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Literature in Theory & Practice. Frederic Murray Assistant Professor MLIS, University of British Columbia BA, Political Science, University of Iowa Instructional Services Librarian Al Harris Library Research Strategies Search Boolean Keyword - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Literature in Theory & Practice

Frederic Murray Assistant ProfessorMLIS, University of British ColumbiaBA, Political Science, University of Iowa

Instructional Services LibrarianAl Harris Library

1Intro to Information Literacy Todays ClassResearch StrategiesSearchBooleanKeywordCitation TrackingPeer Review

ResourcesCatalogsAl HarrisWorldCatBibliographiesDatabasesJSTORMLA Scholarly JournalsWWW

2Review or Critique


4BooleanAND = Narrow

OR = Expand

NOT = Exclude5KEYWORDS- literary technique- narrative- expository- novel, novella- short story- plays- fables, fairy tales- creative writing- writing style-bibliographiesTell the Catalog/Database/SE what you seek: Specifically!6Keyword SearchingKeywordTitleTranslations/SpellingsMarquis or Marquise? Search MLA Bibliography AuthorHeinrich von Kleist Search MLA Bibliography

Go to MLA and search both spellings 7Resources8Al Harris CatalogRemember* Catalog defaults to relevance search

Remember* Use a Keyword search and Boolean to help limit results

Remember* Use Limiters to narrow your search.

Remember* Use Subject links to focus on your topic.

9Go to web site and use example: Iraq and war: limit to weatherford: select subject headings: find 20 books. Open World CatMeta search engine for online catalogs of libraries all over the world. Search for any book using a geographic location for the closest sources.Over 9000 libraries combined. If you find it in WorldCat, and it's not in our library, we can get it through ILL.CREATE A USER ACCOUNT

10Take to database show how it works. Ebrary/Netbook 24/7Full Text Searching*Highlight MarkupNote TakingChangeable Font SizeMultiplicity of Use


11Reference Collection Learn to use critical bibliographies as a tool in evaluating materials

Critical Survey of Poetry 1st Floor R 809.1003 C869 2003

Search Robert Frost Browse 800s

12Best DatabasesMLA Bibliography


Literary Reference Center

Project Muse

13MLA BibliographyThis resource is an index of journal articles, books and dissertations. The electronic version of the Bibliography dates back to 1963 and contains over 1.5 million citations from more than 4,400 journals and series and 1,000 book publishers. Coverage is international and subjects include literature, language and linguistics, folklore, literary theory & criticism, dramatic arts.

14MLA Bibliography Limit by Language English

Limit by Publication Type Journal Article

Limit by Scholarly Article Peer Reviewed

Limit by Full Text?

15JSTORJSTOR is a full-text scholarly journal archive. JSTOR specializes in making available the back issues of journals in a wide variety of humanities and social science disciplines.

16JSTORLimit by Language English

Limit by Publication Type Journal Article

Narrow by discipline Language & Literature, Bibliography, Feminist & Women's Studies

17Finding Articles: Citations

18CitationsShriver Jr., Donald W. Bosnia in Fear and Hope.

World Policy Journal;

Summer2001, Vol. 18 Issue 2, p43, 11p


Search the Virtual StacksSearch the Virtual Stacks19Search for citations

20Tracking CitationsShriver Jr., Donald W. Bosnia in Fear and Hope . World Policy Journal; Summer2001, Vol. 18 Issue 2, p43, 11p

21The Portable Document Format (PDF) is the file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993 for document exchange. HTML, short for Hypertext Markup Language, is the predominant markup language for web pages. The Citation Video22

Interlibrary Loan Service You can make interlibrary loan requests by filling out an online interlibrary loan form forjournal and magazine articlesor forbooks, videos, and sound recordings

ArticlesFor articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers.Books, Videos, and Sound RecordingsFor books, videos (including DVDs), and sound recordings

Link directly from WorldCat.org23Class ExerciseJSTOR Worksheet

24Todays ClassRegister/Create User Accounts

Open WorldCatEbraryMLA BibliographyJSTOR

25Questions?Contact me:


26Thanks!27I.4 Differentiate between reviews of literary works and literary criticism Review of Faulkners Sanctuary Posted on Web site Critic of Faulkners Sanctuary Posted on Web Site

I.5 Understand the concept and significance of peer-reviewed sources of informationDo tutorial

II.1 Effectively use library catalogs & databases to identify relevant holdings at local institutions and print and online catalogs and bibliographic tools to identify holdings at other librariesBoolean /Keywords800

II.6 Understand the range of physical and virtual locations and repositories and how to navigate them successfully Browse 800 field in Ref collectionFind citation

III.1 Identify the best indexes and databasesJSTOR/MLA

IV.2 Use interlibrary loan and document delivery to acquire materials not available at one's own library

V.1 Know about Internet resources (e.g., electronic discussion lists, websites) and how to evaluate them for relevancy and credibility

V.2 Differentiate between resources provided free on the Internet and subscription electronic resources

V.4 Learn to use critical bibliographies as a tool in evaluating materials28


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