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Ten Ethical Strategies to Generate Revenue through Blogs, Podcasts, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter! - Blogging. Podcasting. Twitter. YouTube. What sites and technologies are most important? - Business applications to deliver bottom line profitability. - Where are prospects hanging out, which sites are important to them? - How to build and nurture a personal brand - How to monetize blogs, podcasts and social networks - The Britney Spears Strategy - The Cascading Content Strategy - My 100% Guarantee for how to succeed in Social Media if you have no extra time


<ul><li>1.Making Social Media Make MoneyTen Ethical Strategies to Generate Revenue through Blogs, Podcasts, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter Jay Berkowitz</li></ul> <p>2. The Cascading Content Model 3. The Britney Spears Method 4. My 100% no time guarantee@JayBerkowitz 5. U San Fran Internet Masters Certificate 6. Recent Media Wall Street Journal 7. Recent Media FOX TV 8. Strategy #1 Make Lots of Friends! 9. Make Lots of Friends! 10. Make Lots of Friends! 11. Make Lots of Friends! 12. Make Lots of Friends! 13. Make Lots of Friends! 14. Help People! 15. Follow people with Common Interests 16. Follow people with Common Interests 17. Recognize and Interact! 18. #1 Make Lots of Friends! Friends = a network of opportunity Follow those with common interests Help People Recognize and Interact Blogs, Social 19. We saw traffic triple from Pinterest and it converts at a higher rate than traffic from Facebook and Twitter Warby Parker co-founder Neil Blumenthal 20. 121,734 likes 3,138 comments 33,570 shares 21. 525,164 likes 162,586 Talking About PTAT 22. #2 A Picture is worth 1,000 Clicks Facebook Memes Pinterest/Instagram - Great for designers, retail, recipes video success Infographics $$$ 23. Strategy #3 Content Monetization 24. Blogs: 77.7 million unique visitors in the US 77% of active Internet users read blogs Blogs with 100,000 + unique visitors a month earn an average of $75,000 25. Affiliate MarketingBuy from AmazonAffiliate Banners 26. That's an Aweber lightbox with Facebook integration. It works really well because the name of the user is already filled in. 27. After someone opts in, they receive a series of auto emails that are design to build trust, establish me as the expert in my space, and recommend solution that will solve their problems. Some of the these solutions I created myself, some are affiliate products, and some I don't make any money on but I recommend because theyre good. 28. Video Training Course 29. Webinar 30. Book 31. Strategy #3 Content Monetization AdWords / Affiliate / Banner AdSense Affiliate Banners and Links Direct Ad Sales Pay Per Post/Tweet Monetize a List 32. 33. 1,900 Respondents 34. Commonly used Social Media 35. YouTube is the #2 Search Engine 36. YouTube is the #3 Website (Alexa) 37. #4 Video! 38. How-To Videos 39. AskTheBuilder.coms Tim Carter has used YouTube search results to drive traffic! 40. Strategy #4 Video Huge opportunity gap! Entertain, engage, consistent Product Demo, How-tos Optimize with keywords in channel and video, links, comments, ratings 41. #5 Facebook AdvertisingPhoto Credit Flickr: avlxyz 42. Lucas Herscovici Vice President, Digital Marketing Anheuser-Busch 43. #5 Facebook AdvertisingPhoto Credit Flickr: avlxyz 44. #5 Facebook Advertising Working with Datalogix, Bud Light found that the campaign resulted in a 3.3% sales lift and a 6x ROAS return on advertising spendPhoto Credit Flickr: avlxyz 45. Made in America Event Radio vs. Facebook Facebook = 12x more RSVPs and 4x more attendeesPhoto Credit Flickr: avlxyz 46. Facebook Advertising 47. Likeographics 48. Same Landing Page For 2 Campaigns. Google CPA $24.42 Facebook CPA $6.02 49. #5 Facebook Advertising Likeographics Use the most engaging content for promoted posts/sponsored video success stories Need conversion tracking Google Analytics URL Builder $$$ 50. #6 Podcasts 51. #6 Podcasts 52. #6 Podcasts 53. Strategy #7 Apps! 54. Strategy #7 App-etizers Make it easier to use Social Make it easier to get your content Make it fun! 55. Strategy #8 Promote your Product or Services 56. Healthy Mouth, Healthy Sex! How your oral health affects your sex life 57. Strategy #8 Promote your Product Free Content Stair Stepping Active Engagement 58. Strategy #9 The Britney Spears Strategy .Org 59. Cascade Content 60. My 100% no time guarantee@JayBerkowitz 61. 62. Making Social Media Make Money 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Make Lots of Friends A picture is worth 1,000 clicks! Content Monetization Video! Facebook! Podcasts Apps Promote Your Product Cascade Content! The Britney Spears Strategy 100% No Time Guarantee 63. Making Social Media Make Money Take the first step 1 thing tonight! Be my friend! Linked In, Twitter @jayberkowitz Ten Golden Rules 4 Ss Strategy, Search, Social Media, Speaking f/u Q&amp;A Jay Berkowitz Jay@TenGoldenRules.com561-620-9121 64. What is TenGoldenRules? 65. What is Social Media 66. What is Social Media 67. What is Blogs 68. What is Video 69. What is Search Engine Marketing 70. What is Landing Pages &amp; Conversion 71. What is Viral Marketing 72. What is Affiliate Program Management 73. What is eNewsletters 74. What is New Program Launch Strategy </p>