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  • Golf AcademyMarc Farry

  • Welcome to the Marc Farry Golf Academy at the Legend and theLinks Courses.

    To allow you to realise the full potential and enjoyment of yourgolfing experience, instruction is available in multiple languages.

    Tuition is available every day from 8h00 to 18h00

    We have organised our instructional program to fit in with your daily program.Please enquire at our golf reception to book your professional golf instruction.

    We offer group and individual packages. These groups offer the maximum learningpotential due to our ratio of between 2 - 6 golfers to each Professional.

    All instruction includes unlimited Range Balls and use of equipment for hotel residents.

    Thanking you for considering the rules of golf and our dress code,I wish you an unforgettable experience in our magnificent golf-resort.

    Yours sincerely,

    Dieter H. Praun Director of Golf Sebastien Pilot Jason Poinen

  • THE POSITION OF THE BALL1) The position of the ball is crucial, the paths and the effects would depend on it.2) For the right-handed persons: In front of the left heel with a left foot slightly open.3) The position of the ball and the opening of the left foot would move around to the

    right or the left according to the distance and the club to be used.4) On the other hand, with a driver, the ball would be placed towards the left foot tip

    with a more opened foot.5) With a pitching-wedge, the ball would be in the center towards the right foot, the

    left foot would be less opened.

    THE VISUAL ROUTINEThis visual routine that you would apply permanently on the golf course will enableyou to gain a lot of points and lower your handicap rapidly.1) Evaluate the distance between the ball and the target.2) Evaluate the lie of the ball in relation to the shot to be played.3) Evaluate the dangers that would separate you from the target.

    CONCLUSIONThe Marc-Antoine Farrys method is complete as you will learn:1) The technique.2) The mental strategy.3) The rules and the etiquette.

    Within the Marc Farry Academy, the instructors would not only dispense a simplemethod of learning but they would have at their disposal a methodology based on:1) Listening.2) Observation.3) Clear, accurate and understandable explanations.4) Solutions and ways to stabilize your game, work on its development and

    consistency.5) Practice, educational tools and video.6) Diagnosis and a swing analysis.7) Each player will receive an assessment and an individual coaching plan.

    MARC FARRYS TEACHING METHODEvery player is unique! I would like to provide a specific lesson thattakes into account your morphology, your age, your sportive experienceas well as your motivation whether you are a man, a woman or a junior.My method is based on the learning of the 4 Fundamentals:

    the grip the posture the alignment the ball positionEvery student should first integrate these fundamentals in order to goahead onto the fifth element, Visual Routine.

    THE GRIP1) Hold the club with your fingers rather than in your palm.2) The pressure should be light at the address position, as it would

    naturally increase when the club would leave the ground during theexecution of the shot.

    3) Take into account the difference between the hands that holdthe club to the wrists that have a more expressive role.

    THE POSTURE1) Share out equally the body weight on both feet.2) Respect the internal gap of the feet, which should be equal to the

    shoulders width.3) Maintain the good relation shoulder - arm - left hand on the golf club

    without any muscular tension.4) Keep the back perfectly flat with relaxed shoulders and the feet well


    THE ALIGNMENT1) A good alignment will avoid compensations.2) Place yourself at 1m - 1m50 behind the ball.3) Imagine the path of your ball in the air.4) Find a reference point on the ground between the ball and the target.5) Take your alignment in relation to that reference point and keep it.

  • 1) INDIVIDUAL LESSONSOpt for the best instruction suiting your game by choosing individual lessons. Our certifiedPGA Members have attended the most recent seminars, to give you the best swing and gameimprovement, with the most simple changes.The Marc Farry Golf Academy offers instruction in multiple languages.

    2) PLAYING ON COURSELocal knowledge, especially for tee-shots on blind holes and a sound course management, arecrucial for lower scoring. Our Professionals will teach you a consistent pre-shot routine, find agame plan that suits your striking abilities and show you how to read the slopes and the grainon the greens. Playing on course includes the use of a buggy, either for 9 or 18 Holes.

    GROUP LESSONSThese are for all abilities, ranging from swing fundamentals for beginners to shot shaping foradvanced players. With small groups from 2 - 6 persons, the Professionals from the Marc FarryGolf Academy will show you the most effective way to achieve permanent improvement.

    3) CLINICS

    Short GameThe quickest way to improve your score is achieved through improving your short game.Learn simple and effective mechanics that will work under pressure, find out how to judgespeed and distance control for all your shots, on and around the greens.

    Long GameDiscover the secret to more efficient dynamics in your swing to hit longer drives and higher ironshots. Learn how to syncronize the various energies in your swing to create maximum clubheadspeed and thus, hit the ball further and higher.

    4) INITIATIONLearn the fundamentals of the full swing, the pitch - the chip-shot and putting.Understand the basic rules of golf and the etiquette. This is the starting point for all those whoalways wanted to play the game, but never had the time to.

    5) DEVELOPMENTLearn to practice and play like a Pro, considering the key positions in theswing to improve your ball striking abilities. Recommended for mid to lowhandicap players wishing to understand the reasons for poor shot making,and how to fix those swing woes.

    6) INTENSIVEImprove your game strategy by learning how to develop a game plan that suitsyour striking abilities. Learn to play special shots and how to manoeuvre theball. On course demonstration along with risk / reward analysis for the bestpossible competiton preparation. Get the pros advice for your game.

    7) SHORT GAME:The quickest way to improve your score is achieved through improving yourshort game. Learn the various mechanics that will enable you to hit the bestpossible shots around the greens, find out how to judge speed and distancecontrol (carry and roll ratio). Improve your puttingand learn to read slopes and the grain.

    8) JUNIOR LESSONS(less than 14 years old)Group lessons for juniors free (3 to 6 juniors).Every Saturday from 11.00 am till noon

    9) Take a lesson and play with MARC ANTOINE FARRYMember of the PGA European tour since 1988, Diploma of USPGA and winnerof various tournaments on different tours (subject to availability).

  • Legends Golf reception: 2738Links reception: 2742Golf Information Desk main reception: 2622Email :


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