lhc framework guide: vacant property, security & associated services

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The LHC Framework Agreement for vacant properties is available to all local authorities, housing associations and other public sector bodies in the UK. Fully OJEU compliant, it provides easy access to vacant property security systems and associated services that can deliver a number of positive benefits: *Ensuring property remains in a good condition with no detrimental impact on the local community. *Maintaining property in a safe condition enabling trades people to enter to complete works *Reducing risk of theft, vandalism, trespass and legal disputes and the legal costs connected to each of these. *Decreasing the turnaround time for vacated properties


  • Trusted procurement for better buildings and homes LHC.GOV.UK

    FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT GUIDEFor vacant property security and associated services


    These are the key reasons to work with LHC

    whether youre a public sector organisation

    looking for procurement solutions or a supplier

    with products or services to provide.

    Knowledge and experience of procurement Our organisation began half a century ago and over five decades weve developed and shaped our service to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

    Recognised technical expertise Our technical expertise is built on continuous research by our team of technical specialists who consult with clients on the outcomes they need and suppliers on the range of available solutions.

    Commitment to better buildings and homes Our ultimate goal is helping our clients deliver better environments for the communities they serve, a goal we support through our frameworks, that address every aspect of quality, and our selection of the most appropriate suppliers.

    Fast and efficient procurement Once LHC Appointed Companies are established for a framework, the process of calling off projects and commissioning work is very efficient. Terms and rates have been agreed and even when a mini competition is required, the majority of contractual arrangements have already been finalised. Project work can start quickly.

    Financial gains Working with LHC frameworks gives suppliers access to construction, refurbishment and maintenance projects of over 200m each financial year. Clients who spend more than 200,000 on two or more frameworks in a year will benefit from a share in the LHC operating surplus we return to Members.

    Please read this guide in conjunction with the LHC guide to understanding and using pre-tendered frameworks, available on our website.


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    This framework agreement has been established in strict compliance with UK Public Sector procurement rules for use by public sector bodies in the UK as detailed in the LHC buyer profile (www.lhc.gov.uk/buyerprofile) and as specified in the Contract Notices:

    -- CN 2013-OJS244-424872 England

    -- CN 2013-OJS244-424804 Wales

    -- CN 2013-OJS244-424927 Scotland

    -- CN 2013-OJS244-424857 London

    These were published in OJEU in December 2013 with 2 successful tenderers appointed in May 2014.

    Fully OJEU compliant, it provides easy access to vacant property security systems and associated services that can deliver a number of positive benefits: -- Ensuring property remains in a good condition with no detrimental impact on the

    local community

    -- Maintaining property in a safe condition enabling trades people to enter to complete works

    -- Reducing risk of theft, vandalism, trespass and legal disputes and the legal costs connected to each of these

    -- Decreasing the turnaround time for vacated properties

    The LHC Framework Agreement for vacant properties is

    available to all local authorities, housing associations and

    other public sector bodies in the UK.

    About this framework agreement


  • LHC Framework Agreements provide compliance, quality and best value to clients, with a streamlined process for engaging with supplier companies

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    About a tender

    The tender process for this framework followed LHCs Open Procedure which eliminates the Pre-Qualifaction Questionnaire stage. Suppliers were given free and open access to the tender and offer documentation and answered Suitability Assessment Questions.

    Selection criteria

    -- Financial information

    -- Business and professional standing

    -- Health and safety policy and capability

    -- Equal opportunity and diversity policy and capability

    -- Environmental management policy and capability

    -- Quality management policy and capability

    -- Sustainability and social-inclusion policy requirements

    -- Experience of working in the public sector and partnering

    -- Membership of professional bodies and/or trade associations and technical associations

    -- Managerial and technical support, sales, marketing and supporting information

    -- Technical and professional ability

    -- Providing the full range of essential components on offer

    -- Conformity to the LHC specification together with the expertise, quality of delivery


  • The diagram below shows the process a supplier completes to become

    an LHC Appointed Company and to be awarded a contract (or call-off).

    It also highlights the support LHC provides once a project is live.

    From suitability to call-off contract

    When buyers are ready to choose a supplier for an individual project

    they should start the process by talking to LHC. LHC will coordinate

    either a direct award, if there is a single supplier on a framework,

    or a mini-competition if there are several.

    -- A mini-competition involves all capable Appointed Companies

    -- A direct award is made to a single company, with justifiable

    reasoning, without reopening competition

    Awarding contracts Call-offs

    LHC provides support and technical assistance throughout

    the life of a project, as required:

    -- To ensure high quality standards are maintained

    -- Service levels are fulfilled

    -- Delivery periods are met

    LHC also welcomes discussion and feedback on completion of projects

    Works commence or complete

    Our aim is giving LHC clients and Members a choice of Appointed Companies to work with. Numbers vary per framework in line with anticipated demand and subject to the number of qualifying suppliers.

    -- All suppliers are notified of the results and the unsuccessful tenderers can choose to have a debriefing to help improve future offers

    -- Contract Award Notices are published in the Official Journal of the European Union (QJEU) and on the LHC website

    Appointing companies

    On frameworks using LHCs Open Procedure to determine Appointed Companies, suppliers have open access to the tender and offer documentation (ITT) and are asked to respond to Suitability Assessment questions covering:

    -- Company Standing

    -- Financial standing, employment practices, environmental awareness,

    capacity and geographical rage

    -- Installation capability

    -- Technical capability

    -- Quality systems management capability

    -- Experience of supply to the public sector

    -- Specifications for products and services

    -- Testing and certification

    -- Service capability

    -- Pricing

    -- Sustainability and social value

    A detailed evaluation report is prepared which shows

    for each tenderer a:

    -- Weighted score under each heading

    -- Value for money index

    -- Company or companies recommended for appointment

    Suitability Assessment

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    Award weighting criteria

    40%Pricing structure and contract scenarios

    -- Detailed schedule

    of rates matrix with

    maximum prices

    -- Evaluation of 7 Contract


    - 5 x Required at tender


    - 2 x additional required

    after the SOR was


    -- Technical capability

    -- Refuge management strategy

    (including recycle policy)

    Award weighting criteria are established on each individual framework and can be flexed to a buyers individual needs.

