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  • Performance Evaluation


    Evaluation Independent

    Raising development impact through evaluation

    Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Northern Region Sustainable Livelihoods Through Livestock Development Project

    A joint evaluation of

  • Reference Number: PPE: LAO 2018-07

    Project Number: 35297-013

    Loan Numbers: 2259 and 8229

    Grant Numbers: 0055 and 0056

    Independent Evaluation: PE-807

    Performance Evaluation Report

    August 2018

    Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Northern Region

    Sustainable Livelihoods through Livestock

    Development Project

    This document is being disclosed to the public in accordance with the Asian Development Bank’s Public

    Communications Policy 2011.


    (i) In this report, “$” refers to United States dollars.

    (ii) For an explanation of rating descriptions used in ADB evaluation reports, see ADB. 2006.

    Guidelines for Preparing Performance Evaluation Reports for Public Sector Operations.


    IED Director General Marvin Taylor-Dormond, Independent Evaluation Department


    IOE Director

    Deputy Director General, IED

    Oscar A. Garcia, Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD (IOE)

    Veronique Salze-Lozac’h, IED

    Director, IED Walter Kolkma, Thematic and Country Division, IED

    Deputy Director, IOE

    Fabrizio Felloni, IOE

    Team leaders Andrew Brubaker, Senior Evaluation Specialist, IED

    Simona Somma, Evaluation Specialist, IOE

    Team members Myrna Fortu, Associate Evaluation Analyst, IED

    Ma. Patricia Lim, Evaluation Officer, IED

    The guidelines formally adopted by the Independent Evaluation Department on avoiding conflict of

    interest in its independent evaluations were observed in the preparation of this report. To the knowledge

    of the management of the Independent Evaluation Department, there were no conflicts of interest of the

    persons preparing, reviewing, or approving this report.

    In preparing any evaluation report, or by making any designation of or reference to a particular territory

    or geographic area in this document, the Independent Evaluation Department does not intend to make

    any judgments as to the legal or other status of any territory or area.

  • Abbreviations




    Asian Development Bank

    community-driven development

    district implementation unit

    DMF – design and monitoring framework

    ECD – evaluation capacity development

    EIRR – economic internal rate of return

    FIRR – financial internal rate of return

    GAP – gender action plan







    Lao PDR






    gross domestic product

    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (German Corporation

    for International Cooperation GmbH)

    Independent Evaluation Department

    International Fund for Agricultural Development

    Independent Office of Evaluation

    livestock production group

    Lao People’s Democratic Republic

    Lao Women’s Union

    Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction

    monitoring and evaluation

    midterm review

    National Growth and Poverty Eradication Strategy

    NRSLLDP – Northern Region Sustainable Livelihoods through Livestock Development Project

    NSLCP – Northern Smallholder Livestock Commercialization Project










    project completion report

    project performance evaluation

    project performance evaluation report

    project steering committee

    Results and Impact Management System

    Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

    special drawing right

    Self-Employed Women's Association

    Village Infrastructure Development Fund

    Currency Equivalents

    Currency Unit – kip (KN)

    At Appraisal At Project Completion At Evaluation

    (1 August 2006) (7 June 2014) (20 Feb 2017)

    KN1.00 = $0.000099 $0.00012 $0.00012

    $1.00 = KN10,148 KN8,059 KN8,199

  • Contents

    Acknowledgments vi

    Foreword viii

    Executive Summary x

    Basic Data xvi

    Map xviii

    Chapter 1: Introduction 1

    Chapter 2: Evaluation Objectives, Methodology, and Process 3

    Chapter 3: Project Context 7

    A. Project Key Information 10

    Chapter 4: Theory of Change 12

    Chapter 5: Main Evaluation Findings 14

    A. Project Performance and Impact 14

    B. Other Performance Criteria 32

    C. Overall Project Performance and Achievement 37

    D. Partners’ Performance 37

    E. Assessment of the Quality of the Project Completion Report 40

    Chapter 6: Lessons from the Joint Evaluation 41

    Chapter 7: Conclusions and Recommendations 42

    A. Conclusions 42

    B. Recommendations 43


    1. Summary of Focused Group Discussions during the Evaluation Mission 46

    2. Theory of Change 54

    3. Design and Monitoring Framework 55

    4. Project Framework and Achievements 59

    5. Rating Comparison by Independent Office of Evaluation, International Fund for Agricultural

    Development and Independent Evaluation Department, Asian Development Bank 61

    6. Quantitative Profile of the Northern Region Sustainable Livelihoods

    through Livestock Development Project 62

  • Acknowledgments

    This report was prepared jointly by a team from the Independent Evaluation (IED) of the Asian

    Development Bank (ADB) and the Independent Office of Evaluation (IOE) of the International Fund for

    Agricultural Development (IFAD). The team comprised Andrew Brubaker, Senior Evaluation Specialist and

    team leader, IED, ADB; Simona Somma, evaluation officer and team leader, IOE, IFAD; Myrna Fortu,

    associate evaluation analyst; Ma. Patricia Lim, evaluation officer, IED; and Renate Roels, evaluation analyst,

    IOE. Oscar Garcia, Director, IOE and Walter Kolkma, Director, IED Thematic and Country Division provided

    overall guidance.

    Thongdeuane Nanthanavone and Brahm Prakash were consultants for the evaluation. Mr. Viengkham

    Latsachan and Ms. Chansamai Phommachan of the Office of Evaluation within the Ministry of Planning

    and Investment of the Government of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR), participated in

    the joint evaluation mission as part of evaluation capacity development element of the report.

    Anna Taketani peer-reviewed the report. IED’s Shimako Takahashi reviewed the report.

    The team wishes to thank officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Vientiane, and provincial

    and district officials of the Department of Livestock of Fisheries who supported the joint evaluation

    mission and participated in interviews. The evaluation team also benefited from the insight of officers of

    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Japan International Cooperation

    Agency in Vientiane. The team appreciates the candor and cooperation of project beneficiaries who took

    part in focus groups during the evaluation mission.

    The team is grateful to officers of ADB’s Southeast Asia Department at ADB headquarters in Manila,

    ADB’s Lao PDR Resident Mission, and IFAD’s Lao PDR Country Office for facilitating the field work and

    organizing meetings during the joint evaluation mission, and for participating in interviews.

    IED retains full responsibility for this report.

  • Executive Summary

    This project performance evaluation report presents the findings of an evaluation of the Northern Region

    Sustainable Livelihoods through Livestock Development Project of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

    The project was financed by the Asian Development Bank, the International Fund for Agricultural

    Development, and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

    The project performance evaluation report (PPER)

    was prepared as a joint exercise for mutual

    capacity building and learning between Asian

    Development Bank‘s (ADB) Independent

    Evaluation Department (IED), the Independent

    Office of Evaluation (IOE) of International Fund

    for Agricultural Development (IFAD), and the Lao


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