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<ol><li> 1. Page of1 7 ABOUT US UPDATED JUNE 16, 2015 </li><li> 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS WHAT IS LOUD KINGDOM? 3 COMPANY MISSION 3 WHAT WE DO 4 THE PLEDGE 4 THE SLOGAN 4 THE MOTTO 4 LOUD KINGDOM MEMBERS 5 ABOUT THE FOUNDER 6 BOARD OF DIRECTORS 7 Page of2 7 </li><li> 3. WHAT IS LOUD KINGDOM? COMPANY MISSION Page of3 7 LOUD Kingdom (LK) is a guild of creatives and professionals who wish to make their art or discipline serve a bigger purpose in their communities. We as a company specialize in free resume editing, brand consulting, and free career insight. Our goal is to help you nd the right path for your career. We also offer youth mentoring tools in addition to advice and career insight. At LK, our goal for is renement. We believe that due to the evolution of the digital age and technology, brands now rule the world! We want nothing more than to help people have a clear idea of their own personal brand. As a company we will work alongside companies AND individuals to assist developing brand portfolios or resumes at absolutely additional no cost. </li><li> 4. WHAT WE DO Offer free brand consulting Edit Resumes Offer Mentoring and Advice to Young Career Insight Plan and organize events at local establishments in order to assist with developing brand portfolios and offering free career insight THE PLEDGE The understanding, when afliating and working with LOUD Kingdom, is that every deed is done out of pure passionbecause you LOVE to do it and are willing to do it. There is no set expectation through donations or through favors. All volunteer work is done out of the willingness to help others and pass on knowledge that cannot be found in articles or in a textbook. THE SLOGAN WEBSITES. GRAPHICS. BRANDING. Non-prot branding organization.Tailored perfectly.To t your needs.To t your life.We are LOUD Kingdom. THE MOTTO We are always careful, creative, and comprehensive. Page of4 7 </li><li> 5. LOUD KINGDOM MEMBERS A member of LOUD Kingdom is someone who has taken a pledge and to the belief that their chosen career path serves a greater purpose. They have made themselves open and available to mentor youth as well as operate as a resource to those seeking to change their current career elds. Branding is all about making everything match, and if your passion doesnt match up with your career, then we see that as a problem! Loud Kingdom members have assessed their chosen career paths, and vow to stand by the LOUD Kingdom mission as well as assist and volunteer at LOUD Kingdom events and programs as needed or as available. CURRENT MEMBERS Lenny Matheys - Defense and Music Chadia King - Entertainment Law Victor Garbov - Business and Finance Bernice Akinbileje - Health and Nutrition Kemi Akinbileje - Music, Business, Branding Farah Alashqar - Education and Photography Austin Harris - Film and Photography Tiant Horne - Fashion and Makeup Cherry Ji - Fashion and Makeup Kahala Bonsignore - Marketing and Editorial More to come Page of5 7 </li><li> 6. ABOUT THE FOUNDER Oluwakemi Gabriela Reyes Akinbileje, also known as Lady Kiwi, is a 2013 graduate from the International Baccalaureate program at South Lakes High School in Reston, Virginia. Kemi's girl scouting days have taken her from the Daisies to the Ambassadors level, reecting nearly one dozen years of sisterhood and growth with her Girl Scout sisters. She has earned many recognitions, including the Leadership Torch, Silver Trefoil Award, and Silver Award. As a Gold Award recipient, Kemi developed the "Young Artists' Creative Table," where she lead young artists to connect with accomplished music professionals. Participants delved into the world of music, entrepreneurship, intellectual property, and copyright law. In the fall of 2013, Kemi began her studies at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music within the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, where she studied music business and entrepreneurship. After completing classes relevant to branding and marketing, her years of service has led her to found LOUD Kingdom in order to reach out to those in need of brand consulting and career guidance. She hopes to inspire her clients through her love and passion for branding, music, and artistry. Page of6 7 </li><li> 7. BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT &amp; CEO - OLUWAKEMI AKINBILEJE EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT - DIRECTOR OF ADMINISTRATION - DIRECTOR OF FINANCE / CFO - VICE PRESIDENT OF PUBLIC RELATIONS - DIRECTOR OF MARKETING - SOCIAL MEDIA LIASON - Page of7 7 </li></ol>