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So You Can Compete With The BestMaking Same Day Delivery Profitable

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Extreme Demands: Customer demands have grown to a point where many businesses are being suffocated due to rising operational costs. Rapid action must be taken to survive.Extreme Workload: Between same-day delivery, customers selecting the precise time of arrival as well as having the ability to track the whereabouts of their packagebusinesses have their work cut out for them. Extreme Complexity: So how do you cope if youre not a FedEx-level enterprise with a large customer service division?Are Customer Demands Draining Your Business 2015 Route4Me, Inc

Tough Questions To Answer In Order to SurviveHow do you guarantee a customer that your driver will show up at 2PM on a Fridaytwo weeks from now?

How can you make sure your customers know when they can actually expect your service driver to arriveand not just give them a vague between 10 AM - 5 PM window?

How do you offer them same day service when you dont have the infrastructure to keep extra drivers on staff? 2015 Route4Me, Inc

Customer Demands Are Increasing At A Rapid Rate

Four Demands Your Customers Want NowAttracting new customers is estimated to cost five time more than selling to existing customers, so its in every business interest to keep and nurture repeat customers.That means giving your customers an amazing experience is invaluable.But demands are on the rise. Not only are customers wanting morebusinesses are scrambling to outperform each other with cutthroat tactics.If youre not meeting those demands, rest assured your competitors are, because they are out there looking for better ways to get their drivers done with their routes fasterand meeting time windows increasingly being set by the customer. 2015 Route4Me, Inc

Even in this age of same day deliverymost people still like to get things delivered to their door as cheaply as possible.Whether its a pizza or a parcel, customers love paying free.So how do you make a profit or break even when your profit margin is slim?The trick is in optimization You have to systematically optimize everything that touches the process of delivering your services. However, thats easier said than done!Unless youve got a system that optimizes for youyoure looking at hundreds of hours going over data and trying to trim the fat off

#1: People Love Cheap 2015 Route4Me, Inc

#2: Get There In Record Time Without Speeding! Fast delivery services are in high demand. Some enterprises are even offering same day deliverybut how do smaller businesses compete?Its not like you can afford to have multiple drivers on standby when someone calls youThe solution is in optimizing your route planningwhich is not easy to do on a piece of paperRoute planning software figures out which driver would be best suited for delivering these urgent orderseven during the middle of the day without compromising other deliveries scheduled.The software simply takes the new address, adds it to the current route and optimizes it again. The selected driver now has a new route while maintaining all other appointments. 2015 Route4Me, Inc

#3: Customers Want Respect, Not Delays

Everyone Needs to Feel ImportantJust like you, your customers want people to respect their time and treat them right, because we are all pressed for timeand when someone wastes it, we get angry.That being saidWhether you over-promised or unforeseen delays happenedmaking every appointment on time is impossible!Dont leave them waiting!Give them a heads up that your driver will be late.And how do you know that in time?Through driver tracking. You see the estimated time of arrivalas well as whether your driver is behind schedule.So next time your driver is showing up lategive your customer a call. They are sure to appreciate it.

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#4: Between 10 AM - 5 PM Just Doesnt Cut It AnymoreGone are the days when customers were satisfied with being given a broad window for delivery. Few people can afford to wait around for hours at home.Customers want to know down to the minute you will arrive!Unless you have a rare gift for precisely calculating travel time and organizing everythingyou need an automatic system.A great route planning system will give the tools you need to factor in tight delivery windows, automatically optimizing your drivers routes and making sure they show up on time. 2015 Route4Me, Inc

Customers Summed Up: Demanding!Cheap Delivery Is Still KingMake sure your business is competitive in pricing. It might not always be about the moneybut it is most of the time. Reduce costs fast with better routes.

When They Want Speed, You Must DeliverSame day or next day delivery is here to stay. Unless you have the capabilities to meet themyou might find yourself losing customers.

Demand for better customer service is only going to growand solutions to meet these epic challenges are now available to you:

Respect Your Customers TimeDo your best to show up on time. But when unforeseen delays come upmake sure you give customers instant noticeso they arent left waiting in anger.

Keep A Tight ScheduleGive them options and they will love you! And maybe even recommend you to others 2015 Route4Me, Inc

Route4Me Has All The Tools For The Job

It allows you to plan routes in seconds and monitor drivers in real time.

Optimizes your routes, so you save money on every driven mile.Automatically plans routes for multiple drivers at once. If you have a customer demanding same day delivery, just add the destination into Route4Me and it will calculate which driver should take the package.Tracks your drivers in real time and gives you updates if their actual time is off the scheduled time.Adds constraints to your stops and automatically factors them into the sequence of stops, so your business can still maintain a profit margin despite difficult demands.

Route4Me Brings Order From Chaos 2015 Route4Me, Inc

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