marketing challenges (2010.09.08 @ gls asia team event)

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Marketing Challenges (2010.09.08 @ GLS Asia Team Event @ RiverLife Church, Singapore) Sharing with brothers and sisters in the Asia GLS community about the marketing challenges the HKGLS team faces and the relevant strategies for tackling these challenges.


  • 1. Marketing Challenges Calvin C. Yu @ GLS Asia Team Event / 2010.09.08

2. Is GLS relevant? Potential Participants Puzzles 3. Is GLS Relevant? Message vs. Event Promotion Different stages Different levels of depth Different media 4. Strategic positioningChurches Puzzles against local initiatives? 5. Strategic positioning Partnership with local organizations Different experiences: lling in the missing piece A platform for sharing and exchange 6. How to differentiate? Too many Christian events 7. How to differentiate? Make materials bit-size, sharable and re-usable Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication Example: Bookmarks with Bibleverses Hardcopy, video, blog articles, slides 8. Key Objectives A.C.E. 9. Key Objectives Awareness the message & the Summit Communication needs & responses Education continuous education 10. Key Strategies P.I.E. 11. Key Strategies Participation learn & share Interaction know each other better Empowerment Creative Commons 12. 3 Stages Before.During.After. 13. 3 Phases Phase 1: Before the Summit the relevance Phase 2: During the Summit momentum escalation Phase 3: After the Summit sustainable sharing & exchange 14. Hybrid Approach Top-down.Bottom-up. 15. Hybrid Approach Top-down: Traditional channels & media Bottom-up: Online channels & media Social media Mobilizing trusted connections 16. Traditional Channels Printed Materials: bookmark, poster, leaet, etc. Word of Mouth Partner Churches 17. New Channels Social media Facebook Page Twitter YouTube Slideshare Delicious Wordpress Blog 18. ONE MORE THING 19. Walk Together Youth Leader Development Programme 20. Walk Together Objective prepare potential leaders forfuture GLS prepare potential leaders forlocal Christian community Participation Criteria Christian a serving heart 21. Questions? 22. In search of excellence for HIM