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Why and how you should make your own tools, with some examples. Talk for the Nashville Ruby on Rails Meetup


  • 1. MAKE YOUR OWN TOOLS @_cotton2013-03-07Nashville Ruby on Rails Meetup

2. Why? Repetition SucksRepetition Sucks Repetition Sucks Repetition Repetition SucksSucksRepetition SucksRepetition SucksTextRepetition SucksRepetition Sucksepetition Sucks Repetition SucksRepetition SucksRepetition SucksRepetition Suckspetition Sucks Repetition SucksRepetition Sucks Repetition Sucks Repetition 3. Why?Code Easier than Manual 4. Why? Transfer of Knowledge 5. What?Simple Lines of RubyCommand Line ToolsSimple WebappsApply lots of Regex, Regex, Regex 6. HOW?DOES IT WORK? 7. NOT PRETTY HOW? 8. I BUILT WHAT? HOW? 9. EXAMPLES 10. build.rb Android do |o|o.on(-d, --deploy [DIR], Deploy to HST, can pass in directory) { |dir|$deploy_dir = dir || "#{ENV[HOME]}/Hst/Dropbox"o.on(-r, --release KEYSTORE, Keystore for the relase build) { |key|$keystore = key }o.on(-h, Print out help) { puts o; exit }o.parse!endensure_local_properies(File.join(buildtarget_dir, "facebook"), android_sdk_location)# modify the AndroidManifest.xmlReplacement.file(File.join(buildtarget_dir, "AndroidManifest.xml")) do |rp|rp.buffer.gsub!(/package="#{package_prefix}.#{old_package}"/, "package="#{package_prefix}.#{package}"")end 11. copy_assets.rbImage Asset Copyingrsync to copy assetsscale for non-retina versionscreate .h/.m Object C for, "Primer", "AssetConstants.h"),w) do |file|file.puts "// Do not edit this file, it is auto generated by#{File.basename(__FILE__)}"file.puts ""image_files.each do |image|file.puts "FOUNDATION_EXPORT NSString *constkAsset_#{File.basename(image, File.extname(image))};"endend 12. Mini Server 13. translation helper def trans2(eng, language)"otherresources/#{ARGV[0]}_trans2.txt", "w") do |o| do |line, index|if line =~ /(.+)/o.puts("")o.puts("Categoryt#{unquote($1)}")endif line =~ /(.+)/o.print("t#{unquote($1)}")language[index] =~ /(!?)(.+)/o.puts("t#{unquote($2)}t#{$1}")endendendend 14. check_assets.rb assets = {}total_dirs = 0Dir.glob(File.join(dropbox, "*")).each do |root_dir|!next unless!total_dirs += 1!dir_name = File.basename(root_dir)!Dir.glob(File.join(root_dir, "*")).each do |file|!!name = File.basename(file)!!assets[name] = (assets[name] || []).push(dir_name) ! !!end!endassets.each do |key,value|!!puts "#{key} = #{value.inspect}" unless total_dirs == value.lengthend 15. Image Extraction, CompositionSpaceward Ho! 16. Share Your Tool Open Source Can Happen Much Later Version Control 17. Q &A