lesson 1 - ie nacional santa librada neiva ... examples ¢â‚¬¢she likes...

Download Lesson 1 - IE Nacional Santa Librada Neiva ... EXAMPLES ¢â‚¬¢She likes your hat. (The possessive adjective

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  • Lesson 1


    Possessives adjectives

  • Do you remember the subjective personal pronouns ?

    Subjective Personal Pronouns The subjective personal pronouns are "I," "you," "she," "he," "it," "we," "you," and "they." A subjective personal pronoun indicates that the pronoun is acting as the subject of the verb.

    Pronouns replace nouns. If we didn't have pronouns, we'd

    have to keep repeating our nouns and that would make

    our sentences cumbersome and repetitive. Pronouns are

    usually short words.

  • A subjective personal pronoun indicates that

    the pronoun is acting as the subject of the verb.

  • We are going to practice!

    This is easy because you know the answers!!

  • Now… we are going to review about the possessive adjective.

    Possessive Adjectives The possessive adjectives are my, your, his, her, its, our, their, and whose. A possessive adjective sits before a noun (or a pronoun) to show who or what owns it.


    • She likes your hat.

    (The possessive adjective "your" sits before the noun "hat" to tell us who owns it.)

    • I think her dog has eaten my gerbil.

    (The possessive adjectives "her" and "my" are sitting before (or modifying as it's called) the nouns "dog" and "gerbil" to tell us who owns them.)


    Perrsonal Pronoun Possessive Adjective Example

    I my I do not choose that my grave should be dug while I am still alive. (Queen Elizabeth I)

    you your If you want peace, you don't talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies. (South African cleric Desmond Tutu)

    he his If a man could have half of his wishes, he would double his troubles. (Founding Father Benjamin Franklin)

    she her She got her looks from her father. He's a plastic surgeon. (Comedian Groucho Marx)

    It its Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow. It only saps today of its joy. (Author Leo Buscaglia)

    we our How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. (Author Annie Dillard)

    they their Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth. (Martial artist Chuck Norris)



    • Chicos va haber tres tareas que componen las tres habilidades

    • Writing

    • Speaking

    • Grammar

    • Cada una va a ser la evaluación final de este primer periodo. No teniamos previsto de pandemia. Por ende, se va evaluar este tema (requisito de la profesora Pilar)

    • Así que van a encontrar tres actividades especiales en las siguientes paginas cada una las tiene que enviar hasta el día de 24/04/2020 a las 12:00 pm. Usando la Plataforma de Edmodo.

  • Formato de envio del trabajo

    En un document de word con el titulo “Worksheet #1”

    Primer punto: Grammar check

    Envian evidicencias con un pantallazo que trabajaron en las paginas

    Especialmente de los ejercicios de gramatica.

    Escoger un juego y mandar la evidencia que lo trabajaron.

    Segundo punto:


    Con el escrito que se le va pedir (esta mas detallado en las siguientes paginas.

    Tercer punto:


    Finalmente: Envian la grabacion de voz por Edmodo junto con el archivo de word.

  • Now to practice grammar!

    • Click in the following to link to practice

    https://www.english-4u.de/en/grammar-exercises/possessive- adjectives2.htm

    Choose a game http://www.letshavefunwithenglish.com/games/possessive_ad jectives/index.html

    Send me the evidence and answer.

    https://www.english-4u.de/en/grammar-exercises/possessive-adjectives2.htm http://www.letshavefunwithenglish.com/games/possessive_adjectives/index.html

  • 2. Writing practice

    Think about your favorite person and describe everything about him or her.

    • Qualities

    • Physical aspect

    • Interests


    “My favourite person is my mother. I like my mother because she always advises me. My mother’s name is Sripali Wijenayaka. She is 36 years old. I love her because of her good qualities.

    My mother grow flowers during her leisure time. She loves my family and she is very kind hearted. She loves to listen to music. My mother makes tasty food and is a good housewife. Her favourite food is rice and curry and her favourite drink is tea. She likes fruits. Her hobby is reading. I am lucky to have a good mother and I wish her good health and long life. I love my mother and she loves me”.




  • 3. Speaking Activity

    • Record a voice talking about your favorite person.

    • The record should be at less 1 minute

    • Send me the record voice to Edmodo.

  • NOT READ!!


  • Recuerden plazo hasta el día 24 de abril

    1. Realizar las actividades de grammar de las páginas web y enviar los pantallazos con la respuesta de los ejercicios y evidencias que jugaron en las páginas que les envíe.

    2. Escribir acerca de su persona favorita puede ser un actor, cantante o miembro de su familia. Descríbanlo físicamente, sus cualidades y lo que le gusta.

    3. Finalmente, envíen un audio de voz por Edmodo hablando acerca de esa persona.

  • Some questions? Please send me your question to Edmodo or whatsapp if you do not understand it.