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How to use VLC


<p>PRESENTATION NAME</p> <p>How to use VLCPrepared by: Mark Conrad MaramagVLC can be used for all video and audio format.</p> <p>To open a file, click Media on the menu bar. </p> <p>Select Open File and browse for the file you want. </p> <p>You can also drag and drop the file to VLC.</p> <p>To create your own playlist just click the Playlist icon.</p> <p>Drag and drop your files from your folder to VLC.</p> <p>Click Play to play a video or audio. </p> <p>Adjust the volume by dragging the bar left or right. </p> <p>To Stop playback just click the stop button. </p> <p>To scan through your playlist just click these buttons: </p> <p>To repeat a playlist or specific file just click:</p> <p>To let VLC shuffle automatically through your playlist click Random.</p> <p>To view a video in fullscreen, just click this button: </p> <p>And thats the basics of using VLC.</p> <p>Thank you.</p>