location region-west state –colorado capital-denver longitude-105.58°w latitude-40.4000°n

Download Location Region-West State –Colorado Capital-Denver Longitude-105.58°W Latitude-40.4000°N

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  • LocationRegion-WestState ColoradoCapital-DenverLongitude-105.58WLatitude-40.4000N

  • CultureMany different people lived in the Rockies for thousands of years.American Indians have lived in the Rockies for thousands of years.They hunted elk and moose.Miners, Trappers and explorers came to the Rockies first.Tourists now come to the park.

  • LandformsRocky mountains created most land forms.Glaciers created the mountains.They made ridges, deep valleys and canyons.Longs Peak is the highest peak in the park.

  • WaterwaysThe main ideas is there are a lot of waterways in Rocky Mountain National Park.These piles of earth and rock form natural dams that create mountain dams.Glaciers shaped the Rockies.Sprague Lake is in Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • Rocks and mineralsThere are many minerals in the Rocky Mountains.Copper is easily the most valuable of the many metallic resources of the Rocky MountainsThe Rockies are most noted for their mines underground. Mines for silver, gold, lead, and zinc.The Rockies also have produced large quantities of molybdenum, beryllium, and uranium.