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<p>Life at School</p> <p>Notes: G (group) S (solo) G1 (first half the group) G2 (other half of the group)</p> <p>Students enter in small groups, SCENE of undisciplined students entering class as they wish and doing what they like. 4 groups do whatever you like. Enter in droves.</p> <p>S-Class, books! Turn to page eighty-eight. [DHIVA]G-YES SIR!</p> <p>G A good morning and a good day to everyone,Were here to tell you about something very, very fun;Its all about life at school what we learn, see, hear and do, every moment and every mischief we get into</p> <p>G-Its 7.30 a.m. and assemblys startingS-Order please! I want poker straight lines! NOW! [JIA BAU] *whispers* *talking*S-Silence please! Silence please! [sissy] [GORDON]</p> <p>G-Here comes that probate again!S-Eh! Stop talking PLEASE! [GORDON]G-Time to pay attention and start singing our National Anthem!! Lets sing our heart out for our beloved country! To be thankful of our peaceful nation! *Sing Negaraku*</p> <p>G-And here comes the speech from the principalG1- Attitude!G2- Cleanliness!G1- Theft!G2- Recycling!G-And as usual, GO FORWARD MBS *everyone claps*S- Boys, please remember not to clap after an announcement [KEVYN] *Line 3 claps *G- Excuse me boys. [KEVYN] *Pin drop silence*</p> <p>S- Hey boy! What are you doing outside the class loitering around? [MIKE]S- So-So-sorry SIR! Ill head right back to class now. [PENG CHEE]S- No, no, no young man. You are following me back to the office. [MIKE]</p> <p>*very noisy, people going out of line*G- The lessons have started! Quick get into the class!S- The teacher is in! [YUAN YAO]S- Stand up, class! [ZHENG WENG]*slow and sleepy*G-Good Morning TeacherS- What?! Why are you singing to me?! [BRYAN YOON]S- Guys, greet properly [ZHENG WENG]*fast and lively*G- Good Morning, teacher!</p> <p>G1- Teacher! May we have a sip?S- Dei! Otak tak centre punya budak! I can drink, you cant! [DHIVA]</p> <p>G2- Chemistry lesson!G1-Potassium plus water is?G- KABOOOM! *coughs*</p> <p>S- Ei boys, have you done your add maths homework? [MUN YEW]G1- No, teacherS- No? Pay 1 ringgit lorh. [MUN YEW]</p> <p>S- Class, please dont hand in slip-shot work. Understand? [ENG LEE]G1- Yes teacherwere in set 1, of course we understand.G2- You think youre in set 1, youre helluva great?</p> <p>S- Boys, Ive brought my scissors. Your hair is too short. Let me give it a trim. [BRYAN ONG]G2- OH MAN! Dont cut my beautiful hair!G-And now, the TORTURE!S-Oh no! My Bag is so heavy! [CHENYUE]S-Aiyo, why so many books one? [XIAN MING]G1-Exercise booksG2-TextbooksG1-And Activity booksG- So exam-oriented!G- Please! Give us a break! Our backs are breaking and our bags are bursting! Less books, less homework, thats all we are asking!</p> <p>S-Oh man, when is that bell coming? Im starving! [WEI XIONG]G-Our stomachs are growling and grumbling!G-Sniffsniff S -Whats that smell? [WAI CHUN]S-Its food! Look at that! Hamburgers! [CHEE WAI]G-Yummy!S-Im so hungry! Come on, lets go eat! [EDWARD]S-Aunty, Char Kuey Teow 1 plate! [Cantonese] [CHI WAY]G2-Shhhh! Dont yell, and dont grab!S- Guys, eat fasterand return to class. [ALEX]G1-Cant you see were eating?</p> <p>G-Soon, recess is over!S-Oh, no! I forgot to do my homework! [JONATHAN]G1-Ooooorrrhh! Youre so lazy!G2-Uh-oh! Here comes the teacherS-Im sooooooo DEAD!!! [JIA BAU]</p> <p>G1-Class, please hand in your assignments given out last week.S-Teacher, may I go to the toilet? [SHON YIN]S-Teacher, I was absent that day. [ZHONG YAO]S-Teacher, I sold it to the Paper Lama man. [DHIVA]*mimic paper lama sound*</p> <p>G-School has just ended!G1-Now clean the class! We should clean, sweep, and wipe till there is not a single speck of dust!G2-AWWW.nooooooS-Can you get rid of these bat droppings? [GORDON]S-No way, theyre so disgusting! [CHENYUE]G-Well, lets do it together!G1-tick-tock-tick-tockG2- There are so many things to do, with so little time on the clock.G1-So lets do it, and cut the talk!G2-Let us sweep, sweep, sweep and dust, dust, dust!S-Achooooooo! [CHI WAY]S-Bless you! [MUN YEW]G1-Come on, lets go home now.G2-See you tomorrow morning!</p> <p>G-Its been fun to tell you about our typical day at school,But time flies when youre having fun, its the rule,That means its goodbye for now.Remember, life at school isnt as dull as you think,In fact, each day passes faster than you can blink,And before you know it, youre wishing youve never left school,And watching students go by with a slight drool.Well, thats all for now, this is where we stop.Well make our leave, with our farewells at the top.</p> <p>Thank you</p>