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2014 Christchurch School Annual List of Donors


  • Coed Day & BoardingAges 8 - 17

    June 15 - July 26, 2014ChristChurCh sChool

    Great journeys begin at the the river

    2013-14 Annual List of Donors

  • Letter from the Headmaster

    What a fantastic year! This Annual Report of Giving serves as a testament to Christchurch Schools spirit of philanthropy one that reaches back to our founding in 1921, makes possible the school we enjoy today, and keeps us striving toward a bright future for our students and community.

    Through the generosity of alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff and friends, Christchurch School raised more than $1.5 million during the 2013-14 school year. This achievement allows for the growing excellence of a Christchurch School education. On behalf of everyone at Christchurch, thank you for making this remarkable success possible.

    The Christchurch School Annual Fund our most important ongoing fundraising initiative reached a record level of more than $475,000. These dollars made an immediate impact on our school, enriching the various academic and extracurricular programs that distinguish the Christchurch School experience.

    In April 2014 we celebrated the life of Julie Marston, wife of Bruce Marston and mother of Oliver Marston 11, with the naming of the Julie and Bruce Marston Community Life Center. A loyal and dedicated member of the Board of Governors, Julie was a tireless and strong advocate for student life at the school, and as an educator, was a powerful advocate of the Great Journeys program, so it is most fitting that we celebrate her life and service to Christchurch School with the naming of this building in her memory. The Julie and Bruce Marston Community Life Center now serves as the main center of campus activity.

    I know you join me in thanking members of our Foundation Board, Board of Governors, Alumni Council and Parents Council for giving their time, talent and resources in so many ways and on so many levels. Their collective leadership has taken Christchurch School to new heights. Along the way, these volunteers have given and helped raise critical funds. Our school is simply a better place thanks to their hard work.

    On behalf of our faculty, staff and students, I thank each of you for your support and commitment to Christchurch School. Thanks to your support, we are thriving in our transformed campus and providing a life-changing experience for our students. Your generosity continues to inspire us to do our very best work every day. Thank you!


    John E. Byers Headmaster

    Thank you

  • LeadershipBoards & Councils

    Board of Governors

    Mr. Charles N. Andreae IIIMr. Robert G. ArmstrongMr. Daniel P. BolenMrs. Susan C. BowmanMr. Jack H. BroadwayDr. David H. CharltonMr. Madison F. Cole Jr.Mr. Robert S. Craine 70Dr. William E. Easterling III 72Mr. Patrick N. GetleinMr. Marsden D. Haigh 70Mrs. Katherine W. HetzerMrs. Anne K. KeehnMr. Tae Ho KimMr. Linwood A. Lacy Jr. 63Mr. Thomas M. LawlerMr. Laurence E. Mansfield III, Vice-ChairmanMrs. Julia M. MarstonThe Reverend Edward O. Miller Jr., ChairmanMr. William O. VoseMr. E. Carlton Wilton Jr. 70

    Foundation Board

    Dr. Robert T. C. Cone 61Mr. John Boyd Davis III 70Mr. Robert D. Fox 58Ms. E. Cherbury Hunt 94Dr. Augustine W. Lewis IIIMr. G. Andrew Nea Jr. 59, PresidentMr. Graham H. Neal Jr.Mr. John K. OShaughnessyMr. Mark O. Sullivan 88Mr. J. Christopher Upton 95Mr. C. Nelson Williams IV 61

    Alumni Council

    Mr. Paul J. Bennett III 03 Mr. William G. Broaddus 61Mr. Albert D. Bugg III 96, PresidentMr. Justin H. Faunce 95 Mr. Robert J. Forthofer Jr. 61 Mr. Daniel L. Hargett 93 Mrs. Courtney W. Hurd 05 Mr. A. Mitchell Lamm Jr. 95Mrs. Lolita K. Lawson 95Ms. Emily E. Moore 12 Ms. Katherine F. Nolan 04Mr. Patrick L. St. Clair 81Mr. John B. Stock 58Mr. Grant Toomey 96Mr. J. Christopher Upton 95, SecretaryMr. Adam W. White 00, Vice President

