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Longbow Presentation 3 October 2013. Background. Founded in Nottingham in Sept 2012 Started out as a student magazine (Uni2 Know). Year 1 Highlights Set up offices on Derby Road Logos, marketing materials, brand guidelines Registered our IP Published 4 x Uni2 Know Magazines - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Longbow Presentation3 October 2013</p> <p>1</p> <p>BackgroundFounded in Nottingham in Sept 2012</p> <p>Started out as a student magazine (Uni2 Know)</p> <p>2</p> <p>Year 1 Highlights</p> <p>Set up offices on Derby Road</p> <p>Logos, marketing materials, brand guidelines </p> <p>Registered our IP</p> <p>Published 4 x Uni2 Know Magazines</p> <p>Released Uni2 Save card</p> <p>Let around 550 rooms</p> <p>8000+ live contacts in Notts alone (U2P)</p> <p>Promo staff </p> <p>Uni2 Rent</p> <p>These figures show us that our methods workstudents like and trust the brand</p> <p>The App: Windows 8 Platform </p> <p>The AppEncouraged to develop an app, went away and researched </p> <p>Realised a need to bring a sense of community back to students</p> <p>Markets appear confusing</p> <p>Uni2 becomes a well respected brand</p> <p>How App works </p> <p>Synced around calendar providing trustworthy information &amp; services</p> <p>Events, offers, educational timetable and Uni2 services</p> <p>Top App Program within the App ecosystemApps epitomize how Win8 is differentiatedHigh-touch engagement from Win BG/ fieldDedicated technical support from Ecosystem team / UX support20 of ~70Lights up differentiated features in Win8 High-touch engagement from Win BG/ field / limited UX supportStore Category Leaders 200of ~2000Quality @ Scale in H2 Fill out category / portfolioQuality reviews at scaleThousandsof hundreds of thousandsTopNamedTotal</p> <p>Important to understand how we are thinking about this as there are timing, resources, focus implications for each level. </p> <p>At the top depth will be corp led, very high touch small number of partners to light up the platform and land key Win 8 themes for Win 8 story arc and events. </p> <p>Named partners will also be field and corp led, scale is the next level down of partners - breadth</p> <p>Each of these have different execution cadences and rhythms I am going to focus on depth and named. Ron coming up next to talk about scale. 7</p> <p>The App: </p> <p>The App: iOS version </p> <p>The App: Strategy Test launch in Nottingham Jan14 via various stunts</p> <p>Once happy and tested, Birmingham and Leeds to then follow</p> <p>Uni2 Know launching first, as Trojan Horse</p> <p>Nationwide growth thereafter (targeted and organic)</p> <p>Key focus on core activities of Know, Save, Party and Rent</p> <p>Calendar to become integral part of student life (community)</p> <p>Constant emphasis on collecting vital marketing data</p> <p>Drive Income through data/revenue share, rental ads, general ads</p> <p>The App: The Publicity Stunt Taco Bell announced it had purchased Liberty Bell to rename it the Taco Liberty Bell. Resulthuge uproar and press coverage.</p> <p>Uni2 will announce that it has purchased plots of land and intends to set up student camp sites to combat rising accommodation costs.</p> <p>The App: The Publicity Stunt </p> <p>Monetisation Strategy13/14 all about critical mass - live data has great commercial value</p> <p>13/14 Uni2 Party</p> <p>14/15 Uni2 Rent Right Move equivalent</p> <p>14/15 Revenue Share Agreements (Uni2 Talk, Uni2 Work)</p> <p>14/15 Ad Revenue through partner companies East Mids, Sky etc</p> <p>Helping companies to optimise their use of data and to market better to students</p> <p>ForecastsConservative forecasts for Uni2 Connect (App) 14/15 show;Revenue344,500Gross Profit228, 082Net profit84, 478</p> <p>2 Year projections for Uni2 Rent alone show;13/1414/15Revenue121,260208,592Gross Profit109,560193,742Net Profit39,57099,752</p> <p>What more do we need?Funds! </p> <p>150k needed to;</p> <p>Launch AppUpgrade websiteP.R. campaignHire of National Sales Manager</p> <p>Skills/Experience</p> <p>Some of the discussions were havingInvasion Travel Uni2 Invade (student travel)Microsoft Uni2 Connect</p> <p>News International (Milkround) Uni2 WorkMTV Uni2 PartyPhones 4 U Uni2 TalkCash Shop Uni2 BorrowMoople</p> <p>16</p> <p>Where were heading16 billion annual student spend</p> <p>No single name synonymous with student living</p> <p>5 year plan</p> <p>Uni2 to become THE name associated to all aspects of student life &amp; more</p>