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Lovely Lala

Lovely LalaBy Johi

Once upon a time in a far away island, Lala was born. Her parents were a Colombian military frugal man, and a romantic Ecuadorian girl.

Her sisters were educated as ladies, learning to cook, sew and knit. They read poetry and played the piano. But Lala was different.

She spent her time climbing trees, riding her bycicle, and playing with the most rare animals from the island. She believed they were magical dragons and beautiful fairies.

When she was older the family had to move to a farm in the country. She was so sad to leave her friends behind!

I dont want to go, said Lala to her father. She was upset. But father told her It will be a safer place for a lady to grow upBut Lala didnt want to forget his friends, so she took the most little one and hid it in her pants.

Living in a farm wasnt that bad. She found new friends in the country to play with. Howler monkeys, horses and pigs were great!

She even had a turkey vulture as a pet!

She fed her island friend every day, but soon she had no where to hide it! When her parents found out, they couldnt believe it! She had brought a Galapagos tortoise!

They sent her to the city, they still hoped Lala will be as her sisters. But she never changed She found somebody just as special as her

They got married, and they moved to a flat, with a big patio. Lala went to the farm to pick up her galapago.

And the three of them were happy, sharing their lives. She lived longer than her galapago, one day before her 101 birthday, she passed away.

The end