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Website: www.mrnlv.com12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031FROM 32 UP TO 20 LEVEL FOLLOWSUPON REACHING 20th LEVEL TOTAL OF 2.1M FROM LEVEL 1 UP TO 20Plus your FULLY PAID CAR VIOS OR HYUNDAINO TIME FRAME & WHILE WAITING RAFFLE WILL GIVE US THE IMMEDIATE REWARDS DRAWN FROM TIME TO TIME 2No MembershipNo QuotaOnline Real timeNo Flush outNo time frame / AccumulatedMultiple Heads Wide range of networksWide range of ProductsForce Matrix systemAuto placementUni Level up to 20th LevelWithdraw able @ every levelDirect Selling Concept only

CONSUMERS PURCHASES REWARD FEATURESAll products sold at SRP PricePayroll BPI family BanksRaffle Monthly/Weekly/dailyJust buy any products to be part of the system. All Indirect rewards can be withdrawn every level.

3CONSUMERS PURCHASES REWARDSHOW TO JOIN & MECHANICS:Just buy any of the product available in the market with corresponding rewardsUpon buying a product with your codes encoded, You are now a legitimate member and entitled to received the rewards program. To receive the rewards indirect sales you need to invite 2 people to buy the products they want. For every direct sales reward of 50.00 will be allocated to the raffle system. If you acquire 3 new sales reward equivalent to 3 raffle tickets. Only member can join. Raffle percentage: 1st Prize 40% / 2nd Prize 25% / 3rd Prize 10% consolation Prizes 15% of the total raffle collection assigned. Matrix system plus auto placement. Upon reaching up to 20th level complete, you will receive the reward total of 2.1M Cash from your 1st lvl up to 2oth level, plus 1 fully paid Brand New Car VIOS OR HYUNDAI worth 700KFirst come first serve basis. Nothing to loss cause we sell the product at standard price. No time frame, No Quota, Just wait & Enjoy your retirement reward.

Robert Keyosaki Ill rather choose to earn 1% from my 100 persons Income rather than 100% from my own effort alone.4

HOW SYSTEM WORKS FROM INDIVIDUAL PURCHASER11TO THE MAIN SYSTEM STRUCTURE FROM 1st Level UP TO 20th Level only.For Every Entry 50.00 will be allocated to the raffle draw50225033504450RAFFLE ALLOCATION55506650750788509950FROM 10 UP TO 20TH LEVEL FOLLOWS1ST Level2nd Level3rd LevelTotal Rewards from 1st Level up to 20th Level Php 2.1M Cash PLUS 1 BRAND NEW CAR(F.PAID) VIOS OR HYUNDAIRaffle Draw from 1st Lvl up to 20th Level Total 103,423,600 M20thLevel5

Total Rewards from 1st level to 20th level 2.1MPlus 1 Brand New CarToyota Vios or Hyundai fully paidDONT BE LEFT BEHINDDECIDE NOW COZ YOUR DESCISION TODAY IS VERY IMPORTANT6