming my dedicate to help daily my mom in the activities of the home
7. I rarely come in the morning to works in the sena.
8. i noon prepare the lunch for go to study.
9. I shower anew before leaving lunch , I dress, comb, and eat lunc, catch the suitcase Im goin to go for the sena to twelve foryt five.
10. Whenreach to sena, catch my notebook andhave to working in activities that puts us make instructors
11. When usuallyfinalized classto go for library to make for library to make works have pendent
12. Wheni have game microfutbol Im for the house change me the uniform and go to pomo to play championshop of the sena
13. goodbay