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<p>Lists of DonorsJuly 1, 2008 - December 31, 2009</p> <p>Table of Contents Board of Trustees Individual Donors Religious Organizations &amp; Congregations Businesses, Corporations, and Other Groups Foundations and Trusts Estates In Honor of In Memory of Directed Student Aid Seminarian Partnership Program Greever Society for Lifetime Giving Southern Legacy Society Alumni Giving</p> <p>2 3 12 15 15 15 16 21 26 27 28 30 32</p> <p>Please note: Throughout the publication, an asterisk(*) represents a giver to the New Life Fund</p> <p>The Rev. Dr. William B. Trexler, Chair Dr. Miriam L. David-Brown, Vice Chair Mr. Steve Nivens, Treasurer The Rev. Robert T. Bob Byrne, Secretary The Rev. Marcus J. Miller, President The Rev. Dr. Lowell G. Almen The Rev. Virginia Aebischer Bishop Edward R. Benoway The Rev. Dr. Bobbie Blackburn Bishop Leonard H. Bolick, Ex Officio Mr. Kenneth L. Childs, Esq. Dr. Richard Conn Dr. Linda H. DanielLists of Donors, Page 2</p> <p>2009-2010 Board of Trustees</p> <p>Ms. Nola Garrett Bishop H. Julian Gordy, Ex Officio The Rev. Robert F. Humphrey Ms. Cathy D. Jordan Ms. Eileen Corley Leaphart Mr. Gene Lewis Mr. Robert E. Long The Rev. Robert H. Bob Loshuertos Bishop James F. Mauney The Rev. Themba Mkhabela Bishop Felipe Lozada Montanez, Ex Officio Sister Carmen Ana Ramirez Dr. Cinde Rinn The Rev. Robert Shoffner Mr. Roy T. Wise Bishop Herman Yoos, Ex Officio</p> <p>The Rev. John Bachman Club ($10,000+)</p> <p>Individual Donors</p> <p>*Anonymous Mrs. Barbara K. Cobb *Dr. Linda and Mr. Joseph Daniel Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Dufford Miss Anna Barbara Fisher The Rev. Alan Kinsey and Mrs. Nicole Kinsey *Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Kuh Mr. and Mrs. Floyd T. Lentz *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Luther E. Lindberg *The Rev. Scott and Mrs. Deanna Ness *Mr. John St. Claire and Mrs. Edie St. Clair Dr. William H. Stender, Jr. *Mr. William E. Taylor *Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Townsend *Mr. and Mrs. Ron Walrath Dr. Hulda J. Wohltmann Mr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Workman17 members of The Rev. John Bachman Club gave a total of $660,658.95</p> <p>(9 gave $143,854.93 to the New Life Fund)</p> <p>Founders Club ($5,000+)Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Bell, Sr. Mr. Craig Dow *Mr. and Mrs. John P. Harmon *The Rev. and Mrs. Lonnie W. Karriker *Mr. Max W. Krell The Rev. Dr. John Largen and The Rev. Dr. Kristin Largen *Mrs. Shirley R. Luker Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Manske *President and Mrs. Marcus J. Miller *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Ridenhour *The Rev. Dr. Ronald and Dr. Cinde Rinn *The Rev. Dr. Charles P. Sigel *The Rev. and Mrs. Paul H. Summer *Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Vaughn14 members of the Founders Club gave a total of $91,447.90</p> <p>(10 gave $46,276.00 to the New Life Fund)</p> <p>Trustees Club ($1,000+)*Anonymous *Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Aebischer *The Revs. Paul and Virginia Aebischer *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. W. Richard Albert *The Rev. Dr. H. George and The Rev. Christine Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Armstrong *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James S. Aull *Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ballentine *Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Barfield *The Rev. Dr. Virginia Barfield</p> <p>*The Honorable Dorothy Toth Beasley *The Rev. Dr. Daniel M. Bell, Jr. and Dr. Sara Bell Mrs. Sarah W. Benbow *The Rev. and Mrs. James E. Bennett *Dr. and Mrs. Harvey F. Blanchard, Jr. *The Rev. and Mrs. Harvey L. Blume *Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Boozer *Mr. and Mrs. Perry M. Bouknight *Mr. and Mrs. Arnold R. Bradshaw *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Mack C. Branham, Jr. *Mrs. Evelyn S. Brittingham Dr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Brown *Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bugay The Rev. and Mrs. Robert T. Byrne *Mr. and Mrs. Richard G Carlson *The Rev. Dr. Herman and Mrs. Elizabeth Cauble *Mr. James and Mrs. Sandra Caughman The Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Clark *Ms Sandra R. Cline *Mrs. Caroline A. Cordray *The Rev. Sara and The Rev. Todd Cutter Mrs. Ann Dasher *Dr. Miriam David-Brown and Mr. Ned Brown *The Rev. and Mrs. Claude V. Deal, Jr. The Rev. and Mrs. Donald R. Deal *Mr. and Mrs. Ralph DeBusk *Ms Karen Ann Dekko *The Rev. and Mrs. Clarence K. Derrick, Jr. *Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Drafts *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Derald H. Edwards The Rev. Dr. Ted Edwards Mr. H. Edward Eubanks Mr. and Mrs. James I. Eubanks *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Daryl S. Everett *Dr. Lynn A. Feider *Mrs. Kathleen Fesperman *Mr. and Mrs. Carroll L. Fulmer The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James R. Gantt *Ms Nola M. Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dale Genutis *Dr. Richard Getty Ms Jennifer K. Gonsalves *Bishop H. Julian and The Rev. Morgan Gordy *Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Guy Mrs. Wanda Hackbarth The Rev. and Mrs. Alvin H. Haigler *The Rev. Shauna Hannan Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hansen *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James A. Harbinson Dr. Robert and The Rev. Karen Hawkins *The Rev. and Mrs. Robert L Helton, Jr. *The Rev. and Mrs. Lance M. Henderson *The Rev. and Mrs. W. Osborne Herlong, Jr. *Mrs. Harriet R. Higginbotham *Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. HubbsLists of Donors, Page 3</p> <p>Mrs. Ruth Jenkins *Mr. and Mrs. James H. Johnson *The Rev. Sandra K. Johnson *Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Kaeser The Rev. Dr. Wayne Kannaday and Dr. Helen Doerpinghaus *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. David R. Keck, Sr. *Mr. and Mrs. John D. Keels, Jr. *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Kempski *Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Key Mrs. Marie W. Kleckley *Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Knilans *Ms Faye P. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Jeff E. Leedy *Mrs. Sara R. Lineberger *Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Lionberger, Jr. The Rev. and Mrs. Jerry C. Livingston *Mr. and Mrs. Cephus W. Long *Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Long *Ms Elizabeth A. Lowder *Mr. and Mrs. Phillip W. Martin *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. J. Luther Mauney, Jr. The Rev. and Mrs. Charles D. May *Mr. Alex and Dr. Susan McArver *Mr. William H. McCullough *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm Lee Minnick, Jr. *The Rev. and Mrs. David L. Misenheimer *The Rev. Dr. L. William Mitcham, Jr. and The Rev. Jane Mitcham Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mobley Mr. Peter J. Morey Mr. Laxmanarao Ravindra Nath *The Rev. Gary Naylor *Mr. and Mrs. Steve Nivens *The Revs. George and Amaretta Onstad *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Harold F. Park *The Rev. Dr. Brian Peterson and The Rev. Dr. Linda Anderson *Mr. Robert T. and Mrs. Sue Brown Pickett *The Rev. and Mrs. Donald R. Poole, Jr. The Rev. and Mrs. Everett R. Price Mrs. Debra Rapert Mrs. Jean Ray *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. H. Frederick Reisz, Jr. *The Rev. and Mrs. C. Henry Rendleman Mr. and Mrs. Clarence T. Reynolds *The Rev. and Mrs. E. Roy Riley, Jr. Mr. Jack Robinson *Ms Kathryn Rogers *Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Root *Ms Mary E. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Paul Scott *The Rev. and Mrs. Robert H. Shoffner The Rev. and Mrs. D. Murray Shull, Jr. The Rev. and Mrs. Clarence E. Sifford, Jr. The Rev. Henry R. Sink Mrs. Isolde Smith The Rev. Sanford L. Spangler, Jr. *Sister Marilyn H. Stauffer</p> <p>Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Stelling *The Rev. and Mrs. James R. Stephenson D.D. *The Revs. Charlotte and John StreckerBaseler The Rev. and Mrs. Clarence H. Stucke *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. M. Thomas Sublett *The Rev. and Mrs. Karl F. Suhr The Rev. Dermont F. Swicegood *The Rev. and Mrs. Andreas Teich *Mr. and Mrs. Hans J Teich *Mr. and Mrs. Tom Temples *Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Teusink *Ms Jenny Tomalka Mrs. Dorothy C. Trexler *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Edgar R. Trexler, Jr. *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. William B. Trexler Mr. and Mrs. Marion W. Trotti *The Rev. and Mrs. John F. Weaver *The Rev. and Mrs. Robert M. Weeks *The Rev. Dr. Lee H. Wesley *The Rev. Dr. Bobbie Blackburn and Mr. Garry Weston *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Boyce D. Whitener, Sr. *Mr. Roy T. Wise *Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wood *Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Yeago, Jr. *Bishop and Mrs. Herman R. Yoos, III *Mr. Eldon Zimmerman147 members of the Trustees Club gave a total of $238,968.94 (105 gave $140,759.94 to the New Life Fund)</p> <p>Presidents Club ($500+)Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Addy Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Alford *The Rev. and