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  • 1. Geography? Subtitle Goes Here.

2. Geography Who Cares? 3. Warm Up

  • With those at your table, discuss the following:
  • Identify continents 1-7 on the map and oceans A-D

4. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 A B C D 5. Objectives

  • Define the location theme of geography
  • Complete the Station Location activity
  • Recognize the role of latitude in absolute location

6. Main Idea

  • Location can be defined in two ways: relative and absolute.

7. I.Latitude Activity

  • Mr. Landis will number you into 4 groups
  • Go to the table with your number on it
  • PickONEperson at your table to read the worksheet out loud
  • AS A TABLEDISCUSSthe important information that you should jot down on your G.O.
  • Rotate when the timer hits 0

8. I.Location

  • Relative Location:a places location in relation to another place.
  • Absolute Location:The exact location of a place on the earths surface
    • 1.Found by measuring lines of latitude and longitude

9. II.The Big Five of Latitude

  • A.5 latitude lines have special features, and special names
    • 0 - Equator
    • 23.5 N Tropic of Cancer
    • 66.5 N Artic Circle
    • 23.5 S Tropic of Capricorn
    • 66.5 S Antarctic Circle

10. III.Latitude and Maps

  • Cartography the study/writing of maps
  • Cartographer someone who studies or writes maps
    • 1.Take the round shape of the earth and draw it to a flat piece of paper

11. IV.Whats Latitude

  • Latitude imaginary lines drawn East to West across the earths surface
    • Measureabsolute locationNorth and South of the equator
    • When you say latitude think the steps of a ladder


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