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  • 1. Leader are Teachers!Part of the Leader of the Future Model IS Capabilities Team, 10/29/08

2. To Teach is to Learn Twice 3. Teacher of the Future: Agenda SecondaryPurpose:IllustrateSmartArtGraphics 4. How Can a Teacher be a Good Listener?Restate Let studentsLet them questions learn on share theirbeforetheir own knowledge answerng 5. How Can a Teacher be Empathetic? Remember that change can be hardGo slow up the learning curveRespect students comfort zones 6. How Can a Teacher be a Healer? 7. How Can a Teacher be Self-Aware? Remember the goal is 1learning not teaching Challenge students to 2stretch Recognize your limits 3 8. How Can a Teacher be Persuasive?Understandobstacles &emotions Giveinvolved students time to changeRemember theiractionsthinkingfollowbeliefs 9. How Can a Teacher Inspire a Dream? DreamDestiny What gives What should life? What mightbe? Learn, Appreciating be? Co-actuallize, Envisioning Constructing improviseResults SustainingDiscoveryDesign 10. How Can a Teacher show Foresight? 11. How Can a Teacher be a Good Steward?Answer the So What questionBe preparedStart on time Manage the clock 12. How Can a Teacher be Committed to Growth? 13. How Can a Teacher build Community? Intro-ductions Com- munity Shared Team StoriesExercises 14. How Can a Teacher be a Leader? 15. See the whole Leader of the Future series Next: Servant Leadership