    Parents Council

    Mr. and Mrs. John J. AlachnowiczMrs. Donna M. AldermanMr. and Mrs. R. Blaine AltafferMr. and Mrs. Tazewell M. Carrington IVMrs. Susan H. CorsonMr. and Mrs. Michael DorrianMr. and Mrs. Michael G. DuneganMr. and Mrs. John M. Elkin Jr.Mrs. Sarah C. JacksonMr. Ningchuan Jia and Ms. You HuangMr. and Mrs. Nevan D. Little, PresidentMr. and Mrs. David P. MaloneyMr. Steven Monical and Ms. Teri Keas MonicalMr. and Mrs. Jose Luis MorenoMr. and Mrs. William K. ScottDr. and Mrs. Gregg ShiversMr. and Mrs. Scott E. SterlingMr. Stephen Thompson and Ms. Elizabeth TeagueMr. and Mrs. Bryan C. Treakle


  • 3Capital and Special GiftsMr. and Mrs. Charles E. Adkins - PA/FS

    The Allen Group

    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Alter - FS

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Andreae III - BOG/PA

    Anonymous (6)

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Armstrong - BOG/PA

    Ms. Melissa Bacon - FS

    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Blankenship - CP/FS

    Mr. Keith Bloom and Ms. Shannon Fisher-Bloom - FS

    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Bolen - BOG/PA

    Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Bouis 74

    Mr. and Mrs. James J. Bowman - CP

    Mr. James Bristow - FS

    Mr. and Mrs. William G. Broaddus 61

    Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Broadway Jr. - BOG/FF

    Mr. and Mrs. A. Davis Bugg Jr. 67 - PA

    Mr. Albert D. Bugg III 96

    Mr. and Mrs. John E. Byers - FS

    Mr. John Cabell - FS

    Mr. Michael C. Carey - FS

    Ms. Bridgett Ceballos - FS

    Dr. and Mrs. David H. Charlton - BOG/PA

    Mr. Isaac Clark - FS

    Mr. H. C. Stuart Cochran 71

    Mr. and Mrs. Dave Cola - FS

    Mr. and Mrs. Madison F. Cole Jr. - BOG/PA

    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Colonna - CP

    Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. C. Cone 61 - CCSFD

    Mr. William Cooke - FF

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Cooper - PA/FS

    VADM John W. Craine Jr. 64

    Mr. Robert S. Craine 70 - BOG

    Ms. Dwann Cutler - FS

    Mr. and Mrs. John B. Davis III 70 - CCSFD

    Ms. Danielle Derringer - FS

    Dominion Foundation Matching Gifts

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Dunegan - CP

    Dr. William E. Easterling III 72 - BOG

    Mr. and Mrs. John M. Elkin Jr. - CP

    Faunce Family

    Mr. and Mrs. David Fierst - PA

    Ms. Sara Forbes - FS

    Mr. and Mrs. M. Huntley Galleher - PA/FS

    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick N. Getlein - BOG/FF

    Dr. and Mrs. Dean Goodwin - CP/FS

    Mr. and Mrs. Guy M. Gravett - CP

    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Gunn Sr. - PA/FS

    Mr. Dennis J. Gunn Jr. 93 - FS

    Mr. Matthew Guthrie - FS

    Mr. Marsden D. Haigh 70 - BOG

    Mr. Columbus Haile III 36

    Mr. William T. Hammond - FR

    Mr. E. Peyton Harvey II 68

    Mr. and Mrs. G. Scott Hetzer Sr. - PA

    Mr. Joseph Heyman and Ms. Martha Heric - PA

    Mr. James Aldwin Hight Jr. 63

    Mrs. Rebecca L. Hogge - FS

    Mr. B. Roberts Howarth 63

    Ms. E. Cherbury Hunt 94 - CCSFD

    Mrs. Courtney W. Hurd 05

    Mr. Joseph Irby - FF

