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2. *ClothesCheck it!For teachersSelect an option! 3. * First, read and study the VOCABULARY. Then, press PLAY. 4. * CoatMittensShirtShoesT-ShirtSocksSkirtUnderpantsBootsHat Press the ARROW when you finish. 5. * Now check your knowledge! 6. * 1. Today its COLD, I need a2. We go to the snow, so you need3. Under your shoes there are4. In your head you can haveCOMPLETE the sentences with the correct option! 7. * MATCH the word with the correct picture. 8. Ops, you failed! You can check VOCABULARY once again! 9. * Aquest material ha nascut com a treball durant la meva formaci com a docent. Est en angls perqu forma part dun porjecte centrat a incentivar-ne laprenentatge. En podeu trobar la Guia Didctica aqu sota. 10. Created by: Antoni Lpez Pars Year: 2014toni.lpares@gmail.com More information and works: http://edutic-recursos.blogspot.com.es/*