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Lunar Volcanism. Angel Garlant Mentor: Dr. Lisa Gaddis. Pyroclastic Deposits. Volcanic material Low albedo Smooth, rough, blocky To name a few: Atlas Alphonsus J. Herschel Volcanic source vents Floor fractures Craters. Volcanism. Strombolian Typically low silica content Bubbles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Lunar VolcanismAngel GarlantMentor: Dr. Lisa GaddisVolcanic materialLow albedoSmooth, rough, blockyTo name a few:AtlasAlphonsusJ. HerschelVolcanic source ventsFloor fracturesCraters

Pyroclastic DepositsStrombolianTypically low silica contentBubblesVulcanianHigher presence of silicaCaprockIntermittentVolcanismGeoreferencingArcGISCrater MeasurementsArcGISISISExcelModelingExcelMethods

MagmaFagents & Wilson (1993)

EjectionFagents & Wilson (1993)

TrajectoryArcCatalogAssign coordinate system to imagesArcMapImport imagesCreate tie points to relocate images to a different pointAllows for easier viewingArcGISISISCraters are measuredScreenshots are taken to keep track of which craters have been measuredCan also be used to create a mosaic

Used for entering data and doing computationsCrater measurements are enteredAverage diameterRim heightUse ArcMap to locate coordinates of craterModeling is doneInitial conditions (pressure, gas content, etc.)Range of pyroclastsExcel

J Herschel CraterMajor Deposit

70% olivine30% pyroxene165 km diameterArea: 60 km by 35 kmCharacteristicsDevelop an isopach mapUse model to run a simulationDevelop a general modelAre pyroclastic deposits from different areas erupted by different meansHow do they differGoals



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