local referral marketing, step 3

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Local Referral Marketing

Local Referral Marketing

Step 3

Hey, I hope you're having a great day.

Just so you know, this is the third video in a three part series for using your local business networking groups to attract more referrals.

Local Referral Marketing, Step 3

On the first two episodes on this topic, we covered,

How to figure out who the best referral partners are for your specific business,

Then we discussed how to locate those specific kinds of businesses,

Then how to make an introduction that positions you in a way that gets the referral relationship off to the right start from the very beginning,

And in this week's episode we actually have a lot to cover in the next 3-4 minutes.

Local Referral Marketing, Step 3

So you might want to write these ideas down because we are going to talk about:

How to build the state-of-mind in your potential referral partners,

So that it becomes easy and natural for you, and for them, to have the conversation that installs a system in their business to attract customers to your business.

Local Referral Marketing, Step 3

Now, you know there are about 1,000 little "kung-fu tricks" that I could teach you about how to create interest in someone,

Whether it be a direct mail piece or through a conversation, but the truth of the nature, is that if you're interested in someone else, genuinely interested in someone else, they'll be interested in you as well.

Local Referral Marketing, Step 3

That translates first in your state-of-mind, as positive attributes that person holds.

Then through your conversation, because you'll be asking the kinds of questions that make them feel important. And of course, everyone wants to feel important.

Then you're going to stack the feelings of creating interest, or being interested in them, with building the feelings of trust now in that relationship.

Local Referral Marketing, Step 3

The fastest way to immediately build trust in that relationship, is basically to stay connected.

And staying consistent with the person you positioned yourself as, using the strategy we talked about in our last video. As well as staying consistent with your genuine feelings of interest, with your referral partner, as a person.

At the end of the day, act fully congruent with your highest idea of yourself, keeping in mind that you're never going to get anymore out of any relationship, whether it be referral or otherwise, than you actually put into it.

Local Referral Marketing, Step 3

The third step in preparing someone's mind to accept a proposal from you, to install a system inside their business that actually passes you new customers month after month, is to build a significant amount of reciprocity capital.

Reciprocity is basically the unconscious process someone goes through when they feel need to give something to you because of what you're doing for them, or what you've done for them.

Local Referral Marketing, Step 3

If you want to learn more than that about reciprocity, you can either read the book by Cialdini, "The Psychology of Persuasion", or you can always ask me.

The most hilarious part to this formula to me personally, is the best way to build reciprocity capital in someone's mind, is to actually follow the other parts of the formula until you organically find ways to help that person without asking for anything in return.

And what you will find over a few months, is that your reciprocity bank account will be high enough with that relationship that they will be unconsciously much more open to have any conversation with you regards to referrals.

Local Referral Marketing, Step 3

Remember a big part of profitable marketing is building the skill to create new customers, as well as either time, money, or both.

And once you set up the right system for yourself, you should be able to automate it and give yourself an instant raise - that's what all this is about, isn't it?

Some of the more successful members at www.GuaranteedProfit.com have literally doubled their business or more, with as little as two referral partners.

So don't take this strategy as something to mess with haphazardly.

Local Referral Marketing, Step 3

If this small business marketing idea is done correctly, it will pay you a hundred more times more than your actual investment in it.

If you have any questions about this specific strategy just go to www.GuaranteedProfit.com and click on the "Ask Nate" button. I'll make sure that you get all of your questions answered.

Other than that, I hope you have a really great day and we'll talk to you soon.

Local Referral Marketing, Step 3

Local Referral Marketing, Step 3


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