    Public sector officers can obtain a copy of the full LHC evaluation report on request.

    18%Essential requirements

    -- Financial stability (constantly

    monitored by LHC)

    -- Health and Safety


    -- Quality control management

    -- Sustainable procurement


    -- Social inclusion strategies

    12%Qualitative assessments

    30%Project Management, Quality control and service delivery

    -- Procedures operated by

    the companies were

    assessed from project

    inception, delivery to


    -- The ability to meet

    immediate requirements

    -- Quality of materials used

    and service provided


  • The framework in action

    As well as providing compliance, quality and best value to clients, the LHC vacant property security and associated services framework supports a streamlined process from the award of a contract (call-off) to completion of a project.

    Confirmed competitive market prices Prices in place at call-off stage maintaining best value as established in the evaluation stage.

    Quick and efficient procurement Speedy access to Appointed Companies and the options of a mini-competition or direct award to enable the final selection of a supplier or supplier(s) for a project..

    Instant access to project data Continuous access to information throughout the procurement process through the suppliers on-line portal.

    High quality standards Standards of quality maintained throughout project through monitoring in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System..

    Service levels guarantee Guaranteed service levels from inquiry to supply providing peace of mind that services and works will be conducted effectively.

    Quick project starts Enabled by pre-tendered procurement that reduces the cost and time input by public sector organisations and speeds up their access to companies.

    Advice on design and regulatory compliance Guidance on interpretation and conformity to statutory regulations and planning requirements.

    Delivery periods guarantee Guaranteed delivery periods that ensure services and works are delivered to meet work schedules.

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    Details of security and associated services

    This framework offers a core set of security systems that

    ensure continuous protection of vacant property. Associated

    services covered by the framework are designed to maintain

    property standards and desirability.

    Vacant property security systems

    -- Vacant building inspection service security risk assessment

    -- Demountable steel window and door screens supply, installation and removal of steel screens to protect against intrusion

    -- Electronically managed access key system for steel doors providing an electronic access

    -- Non-demountable, pre-demolition steel security screens sacrificial security screens for buildings awaiting demolition

    -- Transparent polymer screens aesthetically pleasing, attack resistant protection

    -- Net curtains for vacant properties to mimic occupancy in reduced security risk areas

    -- Boarding up services alternative to steel screens or temporary security prior to re-glazing

    -- Temporary intruder alarm systems supply, installation, monitoring and removal of alarms and CCTV with sensors available including smoke and flood detection

    -- Vacant alarm monitoring and call-out wardens 24/7, 365 alarm monitoring and attendance using Security Industry Authority (SIA) registered alarm wardens

    -- Temporary security fencing various types of free-standing fencing and hoardings

    -- Vacant property clearance removal of any items from a property or its surrounding area

    -- Sharps and clinical waste clearance removal of waste to registered designated waste sites for incineration

    -- Mould eradication service inspect, test and remove

    -- Removal of bulk refuse, abandoned vehicles etc quick removal of items from estates

    -- Pre-let cleaning services to provide a clean and tidy internal appearance of a property prior to re-letting

    -- Pre-let garden maintenance services to provide a clean and tidy external appearance of a property prior to re-letting or during longer vacant periods

    -- Pre-demolition strip-outs (including utilities disconnection) to make properties uninhabitable

    -- Concrete barriers to prevent unauthorised access and prevent rubbish dumping in gardens, yards and unauthorised encampments

    -- Security meter box covers single or multiple security box covers to prevent damage to incoming utility services

    -- Graffiti removal including emergency response removal service for hate crime graffiti

    -- Deep clean cleaning of all surfaces to reduce the development of healthcare- associated infection (HCAI)

    -- Bodily waste/fluids and site disinfections removal of blood, vomit and faeces, decontamination of property and cleaning and disinfection services

    -- UK call handling facilities for repair and maintenance 24/7 or out of hours only call centre services providing 24/7 365 days cover per year or during longer vacant periods

    Associated services

  • Weve worked in procurement for five decades, developing and shaping our service to meet the evolving needs of our clients

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    Appointed companies

    Regional lots

    A London

    B South East England

    C South West England

    D East of England

    E East Midlands

    F West Midlands

    G Yorkshire & Humber

    H North West England

    I North East England

    J1 South Wales

    J2 Mid Wales

    J3 North Wales

    M1 South Scotland

    M2 North Scotland
















    Appointed for areas:

    A B




    F G




    J2 J3



    For contact details visit: lhc.gov.uk/orbis



    Appointed for areas:

    A B




    F G




    J2 J3



    For contact details visit: lhc.gov.uk/vpspecialists


  • Framework agreement for

    vacant property security and services

    Vacant property inspections

    Vacant property screens and doors

    Temporary perimeter fencing

    Temporary alarms with monitoring and response

    Clearance cleaning of properties and surrounding areas

    Specialist clearance of needles, drug paraphernalia etc.

    Pre-let cleaning and garden maintenance

    The vacant property framework agreement for all of the UK is effective from 1st June 2014 until 31st May 2016 with

    a possible extension to May 2018.

    England and Wales enquiries: 01895 274850

    Scotland enquiries: 0131 306 0176