Mrs. Lowell G. Almen *The Rev. and Mrs. Melvin E. Amundson *The Rev. Dr. Kathryn and Mr. Barry Baines *Ms Lindsay S. Barr *The Rev. and Mrs. Mark S. Beatty *The Rev. and Mrs. Richard A. Berry *The Rev. and Mrs. William Gilmer Boggs *Mr. and Mrs. Craig E. Brandt *Mr. and Mrs. Keith Brown *Mrs. Martha S. L. Bruce *The Rev. and Mrs. Richard R. Campbell, Sr. *Mr. Joby Castine Mr. and Mrs. Livingston Chrichlow Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Clark *The Rev. and Mrs. Palmer D. Clemmer *The Rev. and Mrs. Edwin A. Cook *The Rev. and Mrs. Michael D. Costello *The Rev. and Mrs. Guy C. Cruse *Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Davis *Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Dayvault *Dr. Emilie P. de Luca *Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Deal The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Harold G. Deal</p> <p>*Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Dickert *The Rev. and Mrs. Braxton East *Dr. Agneta Enermalm-Tsiparis and Dr. Christos Tsiparis Mr. and Mrs. Jerome P. Feil *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Carl F. W. Ficken, Jr. The Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Fink *Ms Cristy Fossum *Mr. and Mrs. Edgar P. Greever *The Rev. and Mrs. Donald E. Hanberry *The Rev. Karen and Dr. Robert Hawkins *Mrs. Carolyn E. Hoffner Mr. and Mrs. John S. Holman Mr. and Mrs. Calvin C. Hoppe *Mr. and Mrs. Dean P. Jagels *Dr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Johnson The Rev. and Mrs. Richard S. Johnson, Jr. The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. William M. Johnson, Sr. *Mr. Hugh Jones *The Rev. and Mrs. Robert H. Jones *Mr. Joseph M. Kern Mr. Elmer S. Knott *Mr. and Mrs. A. Hart Kohn, Jr. *Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Kudelko *Ms Jean C. Liggett *Mr. and Mrs. David Link The Rev. and Mrs. Donald B. Loadholdt Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Loadholt Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Loadholt *The Rev. Robert H. Loshuertos Ms Claire S. Mayer *The Rev. and Mrs. Robert Earl McCombs, Jr. *Mr. Jacob W. McGee, Jr. *The Rev. Dr. Henry McKay and Dr. Judith McKay The Rev. and Mrs. Charles R. McManus *The Rev. and Mrs. Tony A. Metze *Chaplain and Mrs. Don Malcolm Michael *The Rev. and Mrs. Robert S. Miller *The Rev. William Miller-Zurell and The Rev. Mary Miller-Zurell *Dr. and Mrs. William M Moses *Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Moyer *Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Nelson *Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. OBrien *Mr. Earl M. Olson *Mr. and Mrs. Lee Overman *The Rev. Kathleen Panning and The Rev. Gary Brandenburg *Dr. William and The Rev. Katherine Pasch The Rev. and Mrs. J. Gordon Peery *Mrs. Evelyn Pfaffenroth *Mr. D. Murray Price *The Rev. and Mrs. Aldon E. Purdham *Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Russell Rhue The Rev. and Mrs. M. Jack Rhyne *Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Richardson *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. C. Ross Ritchie, Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. Ed RittenhouseLists of Donors, Page 4</p> <p>*The Rev. and Mrs. Carroll L. Robinson *Mr. and Mrs. David K. Ruehle *The Rev. and Mrs. George M Rushe *Mr. Mark and Mrs. Nancy Scheffel *The Rev. and Mrs. Jay M. Schrimpf *Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Schwanebeck The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Scott *Mr. and Mrs. John Secor *The Rev. and Mrs. Francis Clay Seneker *Mrs. Grace Shaner *Dr. and Mrs. Marcus C. Smith *Mr. and Mrs. John M. Smyre *Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Spurlock *The Rev. Terrie L. Sternberg Dr. Charles N. Still *The Revs. John and Charlotte StreckerBaseler *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James Thomas *Mr. Robert L. Troutman Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Van Dyke *Mr. and Mrs. Henry Von Oesen *The Rev. and Mrs. Thomas J. Wagner *Mrs. Frances Weant *The Rev. and Mrs. Gary A. Weant *The Rev. and Mrs. Richard E. Webber *Mr. J. David Wertz Mr. and Mrs. T. Joe Wessinger *Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Willis The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Woolly *LTC and Mrs. James C. W. Wright *Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Yurso *The Rev. and Mrs. Charles M. Zimmerman111 members of the Presidents Club gave a total of 74,493.90 (87 gave $53,203.00 to the New Life Fund)</p> <p>Deans Club ($250+)*Mr. and Mrs. Troy E. Alexander *Mrs. Shelley Allen and Mr. Andrew Allen *Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Almer *Mr. Alva R. Ballentine *Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beazley *The Rev. Lynn A. Bechdolt *Bishop and Mrs. Edward R. Benoway Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bevan *Mrs. Carol B. Black *Mrs. Jane G. Boggs *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Paulwyn L. Boliek *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Bolton *Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Boozer *Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Boozer *Mr. Kevin W. Boozer *The Rev. Dr. Larry W. Bost *Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Bowers *The Rev. and Mrs. V. George Brookover *Mrs. Thelma Bryson *Mr. and Mrs. Mark Burris *Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Lynn Buzhardt *Mr. and Mrs. John E. Carriker *Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Caughman *Mr. and Mrs. William E. Caughman</p> <p>Mr. and Mrs. Karl D. Chandler The Rev. Randall A. Chapman *Dr. Marilyn Chassie-Sonnenberg *The Rev. and Mrs. Marion W. Clark *Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Cobb *Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Conn The Rev. Pamela and Mr. Larry Cook *The Rev. and Mrs. Robert G. Coon *The Rev. and Mrs. G. Baylis Corley Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Crandall *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James R. Crumley, Jr. *Mr. Duncan J. Daugherty *Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis *The Rev. and Mrs. Charles B. Dawkins *Mr. and Mrs. T. Harold Derrick *Mr. James and The Rev. Delores Donnelly *Mr. and Mrs. John C. Eargle Mr. Robert S. Ehle *Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Feezor *Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne B. Fink *The Rev. and Mrs. W. Richard Fritz, Jr. Mr. Boyd Fulmer *The Revs. Timothy and Susan Gamelin *The Rev. and Mrs. James K. Glander *The Rev. and Mrs. Michael Joe Glymph *The Rev. and Mrs. Ted Wales Goins *Mr. and Mrs. Herbert G. Graul *Mr. and Mrs. James H. Harman *The Rev. Kathy and Mr. Richard Harris Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Hauser The Rev. Lois J. Helms *Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. High *Mr. and Mrs. Don G. Hinds *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hock, Jr. *RAdm. and Mrs. A. Byron Holderby, Jr. *The Rev. and Mrs. Franklin G. Honeycutt *Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Honeycutt, Jr. *Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Horton *Deaconess Judy Hoshek and Mr. Nick Dobrinich *Mr. and Mrs. William W. Huber *The Rev. Keith A. Hunsinger *Mr. and Mrs. Joe Isley Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Jackson Dr. and Mrs. William H. Jennings *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Paul T. Jersild *Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. N. Leroy Kauffman *Mr. and Mrs. George A. Kegley *Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kempke Mr. and Mrs. Marion A. Knox, Jr. *The Rev. and Mrs. Michael S. Knudson *The Rev. and Mrs. Klaus R. Koch *Dr. and Mrs. Keith R. Kooken Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kuh *The Rev. and Mrs. William B. , Sr. *Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Lassiter *Mr. Ron and Mrs. Eileen C. Leaphart *Mrs. Wilma Loga *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Larry S. Long *Mr. and Mrs. R. Barry Luther</p> <p>*The Rev. Jennifer Lutz *The Rev. and Mrs. C. Jackson Martin *Mr. and Mrs. James E. Martin *Mr. Fred J. Martschink, III *Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mastro *Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Matthews *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas K. Mays *The Rev. and Mrs. John W. McCandlish Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Miko *Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Miller *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Bill B. Mims, Jr. *The Rev. Themba Mkhabela *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. A. Benjamin Moravitz *Mrs. Willie K. Morgan *Mrs. Marilyn Mrogik Mr. and Mrs. Gene Palmer *The Rev. Alan W. Peacock *The Rev. Rosemary Peek *Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Pillot *Mrs. Virginia Prince *Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Racey *Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Reiten *The Rev. George L. Rhyne *Mrs. Susan D. Rhyne Ms Jacqueline A. Riddell Mr. Brent G. Rinholm Mr. Shayler W. Rychlick *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Martin F. Saarinen The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Gary L. Safrit *The Rev. and Mrs. John L. Satterwhite, III *The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. John L. Setzler *The Rev. William E. Sha...</p>