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L2L Spotlight on Excellence - Oct 2011 Week Three highlights One Book, One Event & One Offering. In this week's edition, we showcase the new book "Rescue America" by Chris Salamone and Professor Gilbert Morris, the event "Coaching Leadership 4 Turning Potential into Possibilities with Helanie Scott, and the offering Courageous Leadership Training with Bill Treasurer.


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    Rescue America by Chris Salamone

    Coaching Leadership 4 Turning Potential into Possibilities

    Courageous Leadership by Bill Treasurer

  • The Book: Rescue America: Our Best America is Only One

    Generation Away

    The Premise: Through the resurrection of the essential leadership qualities of gratitude,

    personal responsibility, and sacrifice in every Americanand a rejection of the pervasive

    attitude of entitlement and culture of complaint the spirit of America will once again

    empower its citizens and inspire the world.

    Authors Chris Salamone with Professor Gilbert Morris. Chris Salamone is a respected

    attorney, entrepreneur and thought leader on the subject of leadership. He is the founder of

    LeadAmerica, a leadership development program for teens. Salamone has a robust heritage of

    immigrant ingenuity and an American entrepreneurial spirit. His love of country and passion

    for the values of leadership are evident in his writing.

    Get One FREE Visit rescueamericabook.com

    and receive a FREE BOOK with

    the purchase of five!

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    Its always refreshing when somebody is able to

    distill a complex topic into a simple, practical, yet

    profound call to action. Insightful, necessary read

    whether youre a leader of a nation, a

    corporation or a family.

    ~Joseph Grenny, Four-time New York Times

    Bestselling Author

  • Coaching Leadership 4 Turning Potential into Possibilities

    Title: CoachQuest Workshop 2-Days

    Host: Align4Profit

    Date: Wednesday & Thursday, December 7 & 8, 2011

    Location: Omni Hotel Dallas | Dallas, Texas

    Time: 8:30 am 4:00 pm

    Limited: 150 participants | Call: 972-608-0400

    Price: $2000 ***20% Discount for teams of 6 or more***

    Register Online: http://www.coachquestleader.com

    Overview: Could poor coaching be restricting the potential and performance of your team? Effectively,

    coaching will drive High Commitment and High Performance. Join CoachQuest to develop leaders into

    great coaches!

    Who Should Attend: People Leaders, Directors, Managers, Supervisors and High Potentials

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    CoachQuest helps any organization looking to improve culture and leadership. ~ Steve Bunger, Mobile Mini

    I can strongly recommend Helanie for her perceptiveness and obviously impressive experience she will make a

    difference! ~Niklas Heuveldop Ericsson

  • Build Courage and Get Results!

    The program includes: a participant workbook, sample Courageous

    Leadership Profile, workshop agendas and scripts, and a thumb

    drive with all the material, including workshop PowerPoints!

    Courageous Leadership Get a comprehensive facilitator

    toolkit that provides everything you

    need to conduct courage-building

    workshops in your organization.

    The Courageous Leadership program is a valuable tool for

    transforming workplace performance by building peoples

    courage. This is a top-shelf program that gets bottom-line

    results. - Thomas Bell, CEO, Bank of America Merchant Services

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  • About Linked 2 Leadership

    Linked 2 Leadership Group is a group on LinkedIn with more

    than 19,000 members dedicated to the highest principles of

    Leadership Development, Organizational Health, and

    Personal & Professional Growth. Join us on LinkedIn here!

    Our mission is to help global professionals Learn, Grow &

    Develop Other Leaders

    The goal of the L2L Spotlight on Excellence Special Edition is to highlight the

    best and brightest content and bring it to readers with special promotional

    offers. Each book, event, and offering must be nominated and must qualify to

    be featured. Content has been pre-filtered for you for efficacy.

    Our L2L members are Contributing Authors on one of the most popular

    management and leadership blogs on the net called Linked 2 Leadership: The

    Leadership Collaboratory. They also provide some of the best resources to

    help others with books, events, and offerings that are incredibly helpful

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