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Kwality Walls Icecreams


Unilevers mission is to add vitality to life. We must everyday needs for nutrition, hygiene & personal care with brands that feel people good, look good & get more out of life.

ABOUT KWALITY WALLSType Industry Founded Headquaters Product Parent Website Subsidary Food 1986 Mumbai, India Ice-creams Hindustan Lever Limited

KWALITYBread Catering Food Courts


Ice Creams


37-68 AD Roman emperor is said to have eaten a sort of water ice. Chinese claim they have been making & consuming ice cream since ages. Marco Polo (1254-1324) carry the Chinese ice cream recipes back to Venice. Royal ice cellars was built in Mesopotamia in 2000 B.C. In 16000s French King Louis had Feasts with colored water ice with liquor. In 1674 flavored ice recipe was published. Robert Green in 1874 invented the Ice Cream soda, which took consumption of ice cream in America & other parts of the world. In 1904 Cones were used for the 1st time to serve Ice Creams. In 1980 thicker Ice Creams were made known as the Premium Ice Creams.


The Indian Scoop Kwallity Walls was launched in 1995 as Hindustan Unilever Ltd s. master brand for ice creams. Kwallity Walls has been delivering superior quality products under its international brands. Hindustan Unilever started by merging 6 existing ice cream brands in the country and then launched Kwallity Walls range of ice creams and frozen desserts. The Global Scoop Unilever is the world's biggest ice cream manufacturer, with an annual turnover of 5 billion Heartbrand products are sold in more than 40 countries. The Heartbrand operates under different names in different markets (Wall's in the UK and most parts of Asia, Algida in Italy, Langnese in Germany, Kibon in Brazil, and Ola in the Netherlands)

Kwality is not just a brand it is the ice-cream associated with the Indian summer; its the first choice in ice-cream for any child or adult during the scorching Indian summers. Kwality icecreams are trusted not only for their rich, creamy flavours, but also for their trusted quality and nutritious food value.Taste the fun side of your life Making you happy Ice Cream makes you happy officially WE BELIEVE THAT PEOPLE NEED SMALL MOMENTS OF PLEASURE IN THEIR LIVES. OUR PASSION IS INSPIRED BY OUR LOVE FOR SIMPLE INGREDIENTS LIKE MILK, FRUIT AND CHOCOLATE, WHICH MAKE OUR PRODUCTS THE BEST THE PLEASURE FOOD THERE IS.

ICE-CREAMSAmul is the market leader in this frozen category with a 27 per cent share. It is followed by Kwality-Wall's at 8 per cent, Vadilal and Mother Dairy, Delhi at 7 per cent each with Dinshaw and Arun each having a 4 per cent share of the market. The rest of the cone is filled up by regional brands.

The per capita consumption of ice-creams in India is a paltry 250 ml per annum while the average global consumption is 2 litres. Even countries like Sri Lanka and Pakistan consume much more than India.


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India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore. It is a company of Hindustan Lever Limited, the arm of Unilever in India, and is an extension of the Wall's ice cream brand of Great Britain.


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SEGMENTATIONChild Teenagers Adults also.


Smaller markets , Big markets


Brand positioning

COMPETITORSCompetition is very intense due to low differentiation. Ice cream industry accounts to around 2000 cr & organised segment is 800-900 cr.

Amul Mother Dairy Baskin&Robbons And Local competiors

CONCLUSIONBrand Quality Hygienic Affection Worth full

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