lateral thinking

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Guided By: Prof. Shamim Munshi Prof. Chaitali chandra Productivity & Quality Management

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  • 1. Productivity & Quality ManagementGuided By:Prof. Shamim MunshiProf. Chaitali chandra

2. IntroductionO Idea generation is a problem solving technique.Vertical Thinking V/sLateral Thinking 3. Vertical Thinking Lateral ThinkingIt is known as Logical ThinkingIt is known as Sideways ThinkingIt carries a chosen idea forward It provokes fresh new ideasIt tries to Overcome ProblemsIt tries to pass problems creatively in radically different approachIt is SelectiveIt is Generative 4. Meaning of Lateral ThinkingO It is a term coined byEdward de Bono, for thesolution of problemsthrough an indirect andcreative approach.O Britishphysician, author, inventor,and consultant.O Lateral Thinking which involves approaching problems from 5. DefinitionO You cannot dig a hole in a different place by digging the same hole deeper 6. Idea Generation ToolsO Random Entry IdeaO Provocation IdeaO Challenge Idea 7. Lateral Thinking And Problem SolvingO Problem SolvingO Creative Problem Solving 8. ConclusionLife is tough thats a given when u stand up you will bepush down, when you are down you will be knock down.But you get up just as fast as you can Think Laterallyand face the challenges of life with a positive attitude 9. Questions ?O Agar ek shaks banglore mei rehta hai toh kya ussemumbai mei dafna ya ja sakta hai ?O maa ka naam hai 62, beta ka naam hai 32, beti kanaam hai 22, toh baap ka kya naam hoga ?O Kaunsi aisi chiz hai is duniya mei jise jitna khichtehai choti hoti hai ?