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  • Managing Modern Team Sites, Communication Sites, and Office 365 Groups

    October 24, 2017

  • Peter Carson

    President, Envision IT and Extranet User Manager

    SharePoint MVP Partner Seller,

    Microsoft Canada Twitter @carsonpeter VP Toronto SharePoint User Group


  • Envision IT Overview

    O365 Productivity Consultants Go-to partner for SharePoint Websites, Intranets, Extranets,

    and Collaboration portals 16 years of SharePoint experience Microsoft Gold Partner Multiple award winner

  • Extranet User Manager Overview

    Delegated management of external users

    Self-registration, approval workflows, profile, and password management

    Search, add, edit, and import users and groups

    Supports on premise and O365, as well as custom and SaaS applications

  • Agenda


    Office 365 Intro and Ignite

    Team and Communication Sites

    Managing Sites

    Site Provisioning

    Wrap-Up and Q&A

  • Office 365

    Suite of desktop, mobile and browser based productivity tools

    Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android support Supports all the major browsers

  • New App Launcher - Ignite

  • Quick Poll 1

    Heard about Microsoft Ignite Attended Ignite Watched some of the recordings

  • Microsoft Ignite 2017 851 session on demand PowerPoint decks available

  • Ignite Jeff Teper

  • SharePoint and OneDrive cloud momentum

  • Ignite Session Sue Hanley / Dave Feldman

    Governance first Governance Planning Tool

    Global navigation Self service site creation Site naming conventions

  • Site Type Purpose Audience Naming Guidance Examples


    To broadcast to a broad group. A space where only a few authors can contribute content.

    Enterprise-wide Use the formal function or initiative name

    HR TechOps Hematology

    Communication (Private)

    To broadcast more privately to a restricted audience not the entire organization.

    A single function, area, or location

    Use the informal, short-hand or abbreviated name

    Inside IT Inside HR Inside Hematology

    Team Site(Private)

    To get work done. A shared space where everyone in the group can contribute.

    A named group of people

    Project, Team, or Initiative Name. Use informal name. For clarity, add Team to the end of the name.

    HR Leadership or HR Leadership Team

    Quality Leadership Hub Team

    Test Site(Private)

    To learn or practice building sites not to be shared or deployed in production.

    A few individuals at most, often just the owner.

    Use an informal name, preceded by the word Test.

    Test Human Resources Test MikeG08022107

    Site Naming Conventions

  • Team Sites

    Standard site template in SharePoint goes back to the beginnings in 2001 Current template Document library Newsfeed OneNote notebook Wiki library

    Can be extended with additional lists and libraries SharePoint centric

  • Ignite Team Sites

  • Ignite Communication Sites

  • Private by default

  • The content service for Office 365

  • SharePoint sites: building blocks of the intranet

    Communication sitesTeam sites

  • SharePoint Hub Sites

    Brings together related team sites and communication sites

    Roll up news and site activity

    Search across related sites

    Cross-site navigation

    Consistent look-and-feel across sites

    Admins create, users adopt and use

  • DemoCreating OOTB Modern Team and

    Communication Sites

  • Challenges

    Site sprawl Cleaning up inactive or unused sites Finding sites Lack of governance Office 365 administration Current SharePoint Admin doesnt show modern sites Groups show in Office 365 Admin New admin portal coming in 2018 in preview now

  • DemoCurrent and New Admin Portals

  • Managing Sites with a SharePoint List

    List tracks each site collection and all subsites Populated by PowerShell script Looks for deleted, updated, and new sites

    Introduces concept of Parent URL Similar idea to hub sites Allows multiple levels of hierarchy Allows us to present a site breadcrumb

    Also used to manage deployment of branding

  • SharePoint Framework A-Z Sites Web Part

    Filtered to a parent site Shows all children either as a list or A-Z tabs Can be placed on any site to display any set of sites Works on modern and classic sites

  • Breadcrumb Control

    Client side JavaScript Executes a search against the sites list Displays the breadcrumb HTML Appends the library and folder structure

  • Global Navigation

    Navigation defined in the term store Embedded in custom master page Bootstrap mobile friendly All master pages updated through PowerShell script Should be able to do this with the new SharePoint Framework Extensions and no custom

    master page Will then support modern and classic sites (currently classic only)

  • SharePoint Patterns and Practices

    Code samplesReusable components and solutionsGuidance documentationMonthly community callsCase Studies

    SharePoint FrameworkSharePoint add-insMicrosoft Graph, Office 365 APIs etc.Remote provisioning and client side development

  • PnP Provisioning Engine

    Part of the SharePoint PnP initiative deliverables

    Open source, community-driven

    Released originally spring 2015

    Used in more than 500 tenants in SharePoint online during past 3 months

    Can be used using managed code or with PnP PowerShell

    Extract templates from existing sites and optional serialization



    Available as NuGet package for code and also from PnP PowerShell

    Connectors to store templates and potentially assets to file system, SharePoint or Azure storage.

    You can use code to create and apply templates, but you can also serialize them, if needed


    OpenXML based template with configuration and assets, like images or theme definitions

  • PnP Provisioning Engine Export/Import

    Template site

    Empty OOB site

    OOB site with needed configuration

  • Site Request Form

  • Site Provisioning Process

    PowerShell script Looks for new site list items that havent been provisioned

    Site Type Current State

    Classic Team SiteClassic Team Site with custom template

    Supported in our script through PnP

    Modern Team Site OOTB Create the O365 Group through PnP

    Modern Team Site with custom template

    Two step processCreate the O365 Group through PnPApply the PnP template

    Modern Communication Site Beta PnP support

  • Migrating Classic Team Sites to Modern

    Site Collection Support for Groupifying a site

    coming from Microsoft

    Subsite Needs to be converted to a site

    collection No OOTB support for this Create a modern team site,

    possibly with a template Migrate the content with


  • Quick Poll 2

    Only use Classic sites Have started rolling out Modern Team Sites Have started rolling out Modern Communication Sites Have a governance plan in place Have a site management and provisioning process

  • Wrap-Up Points

    Modern Sites are the future Team and Communications Groups come with them leverage them Governance is important Figure out how to manage all your sites Build a provisioning process Put a plan together to move from Classic to Modern sites

  • Upcoming Sessions

    Office 365 External Sharing WebinarNovember 07, 2017

    External sharing in Office 365 can be done in a number of ways. You can do it directly in some products, such as SharePoint, through the underlying Azure Active Directory Business to Business functionality, or with a tool like Extranet User Manager.

    Publishing Office 365 Websites to External Users with Azure WebinarNovember 14, 2017

    In this webinar, well take you through both public and private scenarios where you want to share your Office 365 content externally.