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LocalMaven is a social referral network that empowers businesses, rewards influencers for their recommendations and gives customers access to great deals. Sign up free today.


  • 1. The referral network that pays Arnon Rosan Founder & CEO, LocalMaven

2. Hes always referring people to that restaurant but theyre not aware of it; his boss forgets what ower shop he menHoned so ends up shopping somewhere else; and theres another great climbing gym in town that would be happy to give his friend (and him) a deal, but Phils not aware. Meet John, today he told a friend visiHng from out of town about his favorite restaurant, suggested a high-end ower shop for his boss anniversary, and took his friend to his climbing gym for the rst Hme. The Problem 3. The SoluHon Enter LocalMaven, a social referral network that empowers businesses, rewards inuencers for their recommendaHons, and gives customers access to great deals. LocalMavenisawin-win-win. 4. How It Works BusinessesMavensCustomers Create deals and connect with Mavens who promote them. Share deals with friends and get paid for their referrals. Get access to great deals from a trusted Maven. When a successful referral takes place, the customer gets a deal, the Maven earns a commission and the business grows. 5. Businesses: Harness the Power of Referrals Referrals grow your businessWord-of-mouth referrals are the most trusted form of markeHng. There is an inherent level of trust from a personal recommendaHon.Deals enHce customers Everyone loves a deal and it encourages people to try a new product or service. Together they are powerful LocalMaven combines the trust of word-of-mouth referrals with the moHvaHng power of deals to give customers the most compelling reason to do business with you. & 6. Youre in controlAUract your ideal customerOer deals your customers feel good aboutMore money in your pocketMaintain brand integrity It pays to be a LocalMaven business 7. Mavens: MoneHze your inuence Get rewarded for referralsGain the appreciaHon of your network of contactsBecome known as a MavenWith LocalMaven everyones an entrepreneur. 8. Who is a Maven? -Concierge -Doorman -Bellman -Front Desk-Shop Owner -Store Manager -Cashier -Salesperson-Barber / Hair Stylist -Personal Trainer -CosmeHcian-Contractor -Plumber -HVAC Contractor -Cable InstallerHospitality Retail Service Home Improvement Everyone is a Maven. 9. Customers: Get Deals from Trusted Mavens Trusted recommendaHons from Mavens Access to exclusive deals No paying upfront for coupons you wont ever use Get deals when you need them Everyone loves a deal for products and services they use every day, but many people are dissaHsed with their experiences from todays deal sites. A completely new way to look at deals 10. Sample TransacHon Commercial Printer Commission: $100 for any referral over $1,000 11. Sign up today on the referral network that pays. www.localmaven.com


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