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Market Gravity CES 2016

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my main bug bear is continuity of information/wasted time and risk that puts on the patient during the critical phase

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Thank you for attending this roundtable

Many thanks for joining the latest in a series of innovation round table events at Market Gravity.

I do hope that you enjoyed the debate, made some new friends (and possibly business partners), and now have more clarity regarding your companys role in building the connected home.

Todays event is one of a series, so keep an eye out for the next one and let us know if you have another topic that you would like us to cover. We are hosting one more session on the connected home, so please forward the information to any colleagues who might like to come?

We will create a brief summary of todays discussion and send this out to all participants. In the mean time, here is a digest from the recent CES to read on the way home.

Where to next Pete SayburnCEO

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held each January in Las Vegas is the worlds largest event for showcasing innovation in new tech kit for consumers. This year more than 170,000 visitors, nearly one third of which were from outside the US, were treated to the latest technologies from over 3,800 exhibitors.

Top spots for connected homes at CES 2016


The fight is clearly on for the entire ecosystem of home connected devices and its not clear yet how that will be won. A strong play is being made by Samsung by now embedding the controlling hub for a smart home into their smart TVs. Samsungs Smart Things can already control over 200 connected home devices from a wide range of suppliers and by making the TV the central controlling device Samsung are making a strong land grab for this territory. The current alternative is to control each of your connected home devices through its own dedicated app, usually on your phone, so adding a new device adds a little more complication each time. Samsungs TV hub for the home makes things a lot

The land grab: Samsung's Smart Things Home Monitoring embedded into TVs


Alexa didnt actually have a stand at CES but appeared all of the place none the less. Alexa is the name of the intelligent assistant developed by Amazon which sits inside Amazons Echo home hub.Echo itself is a fabulously understated device, a simple looking 23.5cm tall cylinder which allows you to switch on the lights, unlock the doors and directly access an enormous range of services including music, movies and almost infinite shopping on the Everything Store all through a voice interface.Our pick though is Alexa, the voice interface which forms a key part of the Echo experience but which is also now embedded into a whole host of other smart devices, backed by Amazons USD 100 million Alexa Fund which supports integration of Alexa for third parties. Alexa is already now built in to home security cameras, lighting systems, and even Fords latest vehicles.

Alexa is so undercover she doesnt have her own website

The undercover agent: Amazon's Alexa


Netflixs big CES news was that its moving into 130 new countries, including India and Russia. That means the service, which boasts 70 million paying customers, is now live in over 190 countries worldwide.In a statement at CES which surprised some people, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, said his company was OK with people sharing their account details. His logic is elegantly simple the product is so good that anyone who experiences it will want to keep using it and eventually many of them will subscribe themselves, which means that someone sharing their account details with a friend is effectively acting as a marketer for Netflix. Enlightened thinking in the sharing economy world.

The surprising CEO : Netflix CEO Reed Hastings


Mesh is a set of small tags developed by Sony which can be attached to almost anything. Each tag has a different function, with six different tags: button, LED, motion, brightness, temperature and humidity and GPIO which Sony describe as a tag suitable for expert users!An app which connects to the tags wirelessly allows you to build your own completely bespoke connected home setup. Sonys own example: Put a BRIGHTNESS tag in the living room and a MOTION tag in the bathroom. At night when the whole house is dark, the BRIGHTNESS tag will sense the darkness in the living room. When you go to the bathroom, the MOTION tag will sense your movement and dimly turn on the Philips LED light bulb hue. Admittedly this definitely qualifies for #firstWorldProblem status, but the possibilities are intriguing. Lego for the 21st century perhaps?

The really creative one: Mesh Project by Sony


ADT, the direct response company, have cottoned on to connected homes technology by introducing a new business model. Traditionally to have ADT support for your home required having an expensive contract with a minimum two year period. However, the company has now entered into agreements with a range of home connected device providers to offer a value added service on a pure subscription basis.A broad range of manufacturer have announced support for Canopy at CES, including LG, Samsung Smart Things, Ring, and Wink and you can now have ADTs Canopy direct response service for as little as USD 20 per

The non-connected one: ADT Canopy


Richard Branson will soon be installing a new connected device from this years CES at his home in Necker Island, in the Caribbean - in the toilets!The Extreme Tech Challenge Finals is an event run every year at CES with 10 start-up and early stage companies selected from over 2,000 entries in earlier rounds of the competition. These lucky 10 companies get to showcase their products on the main stage at CES in Las Vegas and the top three, as chosen by a panel of senior industry judges, are then invited to Necker Island to pitch directly to Richard Branson for his private investment and support.UK based Captive Media were one of the chosen finalists presenting their truly unique p-controlled video game, and although they didnt win, Richard Branson was so intrigued theyve been invited to Necker Island anyway and the devices will be installed in the toilets in the house.Check it out at:


And finally...

my main bug bear is continuity of information/wasted time and risk that puts on the patient during the critical phaseMARKET GRAVITY

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