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  • Guiding Documents

    §  MCO 1560.25 §  MARADMIN 687/14 §  MARADMIN 093/16 Marines can receive up to $4500 per Fiscal Year (October 1st- Sept 30th).

    TA is authorized up to: $250/semester credit $166.67/quarter credit

    $16.67/clock credit

    There is no waivers or exception to policy for Marines to receive more funds.

  • To Qualify for TA §  Per MARADMIN 093/16, Marines will complete the Higher Education

    Preparation (HEP) Course online if they’ve never used TA before and never attended our old “College 101.” Go to Course number: HEP-US001.

    §  Have a GT score of 100 or higher. §  Command confirmation:

    §  First-time applicants shall have a minimum Time-In-Service of 24 months from their AFADBD.

    §  Prior to approval, first-time applicants shall complete the Personal Financial Management MCI (3420G).

    §  Must be eligible for promotion per MCO P1400.32D CH2.

  • To Qualify for TA §  If the Marine does not have a GT at 100 or higher…

    §  Then we provide the TABE test (Test for Adult Basic Education). §  Marines who take the TABE must score a 10.2 or higher (sophomore

    level proficiency). §  If they do not, then we have our Academic Skills Program (ASP)

    periodically throughout the year. §  ASP is 4 weeks long, 0730-1600 each day. §  Marines must have taken the TABE test no matter what as a prerequisite for the course. §  Marines must receive command approval and be on PTAD orders for the full duration of

    the course. §  Palomar College provides the instruction/curriculum §  Free course

  • Once the Marine qualifies… §  It is the Marine’s choice what school to attend**

    §  Marines do not need to be officially enrolled in the courses, however the course information is needed for the TA forms.

    §  Marines will submit their TA application requests via the WebTA portal: §  TA requests are required to be first command approved, by either the CO,

    XO, or OIC. Education Officers or anyone approved by the CO is ok as well.

    §  Any SNCO who signs a TA request must have authorization from the CO with a BY DIR letter. All BY DIR letters must be on file prior to processing TA.

    **It is recommended that Marines make an appointment to see a counselor at the BEC prior to enrolling in any school.

  • Tuition Assistance Program Policies §  TA applications can be submitted up to 60 days prior to the start of the

    class. Submissions that exceed 60 days will be denied. TA applications will be automatically denied if the course has started (on the day or thereafter). ALL TA REQUESTS must be Command Approved prior to the course start date.

    §  Marines must submit a degree plan before their third class on TA.

    §  TA shall be authorized to first-time applicants for only one (1) course, unless documentation is provided that the Marine has at least an Associate’s degree or at least sixty (60) academic credits and a minimum GPA of 2.5.

    §  Marines may not actively participate in more than two (2) TA-funded classes simultaneously.

  • Tuition Assistance Program Policies §  TA shall not be authorized for duplicate degrees (only move

    forward). §  TA is only authorized for one associates, one bachelors, and one masters.

    Marines can also receive TA for one certificate (get pre-approval for the cert as TA will not cover most).

    §  When using TA, a Marine may only pursue one education goal at a time.

    §  Enlisted Marines’ EAS must be at least of sixty (60) days beyond the completion date of the course in order to be approved for TA. Marines who are re-enlisting or extending and want TA must plan ahead.

  • Tuition Assistance Program Policies §  Marines are responsible for non-tuition fees including but not limited to costs

    associated with distance learning, equipment, supplies, books/materials, exams, insurance, parking, transportation, admissions, registration, or fines.

    §  Marines are required to submit their grade(s) to the BEC within 30 days of the course completion date.

    §  TA will be recouped (repaid) for the following reasons: (1) Failed courses (UG grade of “D or F” or Graduate grade of “C or below”), (2) Unresolved incomplete courses (grade of “I”) (3) Course from which you voluntarily withdrew resulting in a “W” grade.

    §  If a Marine has TA recouped or if their GPA drops below 2.5, they are only

    authorized 1 class for the next proceeding school term.

    •  GPA must be a 2.0 or higher to have any TA.

  • Tuition Assistance Program Policies §  Officers must agree to remain on active duty for two continuous

    years after completion of a TA funded course.

    §  Reserve Component Officers on Active Duty orders must have an EAS date of two (2) years beyond the completion date of the requested class in order to be approved for TA.

  • Tuition Assistance Program Policies TA shall not be approved retroactively. All TA applications must be submitted, command approved, and authorized by the BEC prior to the term start date for college courses or the training start date for voc/tech programs. §  Coursework with a start date between 15 and 30 September must

    be command approved and authorized by the BEC no later than 15 September.

    §  TA is not authorized for noncredit courses, training programs, or professional credentialing programs under Continuing Education or Workforce Development.

  • Tuition Assistance Program Policies §  Marines assigned to an MOS school or Residential PME (i.e. Staff

    College, Cpl Course, Sgt Course, Career Course, etc.) are not authorized receipt of TA until they return to their regular or permanent duty.

    §  Open issues in a Marine’s TA account, including incomplete courses, reimbursement issues, or waivers, must be resolved and posted to the student’s record prior to approval of future TA requests.

  • A couple of reminders…

    §  Tuition is paid based on the data that you provided. If there any changes to dates, courses, or other information, your School’s request for payment may not be honored or you may be required to pay back the government.

    §  You CANNOT electronically change or cancel any information on your TA Application after it has been processed by your Command Approving Authority.

    §  Never make, or allow others to make, “pen changes” to your voucher.

    §  If you need to make changes to or cancel your TA Application after funding is authorized, contact your Education Office .

  • Websites of Interest JKO site (for HEP)– . Course number is HEP-US001. Camp Pendleton Base Education Center – G.I. Bill – T.E.B. – Kuder Journey: Career guidance and planning system

    - San Diego County ROP – vocational training for military and dependents (tuition-free)

    MyCAA (Career Advancement Account)

  • For more information about Education Programs, Services, & Resources


    Bldg #1331

    (760) 725-6660/6414


    Your Unit Education Officer


    On Facebook at MCCS Camp Pendleton – Education & Libraries

  • BEC Northern Satellite Site

    School of Infantry (Bldg 520512)

    Phone number (760) 725-0606

    Hours of Operation:

    ð  Monday, Tuesday (0800 – 1130), Wednesday, Thursday, and

    Friday (0800 – 1630).

  • Any Questions?