    Dr. Herndon Jenkins Ph.D. 50

    Mr. Lawrence J. Jensen - FS

    Mrs. Anne K. Keehn - BOG/PA

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Lawler - BOG/PA

    Dr. Augustine Lewis and Ms. Elizabeth Christeller - CCSFD/PA

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomson Lipscomb 61

    Mr. Joseph Dandridge Logan III 58

    Mr. and Mrs. Laurence E. Mansfield III - PA

    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Marston - BOG/PA

    The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation

    The Rev. and Mrs. Edward O. Miller Jr. - BOG

    Mr. and Mrs. Lewis N. Miller Jr. - PA

    Mr. Kyle Miner - FS

    Mr. Alexander G. Monroe 60

    Mr. G. Andrew Nea Jr. 59 - CCSFD

    Mr. and Mrs. Graham H. Neal Jr. - CCSFD/PA

    Ms. Katherine F. Nolan 04

    Ms. Shannon Parker - FS

    Mr. Mark L. Parsons - FS

    Mrs. Emma Payne - FS

    Ms. Theresa Perry - FS

    Mrs. Amanda G. Porter 93 - FS

    Mr. Kenneth J. Przybyl - PA/FS

    Mr. Donald Pyles and Ms. Kimberlee M. Olsen

    Dr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Richard Jr. - PA

    Mr. and Mrs. Randell A. Rimbey - CP/FS

    Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Roper III - CP

    Mr. and Mrs. Tedd Roseberry - FS

    Rumsey and Bugg

    Mr. Matthew D. Schaefer - FS

    Mr. Jeffrey 77 and Mrs. Robina 79 Schroeder - PA/FS

    Mrs. Sandra E. Scott - FS

    Mr. and Mrs. William K. Scott - CP

    Dr. and Mrs. Gregg Shivers - CP

    Mr. Lewis B. Shrady 55

    Mr. Norman S. Siegel - GP

    Mr. and Mrs. William K. Smiley IV - FS

    Mrs. Anne B. Smith - PA

    Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Sterling - CP

    Gen. and Mrs. Gordon R. Sullivan - CP

    Mr. Mark O. Sullivan 88 - CCSFD

    SunTrust Bank Mid-Atlantic Foundation

    Mrs. Orleita Taylor - FS

    Mrs. Melissa Taylor - FS

    Mr. William R. Taylor - FF

    Mr. Clay Tharrington - FF

    Ms. Kimberly Traver - FS

    Mr. and Mrs. I. Edward Trotter Jr. 49 - GP

    Mr. J. Christopher Upton 95 - CCSFD

    Mr. and Mrs. William O. Vose - BOG

    Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Waite - CP/FS

    Mr. and Mrs. John B. Wallin - PA/FF

    Mr. Vance A. Webb 60

    Mrs. Kendall H. Webre 01

    The William H. - John G. - Emma Scott Foundation

    Mr. C. Nelson Williams IV 61 - CCSFD

    Mrs. June M. K. Williams - FR

    Mr. Edward C. Wilton Jr. 70 - BOG

    Mr. and Mrs. E. Carlton Wilton Sr. - PA

    The Rev. Hugh White and Dr. Laurie Winchester-White - PA/FS

    LEGENDBOG = Board of GovernorCCSFD = Foundation BoardCP = Current ParentFF = Former FacultyFR = FriendFS = Faculty/StaffPA = Parent of AlumniCGP = Current GrandparentGP = Grandparent

  • 4Planned Gifts

    Mr. and Mrs. James K. Alexander 57 - PA

    Mr. S. Woodruff Bentley 56

    Col. and Mrs. Richard P. Bettencourt - PA

    Mr. Gordon W. Bohannan 59

    Mrs. Julio Brancoli - FR

    Mr. and Mrs. William G. Broaddus 61

    Mr. and Mrs. Wiley T. Buchanan III 65

    Mrs. Ruth H. Buchanan - PA

    Mr. and Mrs. John E. Byers - FS

    Mr. Joseph C. Cameron Jr. - FF

    Mr. Andrew E. Clarke 71

    Mr. David K. Claude Jr. 55

    Mr. Gerald L. Coope


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