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<ul><li> 1. Looking back on your preliminarytask, what do you feel you havelearnt in the progression from it tothe full product?</li></ul> <p> 2. Planning and preparationOn planning and research, I spent a lot more time researching and drafting mymaterial. I took the time to create drafts of my magazine on Microsoft Paint tocreate a more accurate draft of how I wanted my magazine to look. On mypreliminary project, I only did a really quick and rough sketch for a draft whichdidnt really give away too much about what I wanted the overall effect to be.Via the use of paint, I was also ableto draft a colour scheme and seehow this would look rather thanjust a quick drawing with pencil. Ithink I realised that doing a wellthought out draft is beneficial toyou because you then have thegeneral gist of how you want yourmagazine to be. 3. Planning and preparationI also did a lot more research within myfocus group, for example, I set up aFacebook group where I would oftenupload ideas for my magazine and ask forfeedback on them. This was really usefulbecause they were able to put their viewsacross and I could discuss it with them thenadapt my work according to what everyoneagreed with. I think that this was the bestway of developing my product as I receivedfeedback from people who I was actuallyaiming my magazine at. 4. Organisation of timeTo organise my time while I worked on planning and production, I created a Timetoast whichis a form of software that is based around a timeline that you can add important dates anddeadlines into. This enabled me to quickly keep looking back at my timetoast to see if I wason schedule. This contrasted with my time keeping while I was working on my preliminaryproject which I set no deadline guidelines for and I just went along with what I was doingwithout keeping on track of how long I had left. This meant I had to rush a little bit at thelast minute which wasnt ideal. However, for this project I used Timetoast which reallyhelped me reach each small deadline and ultimately meant I reached the main deadlines intime. 5. Technical photography skills In terms of technical photography skills, there is not a huge amount that has changed between the final image of my preliminary task and my metal magazine task. Admittedly the image on the right hand side has had a lot more thought and preparation go into it therefore it does look more professional and fits in better than the other image, but the only major differences between these images is the fact that I useda portrait lens for the image on the right and the difference in camera angle. I used theangle I did for The F Word to connote that women are rising up from under the shadow ofmen and the angle I did for Ahead of the Game to connote that the model is looking upand out into a bright future.The reason why the image for The F Word looks more professional than the previous oneis because I edited the image for The F word a lot more than the image on the left. Themain difference being on the amount of shine on each models face and I think this showsa significant amount of development on my part. 6. Conventions of magazinesCover page:The masthead on The F Word magazine is somuch more effective thenAhead of the Game. It is larger, bolder and is hasbeen positioned moresuitably.Splash is more visuallyattractive and appeals to the audience more. More caretaken over details.Large blank spaces have beenreplaced with lots of busy articles which bulk up the page.Spatial awareness has developed, in Ahead ofthe Game all the articles are bunched up at thetop of the page, whereasin The F Word, everything is evenly spread out. 7. Conventions of magazinesContents page:More professional style techniques, the range and style of fonts are more visually attractive. Large gaps in Ahead of theGame contents page are filledwith relevant articles and well composed photographs in The FWord.Photographs are more professional and better composed in The F Word, more care and attention went intothe composition of the image before taking it due to moreplanning. Composition is moreadvanced in The FWord, articles jump out atyou from around the page rather than repetitive stylesshown in Ahead of the Game. 8. Post-production skills I have used InDesign with a great amount more understanding than in my preliminary project. I learnt how to download and use different fonts which meant that I was able to create interesting and more appealing design conventions. I useda vast amount of fonts which I downloaded from www.dafont.com and theninstalled them with font viewer, something I was unable to do during my preliminaryproject. Ahead of the Game only contains one font style which made it lookrepetitive and uninteresting in comparison to the amount of font styles I used in TheF word. I also used Photoshop more effectively when editing my modelsphotographs. I edited the eye colours to draw the audience in more, whereas inAhead of the Game, I didnt think too much about what the audiences opinion maybe. The fading blur on my images in The F Word too, draw peoples eyes to themodels faces which automatically brings their attention to the magazine in general. 9. How does consideration of the targetaudience determine the outcome?Fonts appeal to target audience a great deal more in The F Word, I have used a tattoo style font for some names of articles. This appeals to the audience as members of my focus group like tattoos and the contents of the magazine includesinformation about tattoos. However, the fonts in Ahead of theGame give away nothing that could suggest that it is a magazine aimedat a student. The photograph in thecontents page of The F word is clearly aimed at a female metal loveras the woman is not sexualised inany way which appeals to women as the majority arent reading for sexual pleasure. She is also holding onto aguitar,portraying womens interest in music but the model in Ahead of the Game has no props to suggest that she isa college student. All in all, the target audience is better addressed in The F Word as all aspects containconventions of metal magazines. 10. Have I achieved my targets?Undertake further initial analysis of content pages. Yes, shown in analysis ofdetailed forms and conventions and through feedback from the Facebookgroup I set up for research.Organise time management so I have set lessons for set sections of themagazine design. Yes, shown through the use of Time Toast organisers.Make sure everything is complete the day before the deadline to ensure nolast minute technical issues. Almost, everything was complete but I changeda corrected of minor errors upon realising them after printing. Raise all research and planning to A grade material. Hopefully, I paid more care and attention to research and planning. </p>