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CANDICE C. MEDELLINMain components of Typical ComputerTypes of Computer


Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The microprocessor brain of the computer system. Everything that a computer does is overseen by the CPU.


This is very fast storage used to hold data. Specific types of Memory in the computer:Random-access memory (RAM)Read-only memory (ROM)Basic input/output system (BIOS)CachingVirtual memory

MotherboardThis is the main circuit board that all of the other internal components connect to; theHeart of the computer.

Power SupplyAn electrical transformer Regulates the electricityused by the computer

Hard DiskThis is large-capacity permanent storage used to hold information such as programs and documents.

Operating SystemThis is the basic software that allows the user to interface with the computer.

Integrated Drive Electronic (IDE) Controller This is the primary interface for the hard drive, CD-ROM and floppy disk drive.

Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) Bus

The most common way to connect additional components to the computer, PCI uses a series of slots on the motherboard that PCI cards plug into.

SCSI scuzzy

The small computer system interface is a method of adding additional devices, such as hard drivers or scanners, to the computer.

Advanced or Accelerated Graphic Port (AGP)Is a very high-speed connection used by the graphic card to interface with the computer.

Sound Card

This is used by the computer to record and play audio by converting analog sound into digital information and back again.

Graphic Card or Video Card

This translates images data from the computer into a format that can be displayed by the monitor.


Digital ComputerDigital refers to the processes in computers that manipulate binary numbers (0s or 1s), which represent switches that are turned on or off by electrical current. A bit can have the value 0 or value 1, but nothing in between 0 & 1.

Analog ComputerAnalog refers to circuits or numerical values that have a continues range. Both 0 & 1 can be represented by analog computers, but so can 0.5, 1.5 or a number like (approximately 3.14).

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