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Marvels AvengersCreated by: Gina Mrs. Captain America GonzalezSocial Media StrategyYes. This was approved.

Table of Contents1. Executive summary......32. Social Media Audit.....4 3. Social Media Objectives.........74. Online Brand Persona and Voice.85. Strategies and tools106. Timing and Key Dates.117. Social Media Roles and Responsibilities.128. Social Media Policy.139. Critical Response Plan.1410. Measurement and Reporting Results16

Executive SummaryMajor social Media goal for 2016 is to improve the communication between the community and the heroes ultimately improving the trust between both groups.This will be accomplished the following ways:Have all team members follow the social media policy for both team and personal pagesSocial media director, manager, and coordinator will over see and approve all social media postsThey will also be responsible for official statements and press conference speechesThe teams continuous heroic action will be published in the best light for everyone to see the good being done for the citizens

Social Media AuditSocial Media Assessment Social NetworkURLFollower CountAverage Weekly ActivityFacebook,583,4753.2 posts/[email protected] M9.6 posts/[email protected] K.98 posts/wk

Social Media Audit (Continued)Audience Demographic Assessment Age DistributionGender DistributionPrimary Social NetworkSecondary Social NetworkPrimary Need< 1082% M 18% FNANANA10-1974% M 26% FInstagramTwitterEntertainment20-2943% M 57% FFacebookInstagramNetwork30-3949% M 51% FLinked InFacebookBusiness40-4954% M 46% FLinked InFacebookBusiness50-5959% M 41% FFacebookLinked InNetwork60+63% M 37% FTwitterFacebookEntertainment

Social Media Audit (Continued)Competitor Assessment Competitor NameSocial Media ProfileStrengthsWeaknessesJustice League in the team before the individualNave about the good in human natureThe [email protected] human powers with unknown originIgnorant about the good in human [email protected] powerful team of individuals Divided in their beliefs of right and wrong

Social Media ObjectivesOverall Goal:To brand the Avenger team as a community necessity that allows every citizen to feel safe during every day life knowing there is a powerful team of super human talent and skill looking out for the best interest of humanity. Social Media Objectives to support goal:Increase followers on every social media account by 20% in 5 monthsIncrease weekly social media engagement by 10%Have team members keep personal pages updated and activeKPIsOverall number of followersFollowers lost vs. followers gainedCommunity support

Online Brand Voice and PersonaAdjectives that describe our teamWhen interacting with the community we areFierceUnitedHeroic Strong Willing

ApproachableLeadersAlways willing to do what is right

Online Brand Voice and Persona (Continued)

Strategies and ToolsStrategiesToolsPaid:Post a sponsored tweet about the latest Avenger achievementPost a sponsored Instagram with the team in actionOwned: Encourage the use of #CaughtInAvengerAction so witnesses can provide free positive publicity when the team is doing their jobEarned:Create Avenger for a Day award for young students nominated by their teachers and coaches for demonstrating exemplarily leadership skillsApproved:Hootsuite for automated updatesMultiple marketing team membersPhotographers to perfectly capture the best momentsRejected:Strapped on GoPro

Timing and Key DatesImportant HolidaysCommunity EventsIndependence Day / Captain Americas Birthday July 4Avengers Anniversary November 15 Mothers Day/Fathers DayHonor your first team

Avenger for a day June 6Monthly Press Conferences First of every monthProfessional Sport CameosSuper BowlNBA Championship Game

Social Media Roles and ResponsibilitiesSocial Media Director: Pepper PottsResponsible for final approval ofCampaignsBudget StrategiesSocial Media Manager: Nick FuryDeals with day-to-day execution of social media strategySocial Media Coordinator: Agent Maria HillResponsible for all social media pagesMust monitor each pages engagement


Social Media is our main form of communication with the community and allows everybody the chance to have direct contact with the heroes. Proper grammar is encouraged though not mandatory for all social media postsThere shall be no foul languageThere are bound to be people who disagree with our opinions, do not instigate a fight/do not participate in a fight that was instigatedUnsure if something is social media acceptable? Run it by our coordinator (Agent Hill)Disclaimer: Heroes are held to a higher standard in everyday life and should continue to be held to such a standard in social media interaction. The following rules must be followed. Violations will be handled on a case by case basis.Social Media Policy

Critical Response PlanSECENARIO 1: Iron Man insults somebodys intelligenceDetermine what comment was made and to whomOffer a sincere apology from Iron Man and the rest of the teamMake sure they understand one members opinion is not the opinion of the teamIf comment was made online, delete immediatelyIf media picked up on the inappropriate statement, Director Pepper Potts is to handle all direct contact and official statements on Iron Mans behalfDirector is also to decide if disciplinary action is required Can include anger management classes, extra volunteer work, guest appearances at elementary schools

Critical Response Plan (Continued)SECENARIO 2: Hulk smashes through building or other structureInspect the damage thoroughlyImmediately notify the proper authorities to evacuate the building if necessary and clear surrounding areaSet up a press conference to allow Mr. Banner to apologize to the public and inform them of his generous donation to help rebuild said structureMr. Banner shall attend the grand reopening of said structure when it is completely finished Progress photos of the structure rebuild will be posted periodically on the teams official Twitter and Instagram pages

Quantitative KPIsReporting Period: 3 MonthsData as of November 1, 2015Measurement and ReportingWebsite traffic Sources assessmentSourceVolume% of overall trafficConversion RateFacebook7344 unique visits + 7% growth39%1.9Twitter5430 unique visits + 3.1% growth29%.98Instagram5982 average likes + 5% growth32%1.2

Measurement and Reporting (Continued)Social Network DataSocial NetworkURLNew Follower CountAverage Weekly ActivityEngagement RateFacebook,132,7015.1 posts/wk8%[email protected] M10.4 posts/wk6%[email protected] K1.12 posts/wkAverage likes per post = 32,490

Measurement and Reporting (Continued)Overall Result Analysis: We have increased the amount of followers and engagement on all social media pagesThe hashtag #CaughtInAvengerAction has turned into a fad/challenge with people of all ages to get the best Instagram pictureWitnesses are going out of their way to catch the heroes in action and put it on their personal social media pagesWe will soon be implementing a weekly shoutout to the user with the best picture of the weekFuture Plans of Action:We are preparing to continue our social media activity and move to LinkedInOur mission statement and strategy will be decided in the coming monthsKeep your eyes peeled for the new hashtag we will be implementing - #AvengeForMeAvengeForYou

Marvels Avengers Social Media StrategyCreated by Gina Gonzalez