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<ul><li><p>diesel additives to experience strong growth in the coming years. Around 65,000 tonnes of diesel performance additives are sold per year, and the market for additives will expand by 5%/y until 2005. </p><p>Press release from: BASF Group (Website: http//:www.basf.de) 13 Feb 2002 </p><p>Air Products/Kinetics install turnkey bulk developer system at ASMls Arizona R&amp;D facility </p><p>Air Products and Chemicals Inc (Air Products) and Kinetics Group Inc have installed a turnkey bulk developer system at ASMLs Tempe, AZ, Demo facility. ASML is one of the worlds leading providers of advanced technology systems for the semiconductor industry, offering an integrated portfolio of lithography, track and thermal systems for manufacturing complex integrated circuits. Air Products is supplying ASML with its OptiYield -S sut-factant- formulated tetramethylammonium hydroxide photoresist developer via its world-class blending, analytical and packaging facility in Tempe. </p><p>Press release from: Air Products and Chemicals Inc, 7201, Hamilton Boulevard, Allentown, PA 18195, USA. Tel: tl 610 481 3673 or +l 610 481 3165 (Website: http//:www.airproducts.com) 5 Mar 2002 </p><p>Patents </p><p>Phosphate-free dishwashing detergent patented </p><p>Patent No. US 6,331,512 Bl has been awarded to Amway (Alticor) researchers for their non-phosphate automatic dishwasher detergent containing a polyactylate, an alkaline stable enzyme, oxygen-containing bleaching agent, nonionic surfactant and an alkali metal silicate. The formulation has no chlorine, phosphate or chlorine compounds. </p><p>HAPPI, Household &amp; Personal Products Industry, Mar 2002, 39 (3), 29 </p><p>Dishwashing detergent from Amway </p><p>Amway Corporation has secured patent number 6,331,512 for a phosphate-free automatic dishwashing detergent. The new formulation will lower the dissolution </p><p>of ions from glass surfaces on articles cleaned in machine dishwashers. </p><p>Soap and Cosmetics, Jan/Feb 2002, 78 (l), 23 </p><p>Givaudan patent for fragrance precursors </p><p>Givaudan Roure (International) SA received patent number 6,306,818 for fragrance precursors, several classes of compounds utilised in deodorants, laundry detergents or fabric softeners. The odourless compounds yield scents upon contact with skin via skin care or personal care compositions. Fragrances also emanate from the compounds when used with lipases, giving the product prolonged fabric scenting. </p><p>soap and Cosmetics, Jan/Feb 2002, 78 (l), 23 </p><p>Reddish-peach liquid cleanser patented by Colgate-Palmolive </p><p>Colgate-Palmolive has earned patent number 6,326,347 Bl for a reddish- peach liquid cleaning formulation. The formulation is comprised of at least one surfactant, D&amp;C acid dye No. 33, FD&amp;C red dye 40, a preservative, sodium bisulfite, lactic acid and water. </p><p>HAPPI, Household &amp; Personal Products Industry, Feb 2002,39 (2 (Pt l)), 36 </p><p>P&amp;G awarded lipstick patent </p><p>Procter &amp; Gamble has obtained patent number 6,325,995 Bl for a lipstick, which is comprised of wax, an emollient compound and association structure that has a polar solvent, surfactant and colour. </p><p>HAPPI, Household &amp; Personal Products Industry, Feb 2002,39 (2 (Pt l)), 36 </p><p>Detergent patented by P&amp;G </p><p>Researchers for Procter &amp; Gamble have obtained patent number 6,326,348 Bl for a non-aqueous liquid detergent comprised of a liquid phase of a non-aqueous liquid diluent and a mid-chain branched surfactant. The formulation also includes a solid phase of a particulate material. </p><p>HAPPI, Household &amp; Personal Products Industry, Feb 2002, 39 (2 (Pt l)), 38 </p><p>lever Brothers earns cleaning system patent </p><p>Researchers for Lever Brothers in New Jersey have been awarded patent number 6,326,339 Bl for a cleansing system that utilises a cleansing bar with a bar structurant or filler, water, a synthetic surfactant, an emollient oil and a liquid weight polymeric meshed personal cleansing sponge for holding the soap. </p><p>HAPPI, Household &amp; Personal Products Industry, Feb 2002,39 (2 (Pt 1)), 38 </p><p>Carpet cleaner patented by Ecolab </p><p>Ecolab in St. Paul, MN, has been awarded patent number 6,326,344 Bl for a spot-removing carpet cleaning formulation, which is comprised of at least one acid copolymer emulsifier, water and at least one surfactant. </p><p>HAPPI, Household &amp; Personal Products Industry, Feb 2002, 39 (2 (Pt 1)). 38 </p><p>Compact cleaner patented by Henkel- Ecolab </p><p>Patent No. US 6,331,518 B2 has been awarded to Henkel-Ecolab researchers for their compact cleaner containing a solid alkali metal hydroxide, surfactant, paraffin oil, building component, a foam inhibitor and lye. </p><p>HAPPI, Household &amp; Personal Products Industry, Mar 2002,39 (3) 29 </p><p>FRAGRANCES SH Kelkar &amp; Co: Tracing the growth of Indias premier perfumery house </p><p>The 80-year old, Rup 1.8 bn perfumes major SH Kelkar &amp; Co P Ltd has relied entirely on in-house R&amp;D activities for growth in the Rup 5 bn Indian fragrances industry. SH Kelkar &amp; Co has, in its product basket, about 2000 perfumes, which find end use in consumer items and industrial products. The major consumers for the perfumes of the company are soaps and detergent manufacturers, accounting for about 60% of the demand. </p><p>Chemical Weekly, 12 Mar 2002, 47 (29), 114-120 </p><p>MAY 2002 5 </p></li></ul>