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  • 7/30/2019 Lateral Thinking 1



    to look at a problem from manyangles instead of tackling it


  • 7/30/2019 Lateral Thinking 1


    A man built a rectangularhouse, each side having asouthern view. He spotteda bear. What colour wasthe bear?

    White. Only at the North Pole can all

    four walls be facing South.

  • 7/30/2019 Lateral Thinking 1


    Which side of a

    cat contains themost hair?

    The outside

  • 7/30/2019 Lateral Thinking 1


    A woman lives on the tenth floor of a block

    of flats. Every morning she takes the lift

    down to the ground floor and goes to work.

    In the evening, she gets into the lift, and, if

    there is someone else in the lift she goes

    back to her floor directly. Otherwise, shegoes to the eighth floor and walks up two

    flights of stairs to her flat. How do you

    explain this?

    The woman is very short and can not

    reach higher then the eight-floor button

  • 7/30/2019 Lateral Thinking 1


    If a red house is madeof red bricks, and a

    blue house is made ofblue bricks, what is a

    green house made of?glass

  • 7/30/2019 Lateral Thinking 1


    If a plane crashes onthe Italian/Swiss

    border, where do youbury the survivors?

    You dont bury survivors.

  • 7/30/2019 Lateral Thinking 1


    John's mother has 3children, one is named

    April, one is namedMay. What is the third

    one named?John

  • 7/30/2019 Lateral Thinking 1


    How could a baby fallout of a twenty-story

    building onto theground and live?

    The baby fell out of the ground floor


  • 7/30/2019 Lateral Thinking 1


    There are six eggs in thebasket. Six people eachtake one of the eggs. How

    can it be that one egg isleft in the basket?

    The last person took the basket with

    the last egg still inside.

  • 7/30/2019 Lateral Thinking 1


    How can you throw aball as hard as you

    can so that it comesback to you?

    Throw the ball vertically in the air

  • 7/30/2019 Lateral Thinking 1


    A man and his son were in a car

    accident. The man was killed but the

    son was rushed to the emergency

    ward. The Doctor on call took one look

    at the boy and exclaimed "I can'toperate on this boy. He's my son".

    How is this true?

    The doctor was the boys mother.

  • 7/30/2019 Lateral Thinking 1


    Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice all

    live in the same house. Bob and Carolgo out to a movie, and when they

    return, Alice is lying dead on the floor

    in a puddle of water and glass. It isobvious that Ted killed her but Ted is

    not prosecuted or severely punished.

    Ted is a cat and Alice is a goldfish

  • 7/30/2019 Lateral Thinking 1


    Three switches outside awindowless room areconnected to three light bulbsinside the room. How can you

    determine which switch isconnected to which bulb if youmay enter the room only once?

    Switch one light on for one minute, then turn

    it of. Turn on another one. Now go into the

    room and feel which one is still warm.

  • 7/30/2019 Lateral Thinking 1


    A man is lying dead in a

    field. Next to him there isan unopened package.

    There is no other creaturein the field. How did hedie?

    The man jumped from an airplane. The

    package is his parachute which did not open.

  • 7/30/2019 Lateral Thinking 1


    A woman had two sons

    who were born on thesame hour of the same

    day of the same year. Butthey were not twins. Howcould this be so?

    They are not twins, but triplets