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Jay Berkowitz, author and keynote speaker, presented Making Social Media Make Money at the Boca Raton Executive Club. Mr. Berkowitz explained how to make money using social media.


<ul><li>1.Making Social Media Make Money<br />Ethical Strategies to Build Your Business and Personal Brand <br />through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Beyond<br />Jay Berkowitz www.TenGoldenRules.com561-620-9121<br /><br /></li></ul> <p>2. 3. Recent MediaWall Street Journal<br />4. Recent MediaFOX Business TV<br />5. .Org<br />Online Networking Community<br />6. What is Social Media?<br />Technology enables individuals to express themselves, share and (re)connect<br />7. Blog<br />8. Get your own free Blog (website)<br />Blog<br />9. WordPress Blog &gt;&gt; Domain<br />10. Bill Marriots Blog<br />11. Read blogs on your phone (RSS)<br />12. Facebook passes Yahoo, now 500 Million Users<br />13. EzineArticles great Facebook fan page<br />14. Facebook like button on<br />15. S-Commerce Best Buy Selling from Facebook<br />16. Social Gaming Farmville<br />Zygna $Billion ++ Valuation!<br />Zygna - $40 Million<br />17. Facebook Advertising = narrow targeting<br />18. LinkedIn My 1,300 connections have 400,000 connections!<br />19. LinkedIn Answers Help People!<br />20. You Tube: Launched in Dec. 2005<br />21. Personal Brand Building - Gary Vaynerchuk has built a well known internet brand<br />22. Product DemonstrationBlendtec has had over 100 Million views!<br />23. Twitter-What it is<br />Most recent tweet<br />Personal Information<br />Stats<br />Past tweets<br />Other Twitter users this member is following<br />24. Follow people in your area<br />25. TweetDeck sort your tweets <br />26. The Three Es of Social Media - Educate<br />27. The Three Es - Entertain<br />28. The Three Es - Engage<br />29. Location Based Networking - FourSquare<br />30. Daily Deals<br />GrouponAnnounces$1.35 Billion Valuation Round<br />31. Jeff Walker<br />The Gurus Guru Info Product Marketing<br />32. Social Media Pick 1 <br />Blog<br /></p> <ul><li>Easy Websites </li></ul> <p>33. Build a Personal brand 34. #3 website 35. Create your own channel 36. Business Connections 37. Facebook Pages for Business 38. 140 character updates 39. Simple connections &amp; news</p>